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What do you think of this map idea?

  1. <3 LOVE IT!!! 10/10

  2. :D Awesome!!! 9/10

  3. :) very good! 8/10

  4. ;) good 7/10

  5. :rolleyes: so-so 6/10

  6. :o not too good 5/10

  7. :mad: bad, worse, worst 3/10

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  8. :nuts: you serious? 2/10

  9. :banghead: (spending my valuable time on this useless thread) 0/10

  10. :P not interested

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  1. NiKaNoRoU_GR

    NiKaNoRoU_GR New Member

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    TheHelper-now found in a map, too(!!!!)

    Yes, you heard right :D The Helper MAP!!!!!!
    This is my newest project, a new style map, the forum map:D
    The goal in this project is to achieve the greatest rep.You log in TH world as a newbie (class) and you help AI members and others need ur help, and increase or decrease rep, which is the main resource.The other members and mods-admins ask favor from you, and +rep you if you do them right, -rep you if you won't help them at all.Also, when you get much rep, ur class increses.Tileset on Village.
    Places on the map done (or doing :p):
    TH town (Hellmonja's idea)
    Wackotown (Rayquaza's idea)
    TH swimming pool (same)
    TH GM-Admin castle (same)
    SM quarters (NiKaNoRoU_GR's idea)
    TH mountains (same)
    TH plain fields (same)
    Moderator tower (same)
    TH hospital (same)
    Member Registration Chambers (BlackDiamond's idea)
    Banned members Graveyard (same)
    TH fun beach (same)
    Annoyer -100 to -300 rep
    Spammer -26 to -100 rep
    Bad habitat -6 rep to -25 rep
    Newbie -5 to +5 rep
    Decent +6 rep to +25 rep
    Regular +26 to +100 rep
    SM +101 to +300 rep

    Map-making team (the four pawnages):
    NiKaNoRoU_GR-Map Master-Triggerer-Quest-info user
    Map-helping team:
    Oninuva-overall help
    Maximus-balancing, GUI
    Andrewgosu, overall help
    Things to ask:

    Suggestions on improvements
    Many mini-games

    Members on map team asked:
    AI maker
    JASS scripter-Jasrael
    Testers-Hellmonja27, fr0zen, exge, N20)
    Passionate TH member (!) x2

    NOTE EVERYONE:This map is made for people who like TheHelper and want it to become a game, or everyone else who would like to play the First WE forum map.85% of things done here are mostly copied to the map's archive.Admins, mods and SMs from here will be AI movement Admins mods and SMs there.The only difference is, that the map teamers are GMs there (more powerful of admins, :p).
    Also, the map is not a bnet map (currently) due to the big size (7.8 MB !!!).So, host it on LaN, or play alone.

    Choose a wc3 model file avatar and go to a certain circle of power.Then type your avatar name and voila!!! new avatar-your character model file changes!!! the more rep you have the more avatars will unfold :D:)
    NEW!!! The Battle idea!!!
    In some dark corners of TH world, evil lurks.Help Duwenbased the Military commander to save TH world from dark forces, using spells crafted by you!!!
    Go to a spell shop, type your spell triggers, and voila!!! you have the spell!!!AND FOR AN UPDATE...
    when you use a spell used by you, it will automatically be checked.A text will be shown if it's done right saying "no leaks!!!"
    But if it's not right, a text will appear saying "it leak!!!" and nothing is done.
    Pretty neat, isn't it?

    As you become more respected, more secrets reveal for you in the map...check many places many times ;)
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  2. hellmonja27

    hellmonja27 Member

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    i'm a fan of outrageous ideas. i mean, why the hell not? voted 10/10...
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  3. NiKaNoRoU_GR

    NiKaNoRoU_GR New Member

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    Hehe, ty +rep
    This idea came to me while dreaming of rep..hehe
    TH map coming soon-invisible : P
  4. BlackDiamond

    BlackDiamond New Member

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    Yup.I loved the idea, so I signed the map team.It's simply great.
    Everyone post suggestions or comments here, and anythng else you want about this :)D) map
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  5. NiKaNoRoU_GR

    NiKaNoRoU_GR New Member

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    TH map coming soon-invisible : P
  6. rayquaza218

    rayquaza218 New Member

    +51 / 0 / -0
    To add on to this, we should make a TH clan
    And when we wc3, always go to the clan channel, so its a community thing, and anyone can play the game, there will be a save/load rep system, and best of all... MODS DUN GET SPECIAL STUFF AT THE START :D :D :D we are all equal yah? SO we all start as a newbie 0 rep, and its just a plain fun map where we lol around entering minigames and lounge rooms. Is this what u wanted? :D

    You should also have different areas, and heroes for fun, allow ppl to set hero names.
  7. NiKaNoRoU_GR

    NiKaNoRoU_GR New Member

    +117 / 0 / -0
    Not exactly.
    My thought is to make a TH world-like RPG with the main resourse rep :D
    TH map coming soon-invisible : P
  8. rayquaza218

    rayquaza218 New Member

    +51 / 0 / -0
    Yeah srry dude i forgot to vote there
    10/10 excellent idea! :D
  9. NiKaNoRoU_GR

    NiKaNoRoU_GR New Member

    +117 / 0 / -0
    Thank you very much.Edited 1st post for more :D
    LOL, you discovered my invis message, XD
  10. Nigerianrulz

    Nigerianrulz suga suga how'd you get so fly?

    +197 / 0 / -0
    nice invisble map lao
    nice map looks sick imagine the moderators play and they all -rep goody :eek:
    i wont tell anyone ssssshhhhhh
  11. hellmonja27

    hellmonja27 Member

    +16 / 0 / -0
    hehehehehehehehehe!... (evil laugh)
  12. ragingspeedhorn

    ragingspeedhorn Is a Banned Asshole

    +94 / 0 / -0
    As said earlier I like the idea, good luck with the project, NiKaNoRoU.
  13. rayquaza218

    rayquaza218 New Member

    +51 / 0 / -0
    Well im ur idea person, tell me basically what your map is about and ill sorta gif u ideas on it! Jesus, first day of this and sumone found out XD
  14. BlargIAmDead

    BlargIAmDead New Member

    +25 / 0 / -0
    I feel like I've been waiting for this map all my life.

    Man, I should get some sleep...

    Any idea when this will come out?
  15. monoVertex

    monoVertex I'm back!

    +459 / 0 / -0
    Jass coder. You don't 'make' Jass, you work with it.
    And what's all the stuff about the white text? : P
  16. Surferkid993

    Surferkid993 God surferkid993 = new God(;

    +16 / 0 / -0
    Sounds great. I voted 10/10. :D

    Gotta see how it turns out.
  17. Pineapple

    Pineapple Just Smile.

    +576 / 0 / -0
    Well, there is two quest you need to have...
    White text is stuiped and everyone knows its there.
    1 - Get some pineapple for pineapple :D
    2 - Pleasure Conan ;)
  18. monoVertex

    monoVertex I'm back!

    +459 / 0 / -0

    Only if your eyes aren't extremely tired. ^^
  19. SFilip

    SFilip Gone but not forgotten

    +634 / 0 / -0
    > AI maker
    huh? its not a melee map, its very...unusual...what kind of ai do you expect?

    > JASS maker
    what exactly needs to be done in jass? or is this like one of those "just in case i need something uber only possible with jass magic"?

    well anyway cute idea, hope it'll be fun to play :)
    and i hope i'll get to be a hostile npc that likes to attack people with -rep
  20. Luth

    Luth Lex Luthor!

    +41 / 0 / -0
    Jass scripter. Jass isnt a code language, as its not compiled, thus making it a scripting language.

    Very interesting idea. I look forward to see its implementation. :cool:
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