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The Shadow of Death is based on PC game “Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death” and Warcraft3 custom RPG map.

This is the war between Bright Fort and Lightning Fortress.

You can choose a race from original ones or custom ones.

All you need to do is to build varieties of structures. The structures automatically spawn creeps to move and fight. Because you are unable to control your creeps, so it’s a high strategic game.

If you know the basic, you can learn advanced. Try using magic which learned from Magic Temple to intervene the battlefield! Varieties of magic spells make your decision more specifically, and also make you rule all!


1. Easy learning, happy playing.
2. Grand scenes of the game, makes you feel the strong sense of war.
3. Varieties of unique races, not only Heroes III original races, but also many custom ones.
4. Brilliant magic and special effects. You are allowed to do anything you want on the battlefield
5. This is a high strategic adversarial game.

This map has a simple AI in it, beginner can try play against AI first.
Ok, no more talking, just go try it!

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