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Discussion in 'The Writer's Corner' started by hortononon, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. sjakie

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    No wonder your riddle was so hard:p
  2. SilverHawk

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    How about posting the answer to that other riddle, then (the truth/lie, two people one)? I'm curious to hear your answer.
  3. duyen

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    You would ask either guard, "What would the other guard say is the door to death?" and after they point or tell you, go through it as it will always be door to life. Why?

    G1 (Truthful) would say what G2 (Lieing) would say, a lie.

    G1 (Lieing) would not say what G1 (Truthful) would say, as he lies.

    Same goes visa versa
  4. Seb!

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    Wow. Jeez.

    No one ever would have guessed that.

    (They did.)

  5. duyen

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    I PMed the people that got it right, and didn't say they were wrong.

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