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    Sc2 seems to have a maximum of 4 terrain heights available (which are set to {-8, 0, 2, 4} for me by default). I'd like to have more heights so I did multiple things:
    • Duplicate the cliff and set it to different heights allowing me to have 8 heights of the same type. Failed. --> A lot of blackholes in the terrain (meaning parts of the cliffs had no graphics)
    • Make some area, then edit the heights and re-open the map. Failed. --> terrain changed to the new height values, so still only 4 different heights. Besides, the graphics bug again.
    • Choose a different cliffstyle to aid my mountain and changing it's height. Failed. --> whenever I change the height, the graphics will start bugging, giving me blackholes or the cliffborder at a different height as the area itself.

    Is it only possible to have 4 different heights in sc2, no matter what style you choose? :confused: Anyone knows a way to have more as 4 cliff heights?
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    on idea but if you will learn how to do that pls post on this forum

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