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    This project is basically a sandbox map for toying around with existing and new things while ingame.
    So far, most of the content was written as libraries for further usage in my (and maybe other people's) maps.

    The following features are already implemented & working (although nothing is tested multiplayer yet):
    Text Commands with 4 layers of power to prevent people from crashing / ruining the game.
    Projects: each player can locally store an infinite amount of projects on his disk. You load them by typing their name and they will be given a simple ID for easy access ingame. The limit of active projects is 128 per player, each project can be saved seperately (although only a single bank file is used).
    So far, each project contains the following:
    -a title (text)
    -a keymap to point out what kinds of datatypes the project uses (making it very easy to add new datatypes), they are processed individually whenever a project is loaded (this way you can easily disable certain aspects of a project by editing the bank file)
    -up to 32 units.

    i've chosen these limits to prevent the map from lagging, but they can easily be adjusted by simply changing constant integers.

    up next are some more text commands, especially concerning units. the idea is to create&modify complex custom units ingame in order to find out new techniques, estimate the perfect balance in gameplay, discover suiting optics and so forth (without recompiling & loading over an over).
    there are, of course, multiple other possibilities. e.g. sets of other things could be associated with each project (once loaded, the units of a project can always be accessed using the associated unit group).
    for example strings to encode a buildorder for a unit (adjust values which cannot be stored within the bank (currently, banks can't even save the maximum life of stored units), attach actors, etc.).

    another goal is fundamental research, e.g. performance of individual trigger events/actions/conditions and functions as well as their hard coded limits.

    if you have any suggestions for general features or project data, please don't hold back.

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