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Do you like the new Terraining?

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  1. 2-P

    2-P I will work hard tomorrow

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    Not sure what you mean, since all tiles are available. But it seems the amount of tiles is restricted (or is there a way to add more?), which is kinda lame.

    So you don't have to change the height of every single model individually? It makes sense to me, water tends to be on the same level. :p
    Plus there are like 15 different water types (not counting the lava) and they're based on the same model, (so they can all look the same) giving you a potential 15 different water levels in your map, that should be enough...

    And compared to WC3 trees? oO I like the "jungle" trees.

    Btw: What's wrong with the rocks?

    No comment, it really is just so so so bad. xD

    I don't know.... which map actually needs more than 3 playable cliff levels? A good 99% of the maps don't. I think most of the people complain just because it's less than in WC 3 without questioning if it's even neccessary to have a gazillion cliff levels.
  2. KingTobiazZz

    KingTobiazZz New Member

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    I didnt knew what folliage was so I tried it out and now I cant delete it :( ctrl-z doesnt do anyting either...
  3. AgentPaper

    AgentPaper From the depths, I come.

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    It's better than WC3 terraining in many ways, but overall I don't think it's what it could have been. Limited cliffs and very limited ability to affect the terrain with triggers being the primary concerns. Hopefully these will be less of an issue come release, but without them it's really hard to make the kind of map I'm trying to with the current system.

    That said, it definitely has the potential to be really great of those couple problems can be fixed up.
  4. 2-P

    2-P I will work hard tomorrow

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    Generate Foliage again with a density of 0.
  5. onisagi

    onisagi New Member

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    Changing Texture Sets

    For the problem with not being able to use all terrain tilesets:
    You're free to change any of the 6 texture tiles they allow you to use at one time in the Data Module under "Terrain Texture Sets -> Textures - Blend" or under "Map -> Map Textures...". Unfortunately, for some reason Blizz doesn't want us to use more than 6 different types of tiles at one time.

    For the problem with localized water height changing:
    You can create/duplicate any number of water tiles in the data editor to fit your needs. Worst case scenario is you have to make a new water tile just so you can change the height state of a single water tile without moving another water tileset.

    Honestly, it's a small price to pay, because making each tile have a mind of its own becomes real messy. And you can achieve this same effect with very little effort, once you know how.

    Eventhough there are work arounds for almost anything you wanna do.
    It would make everyone happy if we got...
    • The option to enable/disable more cliff levels
    • The option to enable/disable usage of all tilesets within assets.
    • Water tiles that can be painted down like terrain; preferably blend-able with other water tiles, but i can live without blending. (I just want water that i can place around complex terrain, and not have it bleed into unintended places)

    Now if only we can start a petition or a feature request thread to blizzard.
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  6. Sui-cookie

    Sui-cookie You can change this now in User CP.

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    well, regardless that up until reading all these i didn't know you could change water height :rolleyes: i think that this is a MASSIVE upgrade compared to wc3

    -Of course there are plenty of things that could be improved upon, like the tile limitation, but those were all fixed outside of blizzard for wc3 :D so why cant it happen again, if not done by blizzard?

    -and as zwie said, im sure plenty of non-"cartoonish"? models will pop up not long from now :] i ,personally, cant wait.

    ---synopsis being, its fu****g amazing >.> end of story.

    -edit: oh, and i never use cliffs anyway :eek: i've always used height, which is too, is massively high in sc2 o_O soo....
  7. Sevion

    Sevion The DIY Ninja

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    The only thing I don't like atm is the inability to choose an option to make terrain snap to the grid. A toggle would be nice.
  8. Dave312

    Dave312 Censored for your safe viewing

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    This terrain editor is way better than WC3. This one allows you to create so many different and very attractive environments. True that only being allowed 2 cliffs is a bit annoying, but hey, 90% of people said they hated the cliffs in WC3 and hence thy made their own, just like you can do in this one.

    Also didn't Blizzard say that they still had a lot of models to add to the game? Whether they were referring to only unit models or not, I don't know, but there should be more models to come.
  9. Advice D.

    Advice D. New Member

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    Why would you want ugly cliffs? Anyway, my cliffs are pretty.
    They're appealing to the human eye, for one. The only problem I have with the SC2 water system is the current lack of water-only and amphibious (not flying) units. I want boats in my custom maps, dammit!
    I would be quite surprised if we don't see the terrain deformation functionality from the Uberlisk video at release.
  10. punwisp

    punwisp New Member

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    Um dude, the Sc2 Cliffs are NOT ugly. They are FAR more appealing and adaptable to tiles in WE.

    In WE if you had snow cover cliffs, but had jungle tiles, you would have to replace the entirety of the cliff to a jungle cliff. in sc2, you just use a tile on the cliff, and it transitions perfect.

    And honestly, who needs more than 2 levels? Just because its not there doesnt mean you would use it anyway if its there
  11. Advice D.

    Advice D. New Member

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    That's pretty much what I was getting at. My cliffs look pretty.
    Well, I beg to differ on this one. In my custom WC3 maps I would use 3-5 cliff levels with good reason. I don't believe that 32 cliff levels is necessary in SC2, but it should at least be more than three walkable levels, especially when you want to design a map around cliffwalkers, something that didn't happen all that much in WC3. I say add an extra bit to the cliff level, taking it up to 8 (0-7). That gives you a "ground level" of say 4, three levels above and three below, with a bottomless pit level at 0.

    By the way, does anyone know of a way to universally raise the cliff level of a map? Making trenches and whatnot would be an absolute pest on large maps without such a feature.
  12. Ancanus

    Ancanus [ancanus@TheHelper.net]# _

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    Data -> Modify Height Fields
    perhaps. Does not seem to do anything on my map.
  13. Advice D.

    Advice D. New Member

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    That changes the height field, but sadly not the cliff level. Looks pretty cool raising skyscraper maps so you can see more of the cliffs (lowering the fog Z would most likely have the same effect).
  14. punwisp

    punwisp New Member

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    You could use the lower tool, and use uniform in the middle of the lower spot, flatting out the bottom. Too look like this


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    u can lower it more and repeat the process, but you get the idea.
  15. FannyShaver

    FannyShaver Well-Known Member

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    I don't like cliff size, they are twice as big as they were in wc3. I really dislike it.
  16. punwisp

    punwisp New Member

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    ? What do you mean?

    They are pretty realist, Wc3 wasn't units were like bigger then trees >.>

    The scaling in this game is quite realistic, including terraining wise.

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