The Open Tech Support Split

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The Open Tech Support Split

When the site finally got forums in like 2002 or something everyone from the Open Tech Support Channel on came to TheHelper. At that time, it was Wargasm and me running the site. I was having kiddos in my life and was away from the site somewhat and trouble started brewing. There were some real Characters from the Open Tech Support channel on Some very talented people and they were having problems in our structure. Some fights broke out and basically we lost almost all of our members over night. They all switched to our friend's site Laggy.

We were always still friends with them. It was a split, it is a phenomena that happens on sites sometimes and this site has a had its share.

Anyway, we lost almost all of our regular members to a different site. Not all though. The MVPs still were on TH, tkron and I. All the Administrators and Mods stayed pretty much. We still had Wargy, Logical_1, Rapmaster, Chile and Janna.

To be continued....
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