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Tech TD

Tech tower defence, is the most advanced map i have made so far, it uses many color codes, nice tooltips, variables for almost everything, actual paths, and destroys leaks (or at least i think so.) So check out the screenies, i know this is still in alpha stage, and there is MUCH work to be done, so dont go: ooh tiz gaem sux iz waey toh short, get a lif u nub, an qit map meakin. Just tell me what needs balancing, work, or just if you have any comments/suggestions.

Q: Is this an alpha?
A: Yes.
Q: Do you have i life?
A: Why yes i do thank you..
Q: Is this a noob map?
A: Idk test it for yourself
Q: I dont have enough time to test that.
A: Good for you
Q: You suck at map making.
A: Ok, do i care.. No.
Q: Your so 1337 Fire-Wolf.
A: Thank you.


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hm, just tested your map. i think the lanes are too short, there aint much individuality/tactic on where to build towers and theres anyhow only 1 tower type to build right now. though i see you have worked hard on the map, dont give up and it will probably become a well game.
most important is to have unique ideas for your game, if it is like all the others no one will really be intersted in playing it. furthermore you should add some challenge into the game, it should not become some odd mass towers map where you are just building the most expensive tower till you get an even more expensive tower to build, force the players to build varietys of towers, and to think about where they are most effective.
-change the sound set of the builder, acolythe doesnt fit to golbin tinker.
-show the lifes somewhere on the scoreboard, maybe in the title.
-remove the unused players.
-maybe add spawns for each player individualy, because if red is the uber pro he will probably kill all of blues creeps...
-add some modes for the game, like all creeps get speed boost or something for advanced players.


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just from the text of the first screenshot

if something like the liberary is so important that you need to tell the players to biuld one, woudent it be better if you preplace one down for them? so players dont have to worry about missing out on such an important factor in your game?

btw its nice to see you takle a new genre ^-^


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Well thanks for the feed back, and i am going to have different armors, and different attack types do different damages to different armors, but this is just an alpha, and im not good with multiboards, so i couldnt quite figure out how to make it show lives, and library is, the most important building because, it allows you to research different techs, and it also upgrades, but i didnt want to preplace it because if you dont build it anyways ull lose.. and i was thinking of making each player have their own spawn, but that would be too much like a survivor,


2D-Graphics enthusiast
ok i tested your game again and encountered following bugs:
-you cannot build a library.
-arrow towers 1 do cost -77 gold. (they give gold if you build them, this might be abused!)
-your builder is getting removed if you enter the center of the map and you lose a life.
-players 3-8 do not get any spawns right now.

and here some suggestions:
-dont give bash 30% to low level towers. players will mass them and creeps wont be able to move even a little bit.
-upgrade towers is less effective as massing them, thats not so good.
-spawn less mobs if only 1 player on a site is playing.


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actually if 1or2 is there then it will spawn for then, if 3or4 it will spawn for them, that way you dont lose 30 lives from lanes where no one is.


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like i said, if its so important that players need to build it or they loose it shuld be preplaced, upgradeing a preplaced building isnt hard at all, it works the same way as normal upgrades, i dont see a problem with pre placeing such a key component to your game.

I mean hey, im just trying to make this map more player friendly by killing off a bit of the learning curve.
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