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Tender Fury!

I first met Tender Fury on the forums after we got setup on VBulletin. She might have been on the Open Tech Support Channel on Battle.net but I don't remember her from there. I remember Tender Fury as Wargasm's friend who was super cool and a Helper. Tender Fury was not a technical support guru she was just majorly interested in Games and I think Wargy :) When Wargy came down to visit me we spent quite a bit of time hanging out with Tender Fury.

The site looked like crap. Wargy recognized this and authorized Tender Fury to do a redesign. She came up with the light blue design and setup that looked fantastic


After -

We finally had a design that did not suck! Tender Fury was around during the Starcraft - Starcraft Brood Wars days but unfortunately like Woman tend to do she bailed. :) I actually got to meet her in person and when I was actively doing web design in my business I contracted her to do some web work. She designed a couple of business sites for me as well as keeping TH.net up to date on design for a few years.

I never knew what happened with Tender Fury. She just disappeared. I thank her though for finally giving this site a design that was not horrible and will always be the root of what we see today.

I was very upset that in our latest upgrade to the latest version of VBulletin we lost the blue shaded background Tender Fury Started for us. We switched from being a user defined site to a VBulletin defined Template site... :(

Cheers to you Tender Fury! Nobody can say that only guys contributed to this site :)

Wargasm should add to this, section is a WIP.


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Wow that really was a huge improvement.

Safe to say if the site used the old layout, I probably would have taken a look and left without a second thought of registering.

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The site was not built on top a forum back then. It was all hand done HTML pages by me. I used 3rd party hosted forums pretty much back then and register was usually done there. Only when Wargy and Tender Fury took over for that period of time did the site become forum driven.


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Ah, must be Ghan_04.

TH must be using a different keyboard layout, since the letters of "FireCat" and "Ghan_04" matches up.
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