Textmacro issues

1. The developers are MIA for a couple months now.

2. It takes 5 min if you know what you are doing. The learning curve is actually pretty steep.
for cjass or Galaxy? and the gui sc2 editor parses using cjass automatically, check the script when its compiled, and if you have no other apps you can write custom functions with pure custom text that auto-highlights calls and all that,you dont actually write call DoSomething, just: {DoSomething; DoSomethingElse;} its cjass without all the bells and whistles that come with it
cJass != sc2's Galaxy. I don't know what you are on about with sc2. Stacraft 2 has nothing to do with wc3. Starcraft 2 modding has nothing to do with wc3 modding.
falacy, they were intended to be alike with a better system for sc2, the sc2 editor is a much more effective editor but with that it is more complex, but it was built to be a more open version of the wc3 editor, it may not be exactly cjass, but it is a c language and after reading the cjass link provided cjass script and the script for sc2 look almost exact, with some minor variations (function - > void, etc)
1. the sc2 editor is a much more effective editor but with that it is more complex, but it was built to be a more open version of the wc3 editor,

2. it may not be exactly cjass, but it is a c language

1. Probably all sc2 editor modules are more powerful then their wc3's equivalent, except one: the Trigger Editor. You probably know about the 2MB limit that the Galaxy Script virtual machine has, this means you can't have an unlimited amount of script in your map, and if you think that 2MB is a lot then, you will be quite wrong 2MB = 64 wc3 arrays = (8192 (every jass's array size) * 4 (each element in the array is of this many bytes) * 64 (arrays)). What can you do with only 2MB? Click in the data editor and do "awesome" things with it? I don't like it...

2. Being a c like language is only good if it had a lot of C's features... but wait does it have for loops? Can you pass structs or arrays around (to functions for ex.)? I guess not... aka it's a very limited scripting language, which I think doesn't even have a proper hashtable implementation (which has an "unlimited" storage). I don't know why blizzard bother to make a "totally" new scripting language, instead of using an existing one for ex: Pawn which is both typed and C like scripting language, they could at least "mod"/made a preprocessor for it =).
that doesnt include data tables, a hashtable without those limits that saves everything under a string rather than a 2d array
so no, thats also a falacy, and so far very complex rpgs have only hit the map bounds limit (size of the playable map area) without hitting the script limit

so 2 mb not counting variables, thats a lot, and if you feel the NEED to use variables, you can just create a custom function that saves objects like variables in a data table

1. if you feel the NEED to use variables
2. so 2 mb not counting variables, thats a lot,

1. If I feel the need to use variables... huh, well that's a good one.

2. actually everything is counted for the 2MB limit, even the variables that are local to functions (it's stack).
1. i did not mean use them period, i meant use them the way you currently do, a custom function would basically wind up being the same exact thing as a variable if you created it the right way, even with gui it could look like a variable if you know what you are doing, and it would act the same as well

2. wrong, data tables are not included, nothing on the data table is in the script, variables need to be initialized with a specific array ammount and each array takes up room on the limit, but data tables do not need initialization, its like allocating a struct, its just not even there until you allocate it, and while the limit on structs is the same as a variable thats because it is creating an array for that variable basically, with data tables its not at all, you can save VariableName[146223fsfgasdf] if you want

and you dont even need the trigger editor for almost anything now, just scenarios and loading stats from other games (ie: aos/rpg maps, loading k/d/a or heroes or elo)

EDIT: PS, if you are going to reference a site to state limitations, at least reference a site that wasnt updated most recently at a year and a half ago (june 2010), since then there have been trillions of restrictions lifts (ie: banks size limit were exponentially increased)

EDIT2: this is outdated but not as outdated as your link and its a simple yes/no question on sc2 mapster but it does explain it a bit: http://forums.paste.sc2mapster.com/.../13440-memory-space-limit-and-the-data-table/

a good portion of sc2 data is not saved in the script, including non literal strings and data table information, "this" is a literal string but s = combined strings for i from 1-10: s + i
where a variable saves a string named s as the value 12345678910 takes up virtually no memory (in the script not in VM), as a string, basically you can save WAY more information in a string saved in a data table or variable, than in a single integer array with 8190 arrays

^that excuse sgqvur is a cop out
1. a good portion of sc2 data is not saved in the script, including non literal strings and data table information, "this" is a literal string but s = combined strings for i from 1-10: s + i

1. What exactly isn't saved in the script, except data table information and strings (not literal)? If even string literals take from the 2mb limit then basically the map maker would have to think twice before writing lengthy messages to players else he's map may just crash... Do you know how ridiculous this sounds/is?
so far the best maps other than mafia havent hit the script limit and that required extensive coding, then with a little bit of thinking they halfed the script length, thats just proper programming, sorry you may have to think instead of basically making trillions of your own bjs but when you sacrifice being able to program like a mindless drone for endless more versatility, i think its worth it, and all kinds of data dont affect the script limit, more and more is being confirmed every day, like i said, its more reasonable to bitch about the playable map area than the script limit and those who are versed with galaxy and the gui editor agree if they actually do their research, AND you no longer need to program spells with the trigger editor period, without having to program spells, having easily customize-able hero and item systems what do you honestly need to program?
you can program dota with 3 triggers using it
wc3 needed 4 per hero + numerous others (as a rough estimate), thats a few hundred triggers
Some people just like programming more then doing everything in a data editor, like myself I find it way more fun to code skills and whatever (in sc2) then making them in the data editor.
ya i understand that, but even the data editor can be writen as raw code and has "trigger editors" in it, all special effects have a small form of the trigger editor to determine how they are done and abilities have a sort of series of events and actions, althought it may technically be a data editor, theres a ton of coding and triggering you can do with it
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    I would like to see it again like Ghan had it the first time with pagination though - without the pagination that view will not work but with pagination it just might...
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