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Discussion in 'Warcraft General' started by jonadrian619, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. jonadrian619

    jonadrian619 -___-

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    We'll, I've played Angel Arena just 4 days ago but I got used to it. Angel arena was the best on my map list at home and for some it's addictive.

    In this thread i'll show you the common commands for Angel Arena maps and the monsters and bosses. I cant make the Heroes list because various angel arena maps have different heroes version by version.

    Common Monsters/Bosses in all angel arenas:
    Angels of Life,Death, Hate and Love
    Monks of Life,Death, Hate and Love
    Muses of Life,Death, Hate and Love
    Divine God
    Lord Osiris
    Hell Summoner (Only in angel arena:morphed)
    The Gate Keeper/The Key Master
    Demonic Satan

    hell freezes over - summons Hell Summoner
    hell is reborn - removes Hell Summoner from the arena
    god doesn't exist - summons Divine god in the arena
    there's no evil - summons alucard
    -give up - give up in a duel and therefore losing the duel

    There's a poll above. Vote if you like.
  2. Mahucharn

    Mahucharn I wear a fez now, fezzes are cool. Staff Member

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    I play rarely... well acually I play WC3 about 1ce every 2 months
  3. whiplash308

    whiplash308 Guest

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    ok now i no this is a VERY late reply, since i recently discovered this site..but what angel arena are u reverring too, because i may post something for every angel arena that i currently OWN. rite now im working on angel arena XV9
  4. jonadrian619

    jonadrian619 -___-

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    I based it on Angel Arena, Angel Arena Evolution, Angel Arena Frozen.

    This thread is old:eek:
  5. whiplash308

    whiplash308 Guest

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    i no its old :p, hm..i never played the ORIGINAL angel arena before..i think i have frozen and im pretty sure i have evolution..if u must no what im doing with EVERY angel arena that i have..go on and ask

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