The Hobbit 3 Battle of the Five Armies (2014)

I'm going to see this when it comes out, will comment on it after that. :)
I am also trying the 48 FPS at my local imax. Will see how it goes! I have never watched a 48 FPS movie before.
Hmm... I don't know if I want to spend money on trying that. I'm all for new experiences but I think using 48 FPS for film is still something that needs to be worked on over time. In general, peoples' consensus of the Hobbit in 48fps is that it takes away the magic from it, since you see everything so much more clearly. I don't want to risk that happening to this conclusion!

I don't think you should do it! Or, at least see it in 48fps then see it in normal as well.
People said the same thing over color movies when it was new, like movies were meant to be black and white and such. Nowadays people say "movies are meant to be 24 fps not more" I don't know, really...

I guess I will see what it looks like Dec. 17

btw here it's same price for 48 fps or 24
Ha, but that's because color was a novelty. The thing is, frame rate is a bit different as it's nothing new.
Films being 24fps is not a technical issue, purely an aesthetic one. High frame rate has been possible since the beginning of film, the reason people make films in 24 is because to our eyes, it is pretty much the optimal speed that we can see smooth motion but still have some motion blur. What 48fps and higher does is make everything clearer in a way, and super-realistic. So what people have described in seeing the Hobbit at 48 is that the motion is super smooth and clean, there's less motion blur and such so you see more detail in the costumes and sets and CGI. However, a lot of people found that to make the movie look cheap and fake, more TV like (as TV is 60 fps). Whereas in normal 24 fps, you might see one of the Dwarves wearing a dirty cloak, in the 48 fps version you might being to see it and say "that looks like a prop cloak!"

I dunno! Either way, it will be epic I'm sure.
Hmm, I don't know how I feel about this then.
Man. It's over.

Was awesome in IMAX 3D. Overall a solid conclusion and farewell to Middle-earth. There were issues here and there, things that detract from it being what I think every fan wishes it should've been. It doesn't - as expected - hold as much emotional weight in its characters as Lord of the Rings did. The cast performed excellently when given the chance, especially Bilbo and Thorin, but there just wasn't enough time for them. Battle of the Five Armies is the shortest of the Hobbit trilogy, as they probably realized from peoples' complaints that the first two were too long, but ironically I think this should've been the longest one. A lot goes on, and there are a lot of great nods to the LotR, scenes every now and then that are just so chilling and exciting, but then it's over.

The battle sequences are long and epic, a thrill that I've been waiting for since LotR with Helm's Deep and Minas Tirith, and they are definitely satisfying. From the beginning fight with Smaug, to the magic duel - between Galadriel, Sauromon, Elrond, and the Ring Wraiths - and the final battles at the end, the sequences are crazier than ever. I can understand why people might feel fed up with the excess CGI fighting, and some parts are a bit ridiculous, but all in all I really did enjoy the battle scenes in the film.

It's not the best it could've been, but this final piece still wraps up the story very nicely. The Hobbit trilogy as a whole is a bit long and stretched, but the cast and their performances as their characters are honestly incredible and a joy to watch, they make the films worth it. I recommend seeing it!
Alright so I came back as well from seeing this. I must say that I love 48 fps, I hope more films are made this way.

As for the movie, Martin Freeman is definitely the strongest point. His performance is truly great. Problem is, he's underused in the movie, he needs more screen time in my opinion. Also, the ending feels a bit rushed, and parts of the movie are really cheesy. The characters are just not fleshed out enough.

Still, the action is incredible, I love all the nods to LOTR, and the ending song is great. I expect an oscar nomination for it. I love how the movie ties-in with LOTR quite well, and I hope to see more exciting stuff in the Extended Edition.

A worthy watch, 3D, 48 FPS, in my opinion, for a better viewing experience.
Hmm, I might have to check it out in 48 fps. I think you may be the first person I've heard who really enjoys it ha.
Well, it does make the action sequences that much more impressive, and they're the strongest point of the movie anyway, so...

Well, The movie's song is in the oscar shortlist, however, it isn't that short of a list. :p

There are about 50 of them lol
Yeh, I think mostly it'll just be for visual effects and possibly sound / score.

Too bad the film and content is not "serious" enough compared to the typical Oscar nominations, I think Martin Freeman played Bilbo so well, but again, there's not enough dramatic writing for him to shine to get an actor nomination.
Since we will know the oscar nominations soon, here are my nomination predictions for The Hobbit 3:

Best Visual Effects
Best Sound Mixing
Best Sound Editing
Best Original Song - The Last Goodbye (less likely of the 4)

What I would like but likely won't happen:

Best Original Score
Best Actor in a supporting role: Martin Freeman (supporting is silly considering the title of the movie is about him, but let's face it: he's in a supporting role)
Best Costume Design

Also, I think the third hobbit has a legitimate shot at winning 1 category, as opposed to the previous 2. If I could choose 1, I would give the oscar to the song.
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I'd like for it to win something but I don't think critics liked it enough. It just wasn't as powerful as LotR, and that's what they'll be holding it up to. Desolation of Smaug was a more coherent film overall and that barely got award buzz.

Meh, personally I enjoyed the film and I'll be happy if it snags something but... I don't expect much, sadly ha. But hey, at least the studios are happy with the box office lol. Looking at the numbers though, it seems Return of the King will still be number 1, the first Hobbit came the closest but still didn't beat it.
Looking at the numbers though, it seems Return of the King will still be number 1, the first Hobbit came the closest but still didn't beat it.

ROTK #1 deservedly so. :p It should stay that way!
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