The Helper needs help again

The Helper

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I don't know. Did anyone decide which style was going to be used? We need to just get something in there I think and it would expand from there.


The Silent Pandaren Helper
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I am back from my little voyage!

You'll be seeing updates soon enough.

I was thinking about designing a "sticky" footer, but it's quite difficult to get one working for multiple browsers.

Though, it would look great.

Any suggestions?


The Silent Pandaren Helper
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Yes, slightly altered. Not really the same.

About the content: will it need the news poster's design section like, rad posted, which shows who posted what and when?

And my previous questions are still unanswered.

Blade, most of this is just custom brushing, cutting and slicing/editing images together. I haven't seen such a general tutorial, but you can always try searching from google.


The - Starcraft 2

other than posting in over 100 posts worth of thread i thought i might aswell make a new thread :/

if you want, i can give psd.



You practically stole the banner from the offical sc2 site and the stuff you actually made is low quality.

I don't mean to insult, but that's just how I see it.


Oh Shi.. Don't wake the tiger!
I don't like how tiny the and Blizzard parts got.
Maybe Andrewgosu can change place instead of welcome text put in the Blizzard part it be little bigger

And not have any welcome text in the banner but somewhere else on the page


Your Friendly Neighborhood Admin
Some day, that "site" will feature a "maps" section.
So, yes, it would be helpful to know it you're logged in or not.
Which sort of requires a "Welcome: name" somewhere.
Note that not all names have the same size, they go from 3 letters to... 15?

User CP in the menu? No idea... though the menu is rather flexible, isn't it?

News do tell who posted them.
Whether that shows or not an avatar... well, let's pretend there should be one, to see :p

The Blizzard and BNet logos are not strictly necessary in the header.
Might just as well go to the footer.
Actually, I'm somewhat more in favor of "footer".


The Silent Pandaren Helper
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Glad to get some of the details sorted.

Here's another banner, with a far more better composition. Though, there is something missing in the middle.

Maybe a cruising Battlecruiser...

And I think the menu just does not look nice.

It's not wow-factorish.
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  • Varine Varine:
    They aren't cutting my responsibilities or interjecting in my management abilities or anything, it's just stupid shit that comes up. And they don't exactly have people lining up for my job, there's not that many people applying for the positions I hire
  • Varine Varine:
    Eh, whatever. Thanks for listening guys
  • jonas jonas:
    Sure :) Let us know how it ends
  • Varine Varine:
    All of these things will end happily, they're just stressful. And I still lack many good friends that I can go to, and the ones I can are preoccupied with similar things. Thus general chit chat, cuz for some reason TH and Ghan and Tom all actively keep it up.
  • Varine Varine:
    Just gotta keep Miss Mazie up through the week until her shock wears off and she realizes that she still has family all around her, and bossman will do whatever he's going to do and I'll respond appropriately when it happens. Thank you all for the support, I do very much appreciate everyone being here for me through the years
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    Best of luck Varine!
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    I just gotten myself an offer to work in China. The pay quadruples my current one. Damn.... Not really ready to start a new life there in China.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I have heard that they pay pretty good to English teachers in China - you would be an expat
  • jonas jonas:
    Cool, what kind of job?
  • Accname Accname:
    I would be careful with jobs in China. They can be hit and miss depending on where in China you go. Places like hong kong / Shengzen / Beijing can be neat. Other places not so much.
  • Accname Accname:
    I would recommend searching for some first person experiences for the city you got the offer in. Especially now when the political situation in China is deteriorating.
  • jonas jonas:
    Accname, long time no see
  • jonas jonas:
    What have you been up to
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    Hey Accname, welcome back.
  • Accname Accname:
    Not much. Working in the Renewable Energy Sector as an IT Consultant. Its okay, but I think I preferred working at the university. It was more relaxed and you met all kinds of crazy people there.
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    I gotten a teaching position for Biology in a college in Wuhan (yes, there)... I suppose it should be fine there (I hope). Many of my ex colleagues are teaching in China as well currently (none in Wuhan though)
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    And I signed the contract already. I guess there's no turning back....
  • jonas jonas:
    @Accname how many hours do you work? I heard in some sectors IT consultants rack up insane hours
  • jonas jonas:
    @vypur85 sounds nice, have fun : )
  • Accname Accname:
    I am supposed to work 40 hrs a week, but I can work more if I like and I will be paid for those hours (as long as I don't go too far, there are laws and company policies, etc)
  • Accname Accname:
    In practice its basically work as much as you like, as long as the job gets done in time.
  • jonas jonas:
    Haha, my job is like that as well... that usually means I have a few 70-80 hours weeks a year, and lots of 20 hours weeks...
  • jonas jonas:
    a few weeks ago, one of my friends basically said "jonas, I received an invitation to submit something to conference X but I'm too lazy to do it and also the conference isn't advanced enough for my high level of research*, why don't you write something? Oh by the way, the deadline is in two weeks. Enjoy!" so I got two 80 hour weeks out of that kind offer. (*of course he didn't say those parts, but it's a better story this way)
  • jonas jonas:
    now I'll have next week off to make up for overtime :p and I'll play some good old gothic 2
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Hope you are enjoying that gothic 2~

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