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9to5Google is reporting that they have received a tip from someone they believe to be a reliable source saying that Google is working on a Heads-Up-Display (HUD) pair of eye-glasses. The person offering the tip has apparently seen a prototype and says the glasses resemble a pair of Oakley Thumps, except for the HUD side attachment. Oakley Thumps are sunglasses with earbuds attached.

According to the source, the HUD side attachment is not transparent and doesn’t have any 3D capabilities, thus it appears Google has simply affixed a Smartphone screen to the side of a pair of glasses. This news follows a report last December by the New York Times, where they said they had inside information indicating that Google was working on some type of “wearable” HUD.

This new source describes the glasses as having a very tiny camera mounted on the front and a flash unit of some kind, presumably to take pictures, but more likely to provide visual information for the HUD. Other features include a microphone and speakers, RAM storage and a processing chip to allow the glasses to run Android, which means they should function as a Smartphone, rather than as an accessory to one.

Perhaps most interesting is the means by which the HUD is controlled. The source says it’s done via slight, barely noticeable head movements and voice commands. Both of which are reportedly easy to get used to when actually using the device.

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I bet you will get eye cancer or something similarly horrible if you wear this stuff too long.


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Hmm The world badly needs those "crap" Glasses
There are barely any new inventions which we really need but that doesnt hold people back from believing they could make life easier and more comfortable.
Many people have a smartphone these days, i dont and i dont see a reason to ever get one, but i can very well imagine that those who got one are satisfied with their toy. This is just the next level.


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I don't even understand what half of the numbers mean XD
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