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    Iam pretty bad at placing bridges... anyone who knows to place a bridge over a river or hole and it looks nice?? If u do, do u got any tips for me?
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    Only tip i got really is that you can move the destructibles up or down by pressing and holding Alt and then pressing either Page Up or Page Down, and this will move your destructibles up or down. However they won't stay in place unless you go to your world editor > Advanced > Uncheck *Reset Fixed Object Hieghts*.

    This helps alittle I think. Use Your Imagination:rolleyes:

    Edit: Scratch That
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    1. Start out with two parallel cliff ledges, with a space just shorter than the bridge length
    2. Place the bridge it so that is slightly overlaps your cliff borders on either side
    3. Lower the bridge *Ctrl+pagedown to the appropriate height, and use the raise terrain tool to smooth out the approach.
    4. Use the pathing overlay (p) to make sure it's walkable.
    5. Examine it from every angle to make sure there is no space between the bridge and the ground.
    6. Doodads! This can really enhance your bridge. Place rocks and/or shrubbery around or underneath it. Dangle vines off of it. Go nuts.
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    thx for the help. I didnt know that is possible to raise the bridge with alt and ctrl.

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