The Helper map, part 2

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We ended up banning the guy because of multiple IPs. He was repping himself. I am telling you, we were permaban ip people for that kind of stuff regardless who it was back in the day.


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@FireCat: it was a project that was supposed to resemble the TH forum, a WC3 map. I don't really remember if it was some kind of RPG or something else entirely, though. I was in charge for the terraining for a while, but the whole thing was really childish and it never got to a playable state.


I'm back!
Hmm... I think I do have a folder with lots of my projects from that era. My desktop is currently in service due to a faulty graphics card and I can't get into that HDD, but as soon as I get it back, I'll see if I still have anything.

However, here are some screenshots of my terraining, lurking inside my Photobucket account:

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