TH Members, what's your hobby?


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Also, please answer your own question :)
Playing video games, drawing, reading, hiking, I've been getting more into rock climbing but I've only gone 3 times, camping, lighting shit on fire(Im a proud pyro)

but mostly im just a dude who chills out with his friends and does whatever comes up, i've been skiing(both snow and water), snowboarding, wake boarding rollerblading , I plan to go white water rafting this summer but the plans have been slowly falling through :(
fingers are crossed though :)


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JETPACK MAN! ... Programming it. :)

Collision detection and (especially) resolution is hard. I'm trying to make it deterministic (exactly the same every time, meaning the game is unaffected by frame rate), 'a priori' (meaning predictive collision detection -- mine goes a step further, and collision is predicted at the exact instant it occurs instead of checking the next frame), and to follow as many 'good practices' as possible (e.g. making it 'pythonic', using libraries, writing tests, writing documentation, tracking issues, etc).

I'm working on getting a 'resting state', so that you don't get insane lag whenever you're 'landing' on something. I recently ran into some issues, and now I'm beginning to write some unit tests, that I hope will pay off some time in the future.

Also: 40hrs/week at an internship, working on a to-do list Windows 7 phone app, watching anime, playing games, trying to learn japanese, etc. :p


The Case of the Mysterious Camel.
Making small games and failing to complete them..
Attempting to learn AI and failing (a few weeks later, I forget most of what I'd learned and re-learn them)..
Reminding myself to learn more math and physics and forgetting..

That's pretty much where I am now =/


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I've been playing around with cards. Magic and flourishes - the fancy stuff. Then there's League of Legends, which eats up lots of time. I used to go climbing quite often, but now I do it occasionally, like once in a few weeks.
Now that I'm 18 and I've got the driver's license the bars and clubs may become the "new hobby" with my friends. Hopefully I start going climbing again. It's something where a car is a must-have.

@Sajin: Check out some Chris Sharma's videos. He's THE badass in climbing.:thup:


I keep popping up on this site from time to time.
Watching anime, studying Japanese, and I'm considering learning how to sketch.


I keep popping up on this site from time to time.
I recently decided to give sketching and drawing a go... it's going pretty well so far actually, quite enjoying it too. I recommend giving it a go :thup:
Yeah, it definitely sounds like a really interesting way to kill time, and if I get any skill with it, well, even better, right?



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I tried when i was younger, but i dont have the time for this. There are many other things much more important to me right now although i would really really like to be able to draw and sketch on a higher level of skill.
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    @The Helper I'm trying. Once I am more prepared to be figuring out school I'll probably ask for your advice
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    Right now I'm just trying to get through the pandemic and figure out how I'm going to pay for it, and figure out what I need to get a job at Best Buy instead of a kitchen somewhere.
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    Glad to see some interest in the IS3 NUON reprint. :)
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    Thank you Carl for making that happen that just might be the spark we need.
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    I'm confused and amazed that NUON and TWV's news postings are the things still active.
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    lol I forgot this used to look different
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    It's by far the brightest webpage I regularly visit, the first thing I usually do is try to figure out dark mode.
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    If you invert the colors, The Helper Forums looks amazing
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    It still has that blue theme at the top
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    There's no particular hard limit to attachments. "Something reasonable" is preferred to "a size large enough to fill up the server disk"
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