The Lost Guild of Zeikoni


Анна Ахматова
I was working on this story for a long while, I hope you all enjoy the first chapter. In this story, I aim for learning more about history background, and character personalities. Please try to base your comments on these ideas. ;)

Thanks to everyone who comments and reads my story. Look out for new chapters added every few days. :D

Chapter 1: Welcome to Zeikoni

“Good morning, Veiko.” Veiko’s friend, Tiko, greeted him.
Veiko turned to him, plainly knowing the meaning of him coming to the turf.
“Who’s running a muck now?” Veiko said tiredly.
“Well, the Leikoni Gang wanted to duel you…”
“Dang,” Veiko spitted to his side.
“Veiko, Leik himself wants you dead. I wouldn’t go, if I were you…”
“Nah, it’s usually turns out bad someone doesn’t accept a fight with the Leikoni gang.”
Veiko ran down the side walk, and ally-ways, as he got into the west side of city people started to frown on his appearance. Veiko was known as scum in this side of the city.
Veiko went into the ally way which Leik and his gang usually hung out. His heart thumped faster and faster as he neared the Leikoni turf.
Once Veiko entered the back street he saw Leik, leaning upon a wall.. His grin and sharp face gave him a jolt of fear. Leik’s dark hair was long and greasy. His darkish eyes scanned Veiko as he came into view. Leik was known for his blood-lust, and power over this side of the city.
“So, are you ready.” Leik smirked at him.
“Ready, as I’d ever be…”
“Well, you know how this works.”
Leik leaped up from the wall he was leaning upon and dashed towards Veiko. Veiko shifted his feet and dodged to the right easily, but Leik quickly swung with his left arm at Veiko’s chest. Veiko found himself stuck in his own momentum. He felt the impact sink into his chest. Bloody air singed threw his lips. He fell to the ground, defeated so easily.
“Wimp,” Leik said as he kicked him.
Veiko grabbed at his chest, his ribs pierced him every time he gasped for air.
“I, give!” Veiko said weakly.
“Ha, all talk but no buff to back it up! You should just kept your mouth closed, never disagree with my gang. You shall now die for what you have done.”
Leik lift his foot, and kicked Veiko with deadly might. Veiko felt sick, and dazed. His side burned with pain. He had to get up, he was not a wimp, he had to fight, or he’d die for sure.
Veiko pushed himself up right, his chest seemed to choke him with every movement he made. Veiko swung an aimless punch at Leik. Leik responded by shoving his fist deep in Veiko’s gut.
Veiko fell on his kneels, he felt dazed as he hit the pavement.
“Leik, stop,” A girl said with short red hair.
“Little red, stay out of this…”
“No, I won’t let you kill this boy!”
“I’ll kill you next then…”
A knife threw the sky and stabbed Leik behind the leg. He roared at his injury, the girl jump up and grabbed Veiko. Tiko stood there in awe, as the girl passed him.
“Wake up, Tiko!” Veiko said with the last of his strength.
“Oh, right,” Tiko shook the daze look from his eyes.
Tiko quickly grabbed Veiko and took off to their hideout. The girl followed.
“Why were you guys here?” The girl asked them as they retreated into a dark ally.
“Leik wanted Veiko to duel him.” Tiko explained, while he dragged Veiko.
“Ah, yea… That’s no good, he’s been hurting loads of people. He’s gone too far this time.”
“Thanks for the help back there.”
“Yea, no problem,”
“Tiko,” Veiko said weakly.
“Get me to the house…” Veiko said with a harsh voice as he notice they started to slow down.
“Don’t worry, we’d get there!”
Tiko ran down ally-ways, the brick walls seemed to close in, until they got into a small field. Nothing was occupying space except for a small trailer.
Tiko opened the trailer door and removed the covers from Veiko’s bed. Tiko dumped Veiko onto his bed. Veiko gritted his teeth on impact.
“Tiko, let me heal his wounds.” The girl spoke up.
“You’re going to trust a girl, I’m dying!” Veiko shouted.
“Shut up,” Tiko yelled back, “You’re going to die if you’re not treated!”
Veiko stared at Tiko angrily.
“Him, you’re really messed up,” The girl touched his chest gently with her finger tip.
Veiko yelped in pain, the girl jumped back. He did not like this, she had no clue what she’s doing.
“This will hurt for a moment.”
She rammed her palm into his chest, Veiko screamed, he never felt this much pain in his lift. His body felt like it would implode with pain. Then he felt his body float, or he thought he was. The girl smiled at his expression.
“What the…” Veiko sat up and looked at Tiko’s shocked expression.
“Healing spell,” The girl beamed at them.
“Are you a witch?” Tiko asked her with a concerned frown on his face.
“No, I’m a healer,”
“So what do you want from us?” Veiko eyed her suspiciously.
“I want you to come with me…”

“So, who are you anyways,” Veiko asked.
“My name is Zieka, you’d soon learn where I come from…”
Zieka took them to an empty ally-way. Tiko and Veiko eyed each other as Zieka searched the wall.
“Here it is,” Zieka said.
“Here is what…?” Veiko asked her, while observing her odd movements around the ally-way.
Then a bright light flashed, the ground lifted and quaked around him. Veiko felt himself hit ground.
He awoke on a bed of leaves hours later. He brushed a leaf from his red hair. He looked up and saw that it was fall time, how long has he been sleeping? The city he once knew was now a forest.
“Oy, Veiko.” A strong voice said boldly.
“Yea,” Veiko said bewildered.
“Welcome to Zeikoni,” The man said cheerfully.
“For what reason am I here?”
“Well, you’ve been recruited by Zieka.”
“Well, usually she recruits people with special abilities.”
“What do I possibly have that no one else does?”
“You have good speed, and other skills a good ninja should.”
“A ninja, stop pulling my leg.” Veiko said with a half hearted laugh.
“Nah, usually young folk from other worlds make good ninjas.”
“Hm, really? So this is another world… Great, I always hated that city… So where do I sign up for ninja classes.”
“Well, you need a place to stay first. There’s a room at the city inn. I’d get you a room, I’d also be your teacher. Come to the training grounds tomorrow at 6:00 AM. You’d get to know some of the other ninja students, and they may show you around after.”
“Where‘s the training grounds?”
“Ask around, I believe there is a sign in the town somewhere that has directions…” Neiko disappeared suddenly.
Veiko walked down the trail towards the town, he saw the beautiful landscape of the dark red trees that swayed in the breeze. The air flowed through his air. He smelt the air, it was different. The air had a smell of freedom, of home, yet he was far from home. He remembered his life being so artificial, he felt in peace.
Veiko felt a object around his size bump into him, he stepped backwards and regained balance.
“Sorry, I wasn’t look-“ A young girl his age looked at him, their eyes meet. She turned red and seemed nervous.
“No problem, I’m new here could you tell me where the inn is?”
Veiko scanned her face quickly. She was also a red head like Zieka and himself. Her pale skin seemed to make her hair flame and dance while it dangled from her head into her eyes.
“Yea, over there,” The girl pointed up the road.
“Could you tell me, what country is this?”
“Ah, this is country is called, Zeikoni.”
“Why are most of the people here have red hair, or brown hair?”
“It’s the Zeikoni trait, the guild which started us all had red hair and few had brown. So now this is what you see. Other hair colors were also mixed in after the country grew larger.”
“What are the other countries called?”
“Oh, well, there’s the Xei, and Quikoi, are the largest known countries including Zeikoni. Other countries are either guilds, or settlements not owned by a known country.”
“Ah, thanks, so I’ll see you at the Ninja training?”
“Oh, sure,” She blushed a walked away swiftly in the opposite direction.
“Veiko,” Tiko called out and ran towards him.
“Hey, what’s up, Tiko?”
“This place is neat, am I right?! I mean, how many times have you’ve been to a place where it feels so… Peaceful,”
“I dun no, there’s something in the air that feels like blood-lust and tension.”
“Huh, like what?”
“Like war tension, can you sense it?”
“No, I sense that you’re crazy though….”
“Well, just be careful, are you going to the Ninja training?”
“Oh, that, sure,”
“I think I should check out the rest of the town, be wise, Tiko.”
“Yea, no problem,”
Veiko continued his walk down the road in the direction the girl pointed out. Once he reached the town, he was bewildered. The city looked beautiful, dark red and orange filled the roofs of large two story houses. Some larger then others, then in the middle was a large town hall. A large clock tower was attached to the building. He looked at the clock, 7:00 PM, it was getting late. He had to stop the detours and get to the inn soon.
Veiko scanned the street as he walked wondrously, many people had large armor or mail, and some carried large weapons. Others had small daggers, or bows and arrows. Yet, others had nothing, or seemed to have nothing.
Veiko saw a large sign pointing out areas of the town. He read the words of directions, it had a large list of places.

Welcome to Zeikoni, our market district is on the east side of the town, visitor and the city inn are to the west. The north side is the training district, including ninja, archery. Local patrol is always available to answer questions. Please visit our town hall to talk to the Nation Master, or other authorities.
Please enjoy your stay.
-Nation Master Zeiko

Veiko has never meet an important leader before, he hoped to see him soon. Yet he obeyed the directions and went west to the inn. The crowd became less busy as he neared the large inn. There, the ninja teacher he met outside the city, was leaning on the wall of the inn.
“Finally, I was waiting for you.” He said tiredly.
“Just tell them, Neiko gave you a free room.”
“Veiko, Neiko, Zieka, Zeiko…?”
“Those names all have ‘eik’, or ‘iek’.”
“Well, I it’s a popular name here. So I guess you fit in perfectly.”
“I guess… I do,”
“Well, see ya at later.”
“Hey, I got to know, why is your hair white?”
“Oh, it was a spell accident…”
“But you’re a ninja, right? Then how can you perform spells?”
“Who said I was using spells, but anyways, all classes including ninjas and archers can use spells. Yet, they are used by different energy sources. See, mages use magic which can be trained, and can be increased. So there is a limited use, but you can use it.”
“So, what do ninja and archers use for magic?”
“We use energy, and others can use magic combined with energy. This has been named magical energy. What Zieka did to your chest, is magical energy. Usually healers use this spell.”
“Wait, isn’t a healer a mage class?”
“No, it could be any class, really…”
“So, what class is Zieka?”
“She’s a ninja. Many people are ninja’s here. They seemed to be more balanced, there have been many mixes of ninjas, like uses of mage spells have been mixed with simple attacks, or spells to make a good combination. Yet, you’re too young to learn about how to do these combinations. You’d learn in time,”
“Sounds interesting,”
“Well, you should get some sleep, long day ahead of you.”
“One more question,”
“What,” Neiko sounded annoyed.
“What kind of tensions are there between countries…”
“You’re too young, go to sleep.”
“No, tell me!”
“Go to sleep, Veiko!”

Veiko awoke to his alarm, his mind raced, he jumped up and dressed quickly. Turned off the alarm and ran down the stairs turned and ran into someone. He fell on his back. He quickly rubbed the back of his head as he sat up.
“Sorry,” He said in a rushed manner.
“No, it’s my fault.”
“Hey, it’s you.” Veiko noticed it was the girl he met outside the village yesterday.
“Oh, hello…” Her green eyes shown between her long bangs.
“Well, better get going.” Veiko got up and offered his hand.
“Oh,” She blushed and accepted his hand, “Thanks,”
“No problem, but I got to go, see ya around!”
Veiko dashed out the door he ran down the streets, and saw others doing the same. He saw Tiko who was up ahead. He went faster until he could reach his side.
“Hey, Tiko,”
“Hey, Veiko,”
“So, are you going to train to become a ninja?”
“Nah, I thought about becoming an archer.”
“Cool, well good luck.”
“Yea, you too,”
Veiko arrived at the training field where other kids his age arrived. They all seemed to scan each other, trying to see who is the weakest. Veiko got the feeling of not being as strong as any of the others. He saw Zieka arrive, and another girl close behind. They stopped and chatted, Zieka looked towards Veiko’s right, and giggled.
Veiko shyly eyed to his right, a kid his age with long brown hair looked down at his feet. The dark and quiet type, Veiko felt himself tighten. He was always ignored, but to see a guy with no meaning sit there clueless drew him in rage.
“Greetings, class. Now welcome back all those who did not pass the last test, and to the new comers. Now, we’d start with a practice duel. Zieka, and Teika, you two come up here.”
Zieka smiled with pride and walked up in front of the class while the girl next to her looked up and shyly followed Zieka. Teika’s eyes met Veiko’s for a brief moment, her frighten eyes seemed to burn a hole into his heart.
“Now, I’d like you two to show the trainees what skill you two have.”
They both nodded, and looked at each other in deadly might, it was like they never knew each other.
“Ready, go,” Neiko shouted.
Zieka dashed towards Teika, but Teika countered with shoving two arms out, before Zieka was range to fight. The class laughed a little, Veiko watched dumbfounded by what she just did. Zieka found this not a threat, as she dash forward and once she gained contact to Teika’s arms she was thrown back. She hit the ground violent. Veiko looked in awe, he never has seen such a skill. How did she do that, it must have been quick reflexes, something.
“Very good, that is called electrical shield. To perform this you must focus your magical energy into your palms then release it by bending the electric current flowing through your palms. You must train countless hours to use such a skillful spell. Good job, Teika, you may pass this year.”
“Thank you Trainer Neiko,” Teika bowed before Neiko.
Teika quickly ran towards Zieka and helped her up. Neiko turned towards the group.
“All who think that they can not surpass that skill in one week then please leave, now!” Neiko announced harshly.
The group soon faded to only four people: Veiko, the guy next to Veiko, Zieka, and Teika. Neiko scanned them and grinned, “Good, I was expecting you to stay. Yet, even though it’s small, I’m still proud you all stayed.”
“Trainer Neiko,” Veiko said.
“Yes, Veiko,”
“What is the counties’ status?”
“Hm, well…”
Neiko scanned them, who all seemed curious also. Many of them may have never been outside the country.
“Well, we are currently at war.” The group gasped, and Teika and Zieka started whispering in deep conversation.
“Yes, Xei, has declared war awhile ago upon this country. Well, there was no official declaration of war, but they started to attack our villages. We countered and managed to keep our borders. If Xei gains the aid of Quikoi then we’d surly lose…”
“So, what are we doing to stop all this?” Veiko asked quietly.
“I can not tell you,”
“I didn’t come here to talk politics. I’ve come here to train!” The boy yelled at Neiko in a serious tone.
“No patience, aye, Keik?”
“Just tell us what to do, you can talk all day if you like. I’d like to do something.”
“Alright, do we understand about magical energy, and how energy works? Well, by your faces I understand that most of you know, but for Veiko’s sake I will tell you.”
Veiko scanned at the others, Keik rolled his eyes. Zieka smiled, he knew that smile was in vain. Teika blushed once she caught Veiko’s eye and looked away.
“… Now, you focus your energy in the body part, or weapon, and it’ll be able to do a certain skill or spell. Ok, I want you all to practice and be able to use a skill by the next class. Go to the local library to read how to use spells and skills.
“Good luck, Veiko…” Teika said quietly.
“Oh, thanks, you too,” Veiko said out load making her blush.
Veiko went to the library and looked in piles upon piles of books. He found some interesting stuff, like mirror clones, and blade enchantments. Yet, Veiko was looking for a new kind of skill, one that he has never heard of before, one spell that would stun the whole city.
“Pst, you’d be a good magical energy user.” Zieka said over a book.
“Yea, but everyone uses that kind already.”
“So, it’s fun.”
“No, I want to use a good one, one people haven’t used before.”
“Hm, not many use speed skills.”
“What do they do?”
“Well, the speed enhances speed, and rush makes you disappear for a second and land in a different area where you plan, this works by forces your energy into a rush to make your body speed up faster then others around you. Rush can only go so far though, so I suggest you to learn some clone image skills.”
“Ah, I’d be a good idea, people use to know me for my speedy attacks back in my home world.”
“There you go,”
“No problem,”
Veiko looked up speed skills and found out many skills, he went out to the field and practice several until night fall. He went to the inn exhausted but proud.
The next morning Veiko awoke stiff but dashed out the door. He passed many people, his speed has increased allot. He felt a breeze as he passed villages that looked at him in awe. He saw Zieka up ahead, he zoomed up and down the street doing back flips off of various objects and jumping off of walls. He sprinted by her side.
“Hey, Zieka,”
“Wow, Veiko you’re allot faster,”
“Yea, and I also can do a pretty good rush.”
Veiko disappeared for a moment and reappeared a few yards ahead of Zieka. He stood there and Zieka passed through him.
“Wow, and you learned how to clone yourself!”
“Yea, do you like?”
“How do you blink anyways, I knew it generally, but never actually knew how it felt because I could never perform such a skill.”
“It uses a good portion of my energy. I have to speed up so fast I disappear for a moment, then it seems I reappear somewhere else. I can only go so far though, because my energy is limited.”
“Then how can you stop while running so fast,”
“I just stop, it took allot of work to learn how too, kind of have to put the weight on your knees or something… Hard to explain.”
“Amazing, all I learned was another healing spell which can remove all negative curses from the body.”
“Nice, what did Teika learn,”
“Oh, it’s really awesome, wait till she performs it at the training grounds.”
They arrived to find they were the last ones there.
“Veiko because you are the newest, I’d like to see what you can do.”
“Don’t blink,”
Veiko felt the earth around him stand still, he dashed around Neiko. He stopped immediately and formed a clone by forcing magical energy through his hand, the clone took his original spot.
“Well, seems like we got a little speedy here,” Neiko said tiredly, “And clones, well, I’d guess Veiko’s behind me and the other is a clone.” Neiko threw a dagger at the clone and it disappeared in a fade of a shadow.
“Very good, Veiko,” Neiko nodded, “Teika, you’re next.”
Teika stepped up; she breathed steadily and moved her hands in towards her chest, and waved them out, static built in her hands. Then with one swift move with her arms she called out a wave of thunder, lighting the targeted tree on fire. Neiko smiled at Teika.
“Amazing, Teika,” Neiko said with a smile.
“Next, Zieka,”
Zieka took out a small bottle. She drank it all, she ganged. Weakly she put her hand on her chest, and screamed loudly, her body shook violently, and her health was then restored.
“Good, good,” Neiko said, “A curse removal skill, very well done.”
“Next, Keik,”
Keik stepped up and stood still. The tree’s leaves behind him fell; slowly the leaves floated into the air, and started to fly around the group.
“Amazing, this must have been practiced many hours, the art of element bending is a rare skill used by many successful ninja,” he turned to the group, “I’m very impressed with you all, you all pass.”
“That’s it,” Keik said angrily.
“Well, yes,”
“So, now what,”
“You should find guilds or create one; once you do you can be paid for guild missions. Others make it to the big leagues and fight as a country‘s military strength.”
“That’s neat, so how do we make these guilds?” Zieka asked kindly.
“Guilds can be formed by anyone, all with their own purpose. Usually the leader is decided in a large duel. Yet, it’s totally up to you.”
“Great, I’m going to find a guild, catch you all later,” Veiko said exactly as he sprinted down to the city.
“He needs to grow up,” Keik mumbled.
“Yea, he’s really immature for his age,” Zieka said blushing.
Teika watch Veiko disappear quietly.
“Anyways, Keik, want to make a guild… With me,” Zieka said shyly.
“Show me what you can do first, I mean I don’t want to be part of a weak guild.”
“I’m not weak,”
“Let me see,”
Keik stepped forward and grinned at Zieka she looked at him with deadly attempt. Teika watched as she bit her lip out of nervousness.
“I’m ready; give me all you got,” Keik taunted her.
“Here I come,”
Zieka ran towards him, Keik grinned and threw his hands out forward, earth, grass, and leaves came at her. Zieka started to bleed from the debris thrown at her; she started to stumble. She tried to heal herself, before she got to Keik but Keik dashed at her at the last moment, he knocked Zieka off her feet.
Zieka sat up, her mouth bleed rapidly from her teeth stabbing into her inner cheek.
“See, you’re weak, just like all these nobodies.” Keik mocked her.
“Go to the mages, you punk-elemental-bender.” Said an older boy who was observing the battled.
“what brings you here, Ninva?” Keik asked Ninva.
“I hear that you all passed, well to tell you the truth Keik should have been held back. You don’t know anything about being a ninja.” Ninva responded.
“You rip them to shreds until they die,” Keik responded.
“But there is an honorable way,” Ninva said wisely.
“Well, then show me the honorable way,”
Keik started to focus his energy into the ground again, but before he knew it he was on his back. Ninva raised a dagger to his neck; Keik stared at him angrily.
“Scum like you should be put to the lowest rank of all,”
“Maybe you’d like to join my guild I’m forming, all the toughest ninjas will be in it.”
“No, I’ll not join, but I’m sure Teika, and Zieka would like to join my guild.”
“I guess,” Teika said shyly.
“Only if Keik can join,” Zieka said angrily.
“Whatever, hey where did the newbie go?”
“He went into the city, slap happy about joining a guild,” Keik said bitterly.
“Punk,” Ninva said leaving them.

“Oh, come on, just let me join.” Veiko begged to a large group of archers.
“No, kid,”
“Come on,” Veiko whined.
“Tiko, show this weak ninja why he can not join the guild.”
“Tiko,” Veiko looked at a kid he thought he knew with a hooded cloak.
“I always wanted to do this,” Tiko grinned as he aimed his bow at Veiko.
As Tiko aimed his bow, a blade flew into the air and cut his arrow tip. Tiko’s bow snapped in half, and Veiko fell backwards. Veiko saw bits of bow and arrow debris in his face once he sat up. Blood oozed from his wounds. Two guild men came after the one who threw the blade. His red hair flew in the air as he slashed at the guild men. They fell on the ground injured; the boy grabbed Veiko and escaped.
The boy stop once they near the training area, where the others waited for them.
“Found him picking a fight with Mountain Peak Legend.” Ninva said.
“Ah, good job Ninva.” Keik said unimpressed
“Shut it, you.”
“No how about you shut it, you think you’re so great but you’re nothing compared me!”
“I think I’ve already proved I am, or was I mistaken?”
“Who are you and what am I doing here.” Veiko interrupted.
“Er, Ninva –the guy that saved you- is making a guild, and he wants you to join along…” Teika said quietly.
“Oy, what guild,” Veiko asked bluntly.
“You really are the village idiot,” Ninva said plainly.
“What, take that back,”
“No, unless you can prove you’re not an idiot,”
“You’re those dirty fools that think they can push people around, I will not join your guild!”
“What, are you talking about, kid?”
“Shut it, I will not allow you to push around me, or my friends,”
“What friends, it seems like everyone-“
“No, I, err, am Veiko’s friend!” Teika said shyly.
“Veiko is cool,” Keik agreed coolly.
“Yea, Veiko is a friend of mine also!” Zieka nervously agreed.
“So, you newbies are going to die together, fine.” Ninva said angrily.
“We’re not going to die, now shut it, and leave.” Keik said angrily.
Ninva looked at Veiko, Veiko stared at him; Ninva smiled and disappeared. Veiko felt the earth wave before him, as he fell to the ground.


To die will be an awfully big adventure.
I might read the rest later, but I have to leave soon. Very good hook, Very interesting, and very good. Try to make the names sound less alike, and though diologues good, don't put too much or it's hard to follow. Otherwise, stupendous.

(this is an editing)

I just read a clip randomly and you have magical skills apparently in this, but without explaining how or when or why. I love it.


Анна Ахматова
Thank you for being the first one to comment my story! :D

I've relized a bit more how relative the names really are. :rolleyes: Maybe if I can be creative enough I'd change a few names. Wish me luck. =P

Also if you read randomly you'd not get the information you'd need to understand all of the skills, and how they work. Well, this chapter doesn't have all the skills but a few good ones. :)


To die will be an awfully big adventure.
lol welcome. Sorry, I just had to go. I also posted a new story, titled "The Elite," If you want to read it. You might be able to work in some background history with the names, like i presume it's in the future so you could say that creative thinking had been lost, humans rather wanting to relax and live for the moment. I don't know, that's just speculation, I'm sure you can come up with something much better for background if you want too.


Анна Ахматова
I dunno, this has been a experimental story so far, most of the history is reviled at the ending part of the book. Theres not too much history in the first chapter.

Chapter 2: Scarlet Hearts

Veiko awoke up alone in his room. He felt ill; he saw a few get-well-soon set on his bedside. He must have blacked out; he yawned and laid in his bed. Soon the door open, he looked to see who came in. To his surprise it was Ninva. Ninva smirked at Veiko. His long red hair hid his eyes as he scanned the room.
“So, you’re awake.” Ninva said tiredly.
“Yea, what’s up?”
“Nothing really some solo missions, no fun.”
“So you’re going to ask me to join your guild?”
“Hm, I’m that simple to figure out, huh?”
“So, you’d like to join the guild?”
“You’re not bad, kid. Later,”
Ninva disappeared at that moment, soon after Teika came. Her face blushed like always. Veiko never knew a like Teika, so shy and so strong at the same time. What a waste it was to be shy. You never get to know anyone interesting and you’re always alone.
“Veiko, we have to do some very important…”
“What’s that?”
“Finding a proper guild leader,” Teika looked down at her shoes.
“Ah, that sounds easy, lets get going…”
“But you’ve been asleep for several days, wouldn’t you want to get your strength back, or at least take a bath!”
“Alright mom, I’d get ready.”
“Veiko, I’m just suggesting. You don’t have to get so offensive,”
“Just get out of here, Teika.”
“Right,” Bit her lip and walk away.
Something was odd about her today, she seemed more tensed. Well, at least she had a some what normal conversation with him. Yet, he knew this wasn’t the true Teika, no she must have been stressed about something.
After Veiko got cleaned and dressed he stepped outside the room and ran downstairs. He met Teika who was playing with string that dangled from her woolen sweater. She nodded at him and opened the door to lead him outside. They went to the training grounds, where the others were waiting for them.
“Finally,” Keik said loudly.
“Shut it, Keik.” Ninva barked.
“Oh, so who gave you the right to order me around?”
“I will once this is all over.”
“Must we really fight each other…?” Veiko asked blankly.
“Yes, it’s how the ninja class makes a leader.” Zieka said nerdishly.
“So are we ready or what?” Keik said eagerly to fight Ninva.
“Sure, I scheduled Ninva and Teika to go at it first.” Zieka read from a clip board.
“What, are you crazy, I want to kill Keik not this runt.” Ninva said angrily.
Teika stepped up and looked at Ninva with deadly attempt. He stared at her, and smirked.
“Ok, are we ready,” Zieka asked, “One, two, three, go!”
Ninva disappeared with his first move, and appeared behind Teika. Teika quickly slammed her elbow into his gut. He jumped out of her range of attack. Ninva threw a dagger at Teika; she threw her hands out and blasted it away with a large spark that came from her palms. A large shock wave came out of the attack and threw Ninva down. Ninva crossed his arms; his face still had a large curly grin upon it.
“What on earth is Ninva doing,” Keik said bitterly.
“I think he’s testing, Teika.” Zieka replied.
“Hm, what reason,”
“He wants to learn how Teika thinks; he really wants to become the guild leader.”
“What a fool,”
“Why’s that,”
“Cuz, I’m going to be guild leader.”
Teika started breathing heavily; Ninva noticed her weak state and disappeared. Teika fell backward then coughed blood in mid-air. She fell to her side, and cried silently as she rolled across the field into a tree. The group watched in awe.
“Weakling,” Ninva hissed.
Teika arose, her body shaking violently. Ninva frowned; he walked toward her and punched her in the gut. She gasped, as she slide down the tree. Her face lost its color, she seemed lifeless.
“Ninva, stop,” Zieka cried.
Veiko ran to Teika with Zieka close to his side. They both check her pulse; she managed to look at Veiko. Her eyes did not leave him.
“You’re going to be ok. Zieka will take care of you.” Veiko said reassuring her.
“Veiko, you get to fight me next,” Zieka said after she healed Teika.
“Right, I’m ready.”
Zieka walked to the opposite side of the field, Keik counted off. Once he reached three, Zieka made her first move. She muttered a few words, then a bright light came from her palms. It soon turned light blue. She grinned and took the two lights and grinned them between her palms. Veiko could see her in agonizing pain. Blood slowly oozed from her inner palms. After awhile she pulled her palms apart and slammed them on the ground. Two light blue shock waves moved through the ground. Veiko rushed and jumped over each shock wave. He attempted to attack her by flipping his body keeping one leg out to kick her. He spun but felt something repel his leg. He flew backwards and hit the ground violently. He looked up and saw two large arms coming from the ground.
The arms were both a bright blue outline. They swayed back and forward mocking Veiko. He threw a dagger at Zieka and saw the arm quickly repel it. He gritted his teeth and rushed across the field dodged one arm but to his surprise he feel face first before making it to the other arm. His body then was thrown into the air.
He decided to clone himself, he made two clones and ordered them to charge at Zieka. He joined, the two arms took the bait and Veiko knocked Zieka off her feet.
“That was a sad attempt,” Keik said.
“Yea, she used a guard spell,” Ninva nodded.
“What did she do,” Veiko said steadily.
“This spell requires most of your magical energy to be put into her palms if preformed correctly you will have complete control over these arms. It can also go as fast as your rush skill.” Ninva replied.
“Yes, as amazing as you find this, I find this very idiotic.”
Veiko found Zieka’s schedule, and read the next fight.
“Keik against Ninva,” Veiko read out loud.
“Finally, I get to show you who’s boss.” Keik said excitedly.
Ninva laughed at Keik, and positioned himself.
“One, two, three… GO!” Veiko yelled.
Keik built earth upon himself, making a large defense structure. Ninva stood and observed the structure. It was made out of dirt, grass and twigs, but was made into a hollow ball. So Keik was safe inside.
Ninva disappeared, and soon dirt particles built around the ball, making either more defenses or some kind of attack. Veiko tensed himself; he did not know who was going to attack, and where they were going to attack from. Veiko knew he had to keep his energy so he did not dare to move as fast as Ninva just to see what he was doing.
Then suddenly the ball broke in two, Keik flew out his body hit the ground like a rag doll. Keik was down, it left him and Ninva to go at it.
“Well, it seems that I will become the guild leader after all.”
“There’s no chance,”
“You heard me; I will not allow you to become the guild leader,”
“Remind me to give you junky jobs when I win.”
Ninva disappeared again; Veiko also focused his energy on his rush. Soon he saw Ninva dashing towards him. Veiko felt himself going slower. He’s energy was still weak from that dash to knock Zieka out. He felt his muscles tighten. Ninva attacked him strongly, Veiko dodged. He tried a swing at Ninva’s face, Ninva crouched. Veiko gritted his teeth and managed to turn his momentum into a slam instead of a stab. Ninva felt the impact over his head lost control of his speed, and fell to the ground. Veiko ran towards him and pinned him down with his knee. Veiko allowed himself to slow down, he breathed heavily. He won, Ninva was unconscious.
“Wow, guild leader…” A weak voice came from Veiko’s back.
“Teika,” Veiko turned around.
“Yea,” Teika smiled from the tree, where Ninva pinned her.
“Good to see you awake.”
“Thanks to Zieka’s healing…You know, Ninva is just so misunderstood; he has nothing but his pride, and me...”
“So you’re his-”
“I’m his sister,”
“Yea, we live at the inn. The trainer gave us a room after the corrupted of The Orange Archers that destroyed my village…”
“I’m sorry,”
“No, don’t say things like that. It wasn’t your fault.” Teika said with a half hearted smile.
“Teika, you are right in some ways, but wrong in many others…” Neiko stepped out from the shade of the tree, “The guild known as, The Orange Archers were not corrupted but were rogues. This guild destroyed many villages for loot, and for kicks. These sick people were soon all killed. Yet, that’s only myth. The last of the two guild members have never been found.”
“But, Zeiko…” Teika said in a worried voice.
“Lies, this was a professional guild, that took several years too kill. Yet, they could be still recruiting for more members…”
Teika seemed to turn pale once more; Veiko still could not understand the threat of these bandits so he did not dare speak.
“Anyways, Veiko, what shall your guild be called?” Neiko asked Veiko with a clam voice.
“How about the Scarlet Heart,” Veiko panted.
“Hm, very interesting name, good luck with your guild. You can find guild missions at the city hall. You will be registered and given a mission in three days.”
“Yea, I better go, I’d take these kids home for you.” Neiko put Ninva and Keik on his shoulders and picked up Zieka. He disappeared smiling at Veiko.
“Zieka told me not too many ninjas use speed spells or buffs.” Veiko said to Teika.
“Nope, Neiko and Ninva were the only ninjas out of many.” Teika said still in deep thought.
“I don’t see too many other ninjas using other spells but you three.”
“Well, you haven’t met any ninjas yet. They’re all doing missions outside the city.”
“Well, then I’d have to find some,”
“Wait, you’d get hurt!”
“Ah, don’t worry about me,” Veiko could only jog across the city because his energy was depleted from his duel with Ninva.
“Look who’s here,” Said a voice that sent shivers up Veiko’s spine.
“You,” Veiko turned to see Leik.
“Now ninja, you’re going to die here.”
“Why do you want to kill me? I did nothing wrong,”
“No, Veiko I’m not part of your country, I’m a Xei. Also, there’s a reward for any ninja’s head.”
“So, you’re a mage?!”
“I should have known…”
“Yes you should have.” He was scanning Veiko he had the same blood lust aura he did when they were fighting in the allies.
“How did you get here?”
“I saw little red escort you into a wall, I decided to follow. Soon I found the Xei nation and was given a good rank for it‘s army”
“Ranks, army, what’s going on over there that they need an army,”
“I guess you’re about to die, so I’d tell you. The Xei combined with the help of a rogue guild called Mountain Peak Legend, are going to summon The Orange Archers. The Mountain Peak Legend has been spying on this country for awhile now, and has two members from the original The Orange Archers.”
“Why are they called, The Orange Archers?”
“The legend has it they were only a corrupted guild made by dark mages that took control of young ninjas. They soon killed many people by spying on a village. Soon they will evade the village by corrupting the small government, or mayor inside the village. Then a large raid of sixty guild men will kill all defenses, and usually towns’ people just for fun. Yet, soon they all disappeared; some say it was an unknown guild that destroyed the power house rogue guild. Yet, others say it was the Zeikoni government, yet to tell you the truth. I doubt it was the Zeikoni, everyone inside the government feared their own lives. Cowards,”
Leik gasped, he grabbed at the side of his neck and fell face forward.
“Hm, good job at distracting him for such a time,” Ninva said half heartily.
“Yea, whatever… What are you going to do with him?”
“I’d give him to the Zeikoni government,” Ninva picked up Leik and disappeared.
Veiko sighed; he didn’t know what to do. There were spies inside the country, soon another rogue guild that will kill many people. Soon the Xei will attack at the same time. He must do something, he had to tell someone. Teika, no she’d just become pale and feel ill again. Keik wouldn’t care, and Ninva wouldn’t either. Maybe Zieka would help him, she seems to help him allot with these things, but Veiko had a problem. He didn’t know where she lived; he’d have to ask Teika.
Veiko dashed to the inn, he quickly looked into every public room. No Teika, he started to panic. He went to the inn keeper and asked if Teika was in. She gave him a rude no in reply. Veiko ran to the fields next. No Teika, he ran around the city. Still no Teika, or Zieka in sight.
“Veiko,” Keik said from nearby.
“Oh, Keik, I’m looking for Zieka, do you know where she is?”
“Not really, ask Teika she’s by her old village. The whole idea of the murderous guild still on the loose made her feel a little uneasy. Ninva and I were looking up the guild in some books. We found that there may be a connection between Xei and the guild…”
“There is, but there is no time right now, tell Ninva to come to the inn at eight tonight. We’ll all meet up in the lounge.”
“Right,” Keik dashed down toward the training field.
Veiko ran out the city, he had another problem; he had to find Teika and Zieka within a deadline. He even forgot to ask Keik on the location of the village.
Veiko ran down the road which led to no where, he ran until he saw village ruins. He searched the area, no one was there. He continued down the road and saw two more villages. She was still no where to be found. He finally found another village in ruins. There he saw two figures. Veiko ran towards them, he shouted at them happily. The two figures jumped to the sight of him running towards them.
Two bright objects flew at him; Veiko had to use the last of his energy to dodge them.
“Hey, it’s me…” Veiko said huffing.
“Yea, and who is me?” A very strong voice said as they neared.
They were two men; both seemed very strong for their age. Their eyes scanned his face. They grinned at his weakness. He was in trouble, and he was weak.
A bolt of lightening shot from behind the men, both Veiko and the two men flew into the air from the mighty shock wave.
“Sorry, Veiko,” Teika said.
“Yea, I’m just glad you’re hear,” Veiko said weakly.
The two men got up, and dashed towards Teika. Teika quickly countered with a electrical shield. The two men fell back. Teika continued the attack by shocking them. The blinding light made it hard to see anything. The two men retreated in confusion.
“Veiko, you ok?” Teika ran towards him.
“Yea, just kind of dazed…” Veiko got up.
“You wanted to talk to me,”
“Yea, where is Zieka?”
“She’s probably where ever Keik is,”
“Well, I ran into Keik and she’s not with him.”
“She must be somewhere then, did you try her house yet?”
“Ok, just come with me, we’re late for a meeting. We need Zieka, so just show me where she stays.”
They ran to the city, the clock told them they were an hour late, but they continued to run towards Zieka’s house. Once they got there, they were shocked to see governmental guilds observing ruins of a house.
“They’re back, The Orange Archers…” Teika came to her knees.
“You mean, Mountain Peak Legend,” Veiko replied.
Veiko went up to the nearest guild man.
“What happened?”
“The whole family was killed, expect for the child, she was kidnapped, we have a large group of guildies looking for her, kid.”
Veiko cursed to himself, and went by Teika who was crying silently.
“So, is she dead?”
“No, she’s alive, but we’re going to find her.”
“Well, then we better get to the meeting.” Teika brushed her tears away.
They ran to the inn, once they opened the door they found Ninva pacing around the lounge while Keik sat there in a dazed.
“Hey guys,” Veiko said to wake them up.
“Finally,” Keik said immediately.
“The Orange Rangers are back,” Ninva said.
“We saw,” Veiko said, “They got Zieka.”
“Why would they take Zieka?” Keik got up from his seat.
“I don’t know,” Veiko replied, “But we’re going to find her.”
“We better,” Keik sat down again
“What is the plan, Veiko?” Ninva and the others turned their attention to Veiko.
The room fell completely silent. Veiko sat down on a chair and thought, his mind seemed to rush from idea to idea. Maybe they should scout and find Zieka. Maybe they should sleep then find her, or maybe it’s a trap. Should they sneak around the forest together, or should they go in groups? Maybe one of them would find Zieka but then what would that person do after they found her? The bell tower rang suddenly.



Ninva said:
I was working on this story for a long while, I hope you all enjoy the first chapter. In this story, I aim for learning more about history background, and character personalities. Please try to base your comments on these ideas. ;)

Thanks to everyone who comments and reads my story. Look out for new chapters added every few days. :D

Chapter 1: Welcome to Zeikoni

<>You really didn't need to quote the entire thing<>
I thought that it was pretty good, and that you did a good job with the dialogue. Also you had an interresting back round to the story, in other words, a pretty creative one i thought. :D


To die will be an awfully big adventure.
How about a deal Ninva, I'll read your entire story if you read all of mine.
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