Terrain Contest I - Voting!

Which is your Favourite?

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I'm not taking suggestions for the next contest.

Flare hasn't gone anywhere.. o_O


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The first of those was about Terrain Contest Themes.
The second is about Contest suggestions in general (Such as hero contests).


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Ahh okay :) .
I actually liked this contest;
Got to sit back and view beautiful scenery :p .

Although next time I'll probably participate since I won't be on exams :rolleyes: .


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Went with #1. It just stuck out above all the rest-- although #4 was very close in my opinion.

Was suprised to see that the two I enjoyed most were the most picked!



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contestants should get rep points depending on number of votes, not on their place (since it's really getting tight)

COME ON PPL! only 1 day left for voting


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Contestants will get rep from whoever the hell wants to give it to them.
If you feel that you want to rep the top 5, then go ahead.

My vote will come later.


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I voted for nr 1. All of the other terrains have cool special effects and fog effects or so but number 1 realy shows how terrain looks in real life. And ofc it is very much summer in that terrain :thup:


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#1 and #4 are tied at 22 votes with ~14 hours to go. Both are worthy winners. (Both will get repped from me ;))


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I voted for 4, because I like it much more than 1-- I feel as though it's more terrain-oriented and didn't rely on custom models.

I thought 8 and 12 were really good as well though.

All four are getting rep from me. Fantastic work all around.


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I love this one. The fog looks great, and the overall look of the screenshot is appealing. It doesn't really remind me of summer at all, and the ground near the camera looks quite flat. Maybe I'm just being picky. It's a great piece. :p
This looks like an autumn flood or something. This is quite nice, though it lacks the "Wow Factor". I can imagine this looking good in a cinematic.​
Default camera view, no custom models, rubbish weather effects, hardly any tile variation. This is just a puddle in dirt. Most maps have better terrain than this.​
I love this one too. My only complaint is that the fog is far too yellow.
Also, a custom sky might've made this look better.
It's got a summer-ish feel to it, and it's very well made.​
First thing I notice is the map borders. :(
This looks like grass spam with a few people added in. It would also be very summer-ish, though the dark red sky ruins this feel.​
The stretched rock tile on the cliff looks odd. As does the river.
It's a nice camera angle, and features a nice 'fortress'.
One of the buildings looks like it's floating in the river.​
I love the fog on this one. One of the best uses of fog I've ever seen.
A really big let-down of this one is the river leading into the lake. If only you had put the custom water model there, and then (a few) waterfalls over that. :(
The trees are incredibly thick on this one. They're even growing into eachother. :p
Those custom rocks look worse than default ones.
Also, the river goes out onto the grass. More care could've been taken to ensure that it doesn't.
I like the building, and the river. This is a nice piece. :)
This one reminds me of summer the most of all the pieces. The water is screaming for waves or something though. :p
This looks like playable terrain, with a lot of doodad spam. It doesn't really remind me of summer. Nothing special stands out about this piece.​
his is an interesting camera view for a piece like this. The human doodads look out of place. The fog is far too yellow.
The piece is nice. It looks very summer-ish, and is well executed.​
The camera angle is awesome, as is the reflection of the sun. I don't like those giant rocks. They look really bloated. A great piece. Very original. =)​
The scaling is a bit off on this one. The background looks great, with the small river, town etc. The foreground however, has 'normal' sized children and a pool. But the river looks like a tiny stream going into it.
The Grass -> Dirt transition looks horrible. :(
In-game pictures? They almost always look better from the editor.
I've seen better playable terrain. This just looks like a small blotch of land with a lot of trees on it. I can see the map border.​
The close-up trees look bad because of the texture. This piece also makes me feel somewhat claustrophobic. I feel that the background is meant to be a really open space, but my view is restricted by those damned trees. :p
This is quite nice. Lacks the 'wow factor' though.​

General advice: Remember that these terrains aren't meant to be playable. You're just making the piece look worse by making the terrain playable. :p

This is a very tough choice. I've got the options down to: 1, 4, 7, 9 and 12.
I'll put 9 in 5th place, because it just lacks the 'wow factor' compared to the other 4 pieces. It's a very nice piece none-the-less. :)

Down to the Fantastic Four... I'll put 12 in 4th place, because of the oversized rocks. The angle is very original, and it looks amazing. The reflection is well made.

The Final Three... I'll put 7 in 3rd place. That river really ruins the overall feel of the piece. Other than that, it's very proffesionally made. :D

So.. The final two. :(

I can't decide which of these is better in terms of quality, so I'll base my decision on something else: The Theme.
Number 4 has a much more summer-ish feel to it, as if the sun is greeting the viewer.

#1 is an incredible piece. Very professionally made.

Congratulations to #4. You got my vote. :)
The standards were very high this year, so congratulations to everyone else too!


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#1 - the sun could use some work and the terrain isn't too obvious, maybe use some more of a side path into the forest.

#2 - Bad choice of grass and trees. If you'd used some better trees and stuck to ordinary shrubs and flowers, it'd look better. Also, it looks too short. There'd be other things in the background, if just trees blotting out the sky.

#3 - Needs more terrain variation, a better slope as well as some larger trees. Shrubs and flowers and rocks would help too.

#4 - This isn't really that good. Why? Let's see. It looks like a poison-gas planet instead of summer. The sun appears to be on-planet instead of outer space, and eating into the trees like a massive monster. It's also far too blob-like instead of a normal sun shape. The hills and the forest isn't very good, the sparse vegetation up top causes strange shapes in the sky. Ashenvale rock tile isn't a good choice. Especially randomly placed. The forest starts completely abruptly and really is too lightly vegetated, it should be a far thicker one. The fog is terrible. Poison-gas yellow again.
The foreground is quite good, but even it is boring, flat and nothing exactly special. Stretched vines look terrible.

#5 - Bad choice of grass. The sun is alright, it's way too small though. And also, the horizon is never cube-shaped. And two-layered.

#6 - Poor choice of trees. Try to use ones that don't look like they got turned inside out. The sky is terribly stretched with that yellow-green glow in the middle not looking good either. The city looks extremely repetitive and boring, the massive obelisk entirely out of place. The foreground... boring. Cliffs are way too steep, and, uh, stone path cliffs? Maybe if you only used those, but with rock, no.

#7 - The water is way too clipped. Waterfall rivers, and the water plane's Z scale is far too large. The background is very nice and all, but the environment could use a lot of work. Grass is a must for desert oasises or so. Also, some of the grass doodads look out of place. (particularly the one on the right)

#8 - The house is crooked. Poor choice of stones, poor choice of grass, poor choice of trees in this case. The sun reminds me of laser beams shooting down and the fog isn't existent. The forest starts WAY too suddenly and the rope bridge is either floating or attached a bit too far inland. Also, a rope bridge... there? The waterfall river is alright, but it goes out of the stones at times.

#9 - Uhh... you need different palm trees, less shells, and a better position of the sun. The two guys look SO out of place, and that massive alien spaceship pillar thing too. Maybe if there was some more jungle-like vegetation around, the focus on that pillar. Maybe. Water plane's Z scale also too low.

#10 - Needs better tiles, better trees, better fog, better doodad placement, and definitely a better camera angle. It'd maybe work as a playable terrain.

#11 - Stick to one type of grass. Also try to stick to one colour, instead of the green plants, tint them orange-yellow or bronze. A bit too yellow IMO.

#12 - The mountains look extremely strange, as does the white sun and the white reflection. And the shallow water. You need actual trees too, instead of those bushes too. Foreground is alright, could use more fine touch.

#13 - Terrible background. Your mountains are poorly vegetated and seemingly completely random. Try to go for a really thick forest. Also, bad choice of grass and rock tiles, as well as steep cliffs. The foreground really needs work in the waterfall river, the miniature rocks, the pond... the massive blueish rocks. Good idea with the child thougj.

#14 - Uhh.. poorly done pretty much in all ways. It's boring, your trees are a bad choice, and your terrain tiles and environment leaves a lot to wish for. The coral looks a bit strange too.

#15 - Terrible sun. Image quality too :/. The water is horrible, you need more variation and a better tileset. The castle is a good use of Naboo doodads. The trees are floating and seemingly random, you needed more of a cliff and less of a dirty grass-rock-vine coalition. The pier is out of place too, kinda...


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4 ftw

i never rly did like rivers and streams made from the waterfall model :/ as goes for 8 and 13 and they seam to pop out of place sometimes >.>

`though i am no terrain master >.<

damn, your the Simon of this competition, perfection is a noob work huh?


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4 ftw

i never rly did like rivers and streams made from the waterfall model :/ as goes for 8 and 13 and they seam to pop out of place sometimes >.>

`though i am no terrain master >.<

damn, your the Simon of this competition, perfection is a noob work huh?
the only good terrainers i've seen in this thread have said that 4 isn't that great

4 is a really nice terrain if you can't spot its obvious flaws (which seems to be why it has votes as there aren't exactly many great terrainers on this site)

i don't have too much against the public poll and people voting without knowledge of the subject, but if you want to promote doing a good job, public polls will not reward the correct people all of the time

however the public poll couldn't be avoided since romek hosted the contest and is not a terrain guru



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well congratz to the winner!!

can you reveal the names now? :thup:


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Creator votes for themselves will be removed, and the authors will be revealed soon.
Please refrain from revealing yourselves yet.

I'll also need to check to see if people made other accounts to vote for themselves.


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the only good terrainers i've seen in this thread have said that 4 isn't that great

4 is a really nice terrain if you can't spot its obvious flaws (which seems to be why it has votes as there aren't exactly many great terrainers on this site)

i don't have too much against the public poll and people voting without knowledge of the subject, but if you want to promote doing a good job, public polls will not reward the correct people all of the time

however the public poll couldn't be avoided since romek hosted the contest and is not a terrain guru

It doesn't take an expert to think that something looks good. #4 looks good. That's the whole point of terraining; you have to make something that looks good. :nuts:


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Additionaly, the contest was for the images - no matter how it was done (as long as it was according to the rules), it was the result that counted - nothing else ;)


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Honestly guys, it's a public poll. If you expect everyone to vote from the same point of view then you are wrong. Some may have voted for a specific thing, some for the general view, some because the one they voted had no import.

If you expect a fair grading, judging is a better way to go. Thought that one's not infailable, either.
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