Gaming Tabula Rasa to be shutdown


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This century, NCsoft is 0-for-2 with sci-fi massively multiplayer online role-playing games. (Unless you count City of Heroes/Villains.) More than a year after Auto Assault headed for the scrap yard, the Korean publisher announced its latest foray into the future, Tabula Rasa, is also being decommissioned. In a post on the game’s official Web site, the developers behind the project today announced its imminent end.

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Auto Assault was pretty cool..

I guess they had few player population since it is P-2-P, and that it still did not gain much popularity or fame..

They should make it free to play with cash shops. That's how some successful MMO became, erh, successful. Games like Drift City, GunZ, other ijji games, and some others became very successful. Space Cowboy was good, but the contract was uberly retarded (at least there's Air Rivals).

The best place to put a P2P server is where about everyone is always seeking MMOs. Like the Philippines (seriously, we exist in almost every MMO game that ever existed, I have to admit we can't do anything more than PLAY PLAY PLAY !!!)


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A shame really. I honestly think the American MMO market could use a solid Sci Fi. but most of the crap they bring has been unbearably awful.
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