The First Game you've played ??

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First Game huh? I think I was 4-5,

For the SNES, er... probbally... maybe... I think it was...
Either Super Metroid, or Mrs. Pac Man


The first PC game i played was either Warcraft I or Themepark, can't remember which, i was around 3-4.


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Spyro (1st One) I used to LOVE the spyro series, except for everthing past 3 sucked. Number 2 i beat 99.9% through.

Then I remember playing a Street Fighters and Power Rangers game for the SNES. Those were the good ol days when games were accualy designed to be difficult... and fun.

Soon after I got into the whole Pokemon and Megaman series too.


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i think my first game was starcraft as far as i can remember... omgz i just to play it when i get home instead of like reading books and stuff xD


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It's quite funny that one can guess someone's approximate age by looking at the games listed, be it the Quake III or Age of Empires playing youngsters (15-20) or the Pacman, Pitfall generation (30+, or very close to it).

The more I'm thinking about the '80s and early '90s games, the more I appreciate them, compared to nowadays 3D top seller or other graphics intensive multi-million dollar products. New games just aren't fun anymore, as most of the efforts have been put into visual effects and profits, not fun, gameplay or stability.

There used to be a time when games shipped on a single-sided 5.25" floppy and bugs couldn't be patched through online updates or needed half a dozen fixes to be playable.


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I definantly agree with that, enouwee. Im in the AoE Generation, but the games back then were almost all made to have great gameplay. And in all honesty, we used to all think the visuals back then were awsome :p When I was into Pokemon and version "Yellow" came out (1st color and graphicly improved Pokemon game) I almost shit myself. The platformers back then were the best too. Now when they design games, you never, or rarely, see something that you try 100 times at and still cant get past it and then you strive more and more until you win. THATS how games should be.

One modern game that had a really nice example of that is Kingdom Hearts (First one). The final bosses and hidden bosses such as Ice Titan and Sephiroth were some of the best boss battles I've seen in modern day games. But even in KH2 they killed all of it. Even the hidden bosses werent much harder than the regular ones.

I just wish games were like the ones we all used to play. When I think back, the experience and feeling of accomplishment when you played those hard games was jsut so much more addicting and fufilling in the end.

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Hell, how do you people remember what were you playing at 2-3 years? o_O I was playing pinball at 5-6 lol :eek:...
Hey now, some of these games can make an impact on yeh.

First few games I played was Jazz Jackrabbit, Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, Doom, Megaman 2, and Super Mario Bros. 3. I remember ALL of them vividly, even though most of those I haven't played in at least 5 years!


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My first games were both on N64:
Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time (I know were the TriForce is)
Super Mario 64(Has a secret room somewhere on top of the castle)
Man I love the old games, so much better and have so many secrets which are better that pointless glitches and cheats. I wish they still made games like them. Zelda Twilight Princess wood be close if they didn't kill all the beta stuff. And to come see my theory go to: and post your comments.


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Gameboy Color - Paper boy

SNES - Super Mario Bros.

Playstation - Final Fantasy 7

xbox - Amped 1 or 2

Gamecube - Animal Crossing

PC - Prince of Persia

Thats all I can think of but those were some good games (except paper boy).
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