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Here is a tutorial how to make how to make a good slide map.
You will get some steer/slide examples. Terrian Killer and also 2 ways to make Unit Killer.
After this you will learn how to convert a map, the hard way but with locust and the easy way without locust.

YOU NEED Frozen Throne Editor for this!
First off you have your map with your ice and snow, also a "unit killer" is nice, if you want to use this one i present, you should have units that are equal sice. I made Troll Escape map link.
All the triggers are in Custom Text so if you can't code jass all you can do is look at it as an example of how your map could be.

FOR A MORE ADVANCED SYSTEM SKIP THIS PART -------------------------------------

Ok for starters the easiest way to make a unit killer is by making a Spell (based on Immolation).
Tutorial link: link
Youtube link: link Starts at 4:04
Follow steps A-D
Don't forget to make units Locust Also.
Also make sure that your units patrol in the right direction:thup: (all units must have 0 damage).

Next we need a Terrian Killer
Youtube link: link Starts at 1:13
(If you have a slide map you prob. should choose Northrend - Snow at 2:44)

So now we need a Slide Trigger, there are plenty of ways, ill show you one of them.
Youtube link: link
For other better tutorials google it :)

Now Make sure you convert your map if you want it to be played on RoC
Later in the tutorial....

MORE ADVANCED PART --------------------------------------------
Here comes an more advanced tutorial, it takes less time but you need to know more about map making to understand it.

Before you use this helping Trigger, there se some things you have to know. The "unit killer" is not the best one. It will only set 1 "Area of effect" so you would have to use units that are about the same size. (Like Murloc Slide or Troll Escape) Im trying to find a way that you can choose different "Area of effect" for each unit. There is also some conditions to useing this you should know.

- All sliders have to be heroes.
- All sliders have to be placed at start
- Units may get stuck (manual patrol system is a lot better)
- Your hero will become invurable so you don't need to change units damage.
- Mortars will not work (since hero is invurable)

Slide System/Unit Killer/Terrian Killer
Map link: link
Remember to make all units Locust.
Don't forget to copy the variables. (Needs to be exact same capital letters)

If you can fix everything by your own that is great but i'll give the rest of you some tips to a better slide map.

USEFUL TIPS ---------------------------

-----Remove not playing Players-----

First off.
If you are useing the Advanced System you would have to do a change.
Go to Trigger Editor->Slide System->SS Setups->
Than do this:
Remove "Map initialization"

Add "Time - Elapsed game time is 1.00 seconds"

Now you are good to go.
Make a New Trigger and do:
Map initialization
If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
If - Conditions
(Player 1 (Red) controller) Equal to User
(Player 1 (Red) slot status) Equal to Is playing
Then - Actions
Unit - Create 1 Slider for Player 1 (Red) at (Player 1 (Red) start location) facing Default building facing degrees
Else - Actions
Do nothing

Do copy and paste If / Then / Else and make 1 for each player

Now all your players will be removed in start.
I suggest 2-10 players for a slide map

-----Remove leaving players-----
Time - Every 2.50 seconds of game time
If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
If - Conditions
(Player 1 (Red) slot status) Equal to Has left the game
Then - Actions
Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units in (Playable map area) owned by Player 1 (Red)) and do (Unit - Remove (Picked unit) from the game)
Else - Actions
Do nothing

Again copy the If / Then / Else and make one for each player

-----Zoom Out-----
Easiest zoom system possible.

Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing -zoom out as An exact match
Camera - Set (Triggering player)'s camera Distance to target to 2500.00 over 0.00 seconds

EDIT: Better zoom system
Map link: link


A super fast Lives system i made in 5 min. Better and more advanced systems are not too hard to find.

Variable: RevivePoint - Point

-Trigger 1-
Time - Elapsed game time is 0.00 seconds
Set RevivePoint = (Center of Checkpoint 0 <gen>)
Player - Set Player 12 (Brown) Current gold to 2
Player - Set Player 12 (Brown) Current lumber to 3
Leaderboard - Create a leaderboard for (All players) titled Lives
Leaderboard - Add Neutral Passive to (Last created leaderboard) with label Lives: and value (Player 12 (Brown) Current gold)

-Trigger 2-
Time - Every 1.00 seconds of game time
Leaderboard - Change the value for Neutral Passive in (Last created leaderboard) to (Player 12 (Brown) Current gold)
If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
If - Conditions
(Number of units in (Units in (Entire map) matching ((Unit-type of (Matching unit)) Equal to Slider))) Equal to 0
Then - Actions
Player - Add -1 to Player 12 (Brown) Current lumber
Player - Add -1 to Player 12 (Brown) Current gold
Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units of type Slider) and do (Actions)
Loop - Actions
Hero - Instantly revive (Picked unit) at RevivePoint, Hide revival graphics
Else - Actions
Do nothing

-Trigger 3-
Player - Player 12 (Brown)'s Current lumber becomes Equal to 0.00
Player Group - Pick every player in (All players) and do (Actions)
Loop - Actions
Game - Defeat (Picked player) with the message: "Custom Message"

Unit - A unit enters Checkpoint 1 <gen>
((Triggering unit) is A Hero) Equal to True
((Triggering unit) is alive) Equal to True
Trigger - Turn off (This trigger)
Trigger - Turn off Lives <gen>
Set RevivePoint = (Center of Checkpoint 1 <gen>)
Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units of type Slider) and do (Actions)
Loop - Actions
Unit - Kill (Picked unit)
Wait 2.00 seconds
Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units of type Slider) and do (Actions)
Loop - Actions
Hero - Instantly revive (Picked unit) at RevivePoint, Hide revival graphics
Trigger - Turn on Lives <gen>
Unit - Remove Ice Troll Berserker 0010 <gen> from the game
Remember to do the Unit - Remove on all units to reduce lagg.

HOW TO CONVERT A MAP-----------------------------------
Ok first we do it the easy way (not Locust)
Guide link: link
This is not my guide, but i can help you if you have problems.

HARD WAY WITH LOCUST ----------------------------------

This is also not my tutorial and there is a lot of things that can go wrong. So i leave a tip at the end.

1. This tutorial explains how you can make a map in the Frozen Throne's (TFT) World Editor and then convert it so all your Reign of Chaos (RoC) friends can play it.

This method allows you to use almost everything TFT's World Editor has to offer and also allows the use of TFT-only spells. This method was used for the conversion of the famous TFT-quality map Hero Line Wars RoC and was sent to my friend Sesamia by its creator, Kueken. I would like to thank him for telling me how he converted his map and allowing me to write this tutorial.

So, if you want to make your map playable in RoC, thou shalt need the following :
o A complete TFT install updated with the most recent patch
o An MPQ editor (such as WinMPQ)
o A TFT map and the author's permission OR a map you made yourself
o Microsoft Excel (or OpenOffice.org Calc, its free and open source equivalent)
o Windows or a Windows Emulator (such as Wine)

It is also recommended that you have the following :
o Patience
o A map optimizer, to reduce file size (such as Vexorian's Wc3mapoptimizer)
o Warcraft 3 Viewer (if you want to use TFT-only models)
o A RoC-only install updated with the most recent patch (for testing)
o Fun

Before we start converting our map, we need to get some required files in TFT's installation folder. Open war3x.mpq (they are both in your installation folder) with the MPQ editor. It contains a (listfile). Extract it in any folder.

Now, open war3patch.mpq, which is also in your installation folder. It has no listfile ; all the files have weird names. In your editor's options, set the listfile to the one you extracted earlier. The files should now show up with acceptable names.

From war3patch.mpq, extract the following files to an empty folder :
o UI\TriggerData.txt
o Units\AbilityData.slk
o Units\CampaignAbilityFunc.txt
o Units\CommonAbilityFunc.txt
o Units\HumanAbilityFunc.txt
o Units\ItemAbilityFunc.txt
o Units\NeutralAbilityFunc.txt
o Units\NightElfAbilityFunc.txt
o Units\UndeadAbilityFunc.txt

Now, open your finished TFT map (or make it). Make sure none of the units in the Object Editor are based on TFT-only units. For instance, you can create a unit based on Footman and give it TFT-only abilities, such as Locust, which makes it unselectable. However, you cannot base a unit on the Spell Breaker, which is a TFT-only unit.

This restriction does not apply when you have TFT-only units that are not preplaced on the map and are only placed using triggers. If you have any pre-placed units based on TFT-only ones on your map, you will either have to create a new similar unit-type based on a RoC unit or place them using triggers. A good way to know if a unit is based on a TFT-only unit is to find it in the Object Editor and press CTRL+U, which resets the unit to its default, the unit on which it is based. If that unit is a Blood Mage, you know it won't work. Remember to do CTRL+Z to undo the changes if you want to go back to the modified unit.

That is the only real restriction. Do not preplace anything based on TFT-only objects. This also applies for doodads, items and destructables.

You are free to use almost any of the TFT-only content, even trigger actions, gameplay constants, custom abilities... however, there are a few trigger actions that do not work (very few, in fact), such as Unit - Hide.

Oh, by the way, if you are going to use any TFT-only model files, you might want to either replace them with RoC models or import them into your map. To do that, you will need to open war3x.mpq (the file that contains all TFT models and textures) with Warcraft 3 Viewer and find the model you're looking for. Extract it, write down its original path in war3x.mpq and do the same for every texture it uses. To find out which textures are used by a model file, go in Warcraft 3 Viewer's menu : Current File>Show used texture names. If your model also has a portrait version, extract is as well. Now, import the textures and models into the map using the World Editor's Import Manager and change their paths to the ones they had in war3x.mpq. If you do not import the textures and models, the models will not show up on computers that do not have TFT installed. Please note that importing TFT models into your map increases file size a lot.

Now, create your map as you would for any TFT map, remembering these restrictions. Once you are finished and everything is done, convert all triggers to custom text (in the trigger editor, Edit>Convert to Custom Text) and save it with a new file name, such as "myMap_CustomText.w3x".

Once that is done (it can be long if you have many non-Jass triggers), you have to make your map playable in RoC by removing every single TFT feature it has. It is the hardest (the longest, at least) part of the conversion. It is usually done by :
o Removing all triggers
o Removing all custom abilities and resetting the base abilities to default by using the CTRL+SHIFT+U hotkey
o Resetting all custom doodads to default by using the CTRL+U and CTRL+SHIFT+U again for base ones
o Removing all custom buffs and resetting all base buffs to default
o Removing all custom upgrades and resetting the base upgrades to default
o Removing all custom destructables and resetting the base destructables to default
o Removing all items that are not pre-placed and resetting others, as well as resetting the base items to default (if unsure whether they are pre-placed or not, reset them to default)
o Removing all units that are not pre-placed and resetting others, as well as resetting the base items to default (if unsure whether they are pre-placed or not, reset them to default)
o Resetting gameplay constants to default

If it was all done correctly, your map should now have the .w3m extension. To verify whether or not it can have the .w3m extension, go in the menu Scenario>Map Description and look at that dialog box. It should tell you if you can't save it as a RoC map and why not. Change that stuff so it can work in RoC and then save your map with a new name, such as "myMap_Empty.w3m".

Now, to make your map's TFT-only features (which do not exist anymore ) work in RoC, we need to import some of TFT's files, those which we extracted from war3patch.mpq. But then, we need to edit them a bit. That is where Excel comes in handy.

Open the file AbilityData.slk with Excel or OpenOffice.org Calc. It should show all sorts of ability rawcodes and stuff in some sort of table. One of the columns, in the first row, reads "version". That column describes whether or not the ability is available in RoC.

So, you'll have to change every single "1" in that column to a "0", since "1" describes TFT and "0" describes RoC. Good luck with that, it can be long. To do so, I simply pressed 0, enter, 0, enter, 0, enter... many, many times (there are about 700 rows if I remember well). Or you can use the attached file which is already modified. Then save the AbilityData.slk file.

Now that all the abilities are available in RoC, we should import that file. In the World Editor, with your empty map, open the Import Manager. Import all of the files we extracted earlier and change their paths to the ones they had in war3patch.mpq.

For instance, "war3mapImported\AbilityData.slk" becomes "Units\AbilityData.slk". In fact, you'll just have to change all those "war3mapImported"s to "Units"s, except for TriggerData.txt, which becomes "UI\TriggerData.txt". Remember the file names are case sensitive.

Now, open your original map (the pure TFT version with custom text triggers) with the MPQ editor and extract the following files :
o war3map.j
o war3map.w3a
o war3map.w3e
o war3map.w3h
o war3map.w3q
o war3map.w3t
o war3map.w3u
o war3map.wct
o war3map.wtg
o war3map.wts
o war3mapExtra.txt
o war3mapMisc.txt
o war3mapSkin.txt

Those are basically all the files of your map, since they contain your map script, object editor data, trigger data, gameplay constants, interface options... they may not all be present in the map ; extract only those that exist.

Now, in the RoC version, open the Import Manager and import the files you just extracted. As for the war3patch.mpq files, change their paths to the original ones. For instance, "war3mapImported\war3map.j" becomes "war3map.j". Remove the "war3mapImported\" from every file name.

And now ? Your map should work. Yep, it should work in RoC. However, the file's size increased by a lot. You will want to run a map optimizer and/or widgetizer now that it's finished, to decrease loading time and file size.

And now, all your Reign of Chaos friends should be able to play your map.

I included a demo map. I called it "Footman with Locust". Believe it or not, it's about a footman with the Locust ability, which makes it unselectable and invulnerable. His friend, Mountain King with Banish, likes to Banish the 3 defenseless blue peasants on the map. What is so special is that it can be played in Reign of Chaos. Yes sir, it can.

EDIT: at the end when the tutorial says what files to extract and add to your Empty Map it works if you just extract them all

Thanks for testing my tutorial :) I would be glad to help you if you have problems just comment below and also if you know how to do something more simple like Lives system i would be glad if you sent me your tutorial :)

I think i can answer most questions in the Sliding Category and remember no questions are stupid :D

Sorry for bad english and Happy map making :D


Tutorial by: TheKeyOfAwesome@Northrend Leader of Clan IgS
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