UK News The 50ft mechanical spider terrorising Liverpool

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It was not a good day to be an arachnophobe in Liverpool. As part of the city's Capital of Culture celebrations, this scary 50ft mechanical spider was suspended from a building near Lime Street station.

Even worse, La Princess, as the creature is known, is to move around the city at speeds of up to 2mph before it escapes down the Mersey Tunnel on Sunday.

The steel and wood spider has sophisticated hydraulics which allow the dozen engineers strapped to its frame to operate its eyes, legs and abdomen.

The 37-ton artwork has been billed as the largest and most spectacular piece of street theatre ever staged in the UK.

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Very cool!!! I am afraid of spiders, all spiders. A spider is a dead spider!! That would give me the CREEPS!!


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i hate spiders but that is pretty neat...

but jesus that's a lot of tax payer euros!


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I think one of them was stating the height it was suspended from , the other the actual size.
Considering its 3 ish floors long.


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i want one of those. Except tweek it a bit so it fires missiles,Toxic webbing and it goes 100 kph :rolleyes:


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Isn't it a mistake TH did when posting the article? Cause the article only says 50ft :p


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The article itself always measures the mecha-spider at 50 feet wide and 37 tons. Though I find it odd that a British newspaper is using non-metric units.
Only the leftist, liberal newspapers *cough*The Guardian*cough* use metric units.

And given that it's based in Liverpool, I'm suprised the spider hasn't been nicked yet. I suppose they're just trying to get their hands on a truck big enough to accomodate it :rolleyes:
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