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The NUON-Dome

NUON-Dome is the Number 1 Fansite and the greatest repository of historical information for the Classic NUON video game system. We have hosted the NUON forums for quite a number of years and we also host the NUON-Dome site.

A Great Overview of the NUON Technology from one of the people that worked at VM Labs.

When we first got NUON-Dome hosted, Chile pulled a genius VBulletin forum coding and was able to do this theme for the forums we host for them. We could have done this for any website at that point, but we lost all this in the conversion to the new forum versions or in the crash, or something along the way happened but it was pretty cool while it lasted - we had that one forum skinned special for the site. At the bottom you could also select different Themes.

I am happy we host the NUON-Dome. Every site should host a classic gaming site. I actually still have a working NUON (Samsung N501) and most of the games.

I created the NUON section of the Open Directory Project (

Here is a link to K3V's first post on the Hosted Forums. Apparently it was going to be temporary... :)

K3V, the NUON-Dome site owner, also has an extensive repository of Atari Jaguar Information on his Jagu-Dome website.


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I remember that doing the forum skin is what originally got me in the Admin role. Luckily someone far more talented did the original site:
I just had to reuse the assets there in a new vB style. I'm sure I still have a backup of that floating around here somewhere. We could put it up in read-only mode somewhere.


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I dont even know what this is. Is this some kind of atom-y thing? The proton, the electron and the nuon?


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The section is still a total mystery.
Anyway "NUON-Dome are some sort of old games. Right ?
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