The First Game you've played ??


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Gameboy: Pokemon Red
Sega dunno what: Sonic Pinball
PC: Neopets?
Gameboy Advance: Pokemon Ruby
PS2: Dragonball Z: Budokai 2
Xbox: Halo 2

In order. >< I haven't even completed all of the consoles' games. XD


Computer: Anyone remember the Infocom all-text adventure games ( / ) haha that's old.
Played PoliceQuest later on too (ooh graphics...)
Master of Orion / SimCity / Wolfenstein "3D"

Joined the pentium era and got into Starcraft. I was a couple of years late to the concept of playing games "online."

Console: never got into them until the NES (spent most of my time playing that stupid ninja turtle game that everyone now says was impossible) and then basically gave up on consoles.
I played the Ninja Turtles Game. the 2d one where you dive kick people and guys in motorcycles try to run you over or something. Man that game was hard. My Turtles kept flashing.


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PC - Supaplex :D (MS-DOS)
Console - Duck Hunt, on Nintendo (You know, the game with the gun? :p)


Mario FTW

Yea Mario was the best thing ever back then....Mario and Pokemon Blue :D


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First PC game was probably Arcade 95 or something like that, it had a tonne of demos (or full versions I forget) from a bunch of different games. My favourite was actually similar to warcraft, and to tell you the truth, if they kept making them I'd play them more than I'd play warcraft >_<

But before I even touched the PC, it was SNES all the way. Now, the game... I forget lol
Most likely Mario Paint, or normal Mario.


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When i started playing was when i were 3 or 4 years old .. me and my dad played Age of empires 1 , Doom , and Duke nukem :D

EDIT: shh .. i still play those games xD

seph ir oth

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Think it was Commander Keen, it's just great:D
Figured someone would mention good ol Commander Keen.

Sad i remember this, but first game was when i was 3. It was on some old computer stored in my attic (only had an A drive, and ran in DOS), and it was some kind of cheesy Sesame Street game where you get the water to flow from one end to the other with Big Bird and pals.

First console game I played was Megaman 2, which was the one Megaman to RULE THEM ALL!

First strategy game was Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. I wish I could find my disc for that game, I wanna play it so bad again (warlocks IMBA with purple cloud)!


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The first actual video game (meaning, not things like jump start 1rst grade, ect) I ever played was either the lion king (It was actually pretty fun, and embarrisingly still is) or (I think) donkey kong country (the original, but I got 1,2 , and 3) Overl all I had 5 games for the super nintendo: In order: Donkey Kong country/Lion king, Donkey Kong country/super Mario world, Donkey kong country 3. The /'s mean Im not sure which came first.


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Mine is some road crossing on amiga where one have to cross a six lane street without being hit by a car - but I really can't recall the name. Actually, I think I never knew it :) But I played it a lot.

The first PC one was either C&C or Winter Olympic Games. Or maybe Aladdin or Face Off. I'm really not sure :)


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believe it or not, i've been addicted to computer games SINCE I WAS 4 (maybe 5) YEARS OLD.

my nursery school was soo far from our house, i hung out a lot on my parents' office. they only had DOS then. and i quickly learned to use simple commands (searching directories, opening/playing games).

the first games i ever played were:

Prince of Persia
some platform game called GODS
some fighting game called CC (?) with only 2 characters to choose from.
some billiards game
some top-down shooting game with planes
and oh yeah, SUPAPLEX!
and... Prehistoric 2


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Well, my first computer game was something stupid. I don't remember the name but it was something for small children containing board games (these who take no skill: just use your dice) and memory and such things.


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My first PC game was Settlers II. One of the most coolest RTS ever. I still play it, but very rarely.
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