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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Exide, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!

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    Does anyone around here play Team Fortress 2?

    -What's your favorite class?
    -What's your favorite map?
    -Have you got any nice screenshots to share?

    I'm currently trying to learn how to play Spy. Unfortunately it seems backstab is somewhat off.. I facestab more than I backstab. :p
    Does anyone have any good tips for how to play spy? :)

    My fav class and map are probably: Medic and 2Fort.

    <3 Glitches. :)
  2. Vestras

    Vestras Retired

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    Mmm, TF2!

    - I love Sniper, Scout and Heavy =)
    - 2Fort / Surf 10x Reloaded
    - None =(

    If you want to add me as friend, my steam is savage2611
  3. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!

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    If I remember to when I get home, I will add you. :thup:
    What servers do you play on?

    Come on, people. There can't only be two users on TheHelper that plays TF2! :p

    BANANAMAN Resident Star Battle Expert.

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    I've played the first TFT and my all time favorite is the pyro..Why? I like watching people running around while on fire.. :D
  5. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!

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    It's not as fun running around burning, though. :p
    Pyros are considered the noob-class.
  6. Bronxernijn

    Bronxernijn You can change this now in User CP.

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    Soldier class is by far my favourite, heavy comes in second.
  7. Whitesock

    Whitesock Graphics Help Zone Moderator Staff Member

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    Love this game. My favorites have to be demoman and sniper (the huntsman is so fun to use). I pretty much play only payload.

    One time on pipeline for the second map in the rotation our cart didn't spawn. It was quite annoying. :p
  8. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!

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    Haha, did you win? :p

    I like most classes actually, except Pyro.

    Now my mind's set on spy, though. That way I don't need to rely on some crappy medic to heal me and use his ubercharge at the right time. (Or heal some crappy demoman/soldier/heavy, that can't aim or protect me.)
    Unfortunately backstabbing as a spy takes a lot of luck. People tend to turn around for no apparent reason, shoot at teammates (spycheck), or simply outrun you, or other retarded stuff that makes you miss your stab/die. :(

    Has anyone played that custom Rocket Jump map? (I'm pretty sure there's a ton of them out there, but I can't remember the name of it, so I'll just assume you know which one I'm talking about.) :p
    My former clan used to practice rocket jumping on that map, we had tons of fun. :thup:
  9. Jindo

    Jindo Self

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    I do :3.

    Most of these videos were put together by me.

    My favourite classes would be Pyro, Engineer and Spy.

    > Pyro's are considered the noob class

    Only if they don't make use of anything but the flame thrower (atleast in my opinion)

    And my Steam ID is jindo565 if anyone's ever up for a game (preferably on the weekend)


    We encountered a glitch on Hoodoo in stage 3 where the cart (during setup) started moving on its own, red team was trying to stop it but it kept moving until it captured the first point and kept us behind the gates for another 4 minutes.
  10. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!

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    Crazed Axe Murderer was quite amusing. :p
    Most heavy's seemed to suck quite bad, though.
    The medics, too.
    It's funny how many people wanted to go into melee combat with a guy named Crazed Axe Murderer. ^^

    Glitches and random crits suck. =(
    Graphical bugs are fun. =)

    What servers are you playing on, Jindo? Where are they located?
  11. Darthfett

    Darthfett Super Mod

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    I'm currently playing a lot on the OC Remix server, they have a great community. The only reason I like playing 2fort on that server, is because of the rules:
    • Melee only in the water.
    • Crouch-walk ONLY with the intelligence

    My next favorite classes are Sniper and then Pyro.

    Least favorite are probably Demoman and Heavy. I'm also a bad medic, so I don't play with him often.

    Only because he's fun to play when you're starting out. It's very easy to tell a noob Pyro from a good one.
  12. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!

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    But then again, it's easy to tell any noob <class> from a good one. ^^
    Pyros can be hard to play, but generally you just need to W + M1.
    Owning a pyro, but then die from burn damage is very annoying.

    Heavy is fun to play together with a skilled medic. =)
    It's less fun for the opposing team. :p
  13. Jindo

    Jindo Self

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    I now run a UK-based server for the clan im in (Ino it's bad ;D), I've also made several plugins for it, one that lets you play sounds without downloading them, and another which fakes the "X found: An Item" or "X has earnt the achievement: Achievement" messages :).

    The server's IP is: But as I've said, it's a UK server (But we get a lot of Europeans and occasionally other nationalities join too, so you should be okay with latency).

    Also if you look on the YT channel I linked, there's a couple of nice engineer tricks (including how to get on to the roof of the middle point on Fastlane (Darthfett I believe has witnessed me do this))
  14. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!

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    I used to play with an UK clan, that had their server in UK. It ran fine, so I don't think it would be a problem.

    Servers with custom sounds suck. I hate downloading crap, and I hate listening to crap when I kill someone, die, or whatever..
    Faking messages sounds quite useless. :p

    What maps does that server play?
  15. Jindo

    Jindo Self

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    You don't download them is the beauty of the plugin, and you won't notice them (It's reserved for donators and admins, and even then you can only play the sounds to yourself, you won't notice this plugin)

    I intend eventually to have the plugin automatically play tracks during map change or in an arena/sudden death round (Again only to those who agree to it via some sort of command).

    The reactions are very amusing ;).

    Basically, you almost definitely won't notice those plugins during your time on the server :).

    All payload maps (including a custom map called Mill), most CP maps (except Egypt, Junction and Hydro) (also including a custom map called Redfort), and occasionally Arena maps.

    I'm working on some stuff to make a more dynamic rotation where it will occasionally pick a random map or change the next map based on how many people are on the server etc.
  16. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!

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    I will test your server now. :)
    I hope there are no random crits. :p
  17. Jindo

    Jindo Self

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    It's a pub, expect plenty ;P
  18. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!

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    Random crits = fail. :(
  19. Monsterous

    Monsterous In the Shadows, Lurking.

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    This is the Truth.

    On other matters, one of the main rules of being a spy is if you are EVER ubered, you must spycrab through it, its the law.

    For a more "actual" tip, Never use your knife unless its a backstab, magnum/ambassador all the way.
    And friendly disguise out of your spawn, you never know who might be behind you, and when they see you, they'll alert the team of you as what class disguised as, but if you were friendly disguised; how would they know?

    Oh, and spies rule.
  20. sqrage

    sqrage Moderator Staff Member

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    I haven't played TF2 in forever, but I used to play a few months ago. I'll go ahead and install it now since I haven't done so since getting a new Harddrive then I'll play some games with you peeps. :thup:

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