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This is basically a storage place, where you the users, will post links to favorite streams/casts/replays/custom maps of yours. As simple as that.

Thank you UndeadDragon for the wonderful idea. : )


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I just have to recommend SlayerS_Dragon's stream. He is learning more english each day and he is often lulzing around on european servers owning diamond players without using his keyboard.

He does all sorts of different weird stuff to handicap himself. Mass planetary + SCVs? Check. Nydus juggling to avoid banshee damage? Check. Mass hellion into BC against Diamond/Master protoss while taking a 5 minute fishing paus after owning the protos army? Check

Overall very fun stuff.

Edit: Owning without keyboard was too easy so he skipped the desk and keyboard in one game using only his hand and keyboard mat to steady up the mouse. Pic


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i lold at that, i swear when you see the skill gap in pro players and non-pro players its amazing... thats like the kinda shit my stepbrother would do in sc1, he would wipe out half the enemy team, unally with his team mates, kill them all off, then finish off the rest of the opposing team
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