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    The Spell Idea Thread

    I've seen a lot of threads recently looking for spell ideas and/or heroes.
    I've decided to remake an old thread of mine, "The Spell Idea Thread".
    Contained in this thread will be countless ideas.
    If you're looking for heroes, you can easily just mix and match spells and suit them to your needs.

    I know there's been these threads before but I feel the owners of the threads never kept them updated.
    Feel free to bring your ideas from past idea threads to this one and post them.
    Inspiration came from Romek's Spell Idea Thread, which I used to post in, a lot.
    His idea thread can be found here.
    I've also had my own, which was very popular, located here.
    I had to leave Warcraft 3 for a while due to a lot of personal issues, but I'm now back and plan to stay around.
    Although do not post in either of them.
    They are old, and do not need to be revived.

    In this idea thread, there is no "Mass" spells.
    Eg: Mass Entangle, Mass Hex, Mass Drain, etc.
    And no DotA spells.

    Down To Business:
    Post your spell ideas here.
    All ideas have to be triggered spells.
    However, do not post the triggers/map here.
    Ideas that 'wow' me will be put into the "Recommended Ideas" list;
    Located at the bottom of this thread (Below the normal list) .
    If you feel your idea should be on the "Recommended Ideas" list PM me why you think it should be.

    Extra 1:
    Extra 2:
    Add more fields if needed.

    No Parse Template:
    Extra 1:
    Extra 2:
    Add more fields if needed.[/noparse]

    Name: Bubble
    Type: Buff, Unit Target
    Targets: Allies
    Description: Surrounds the target ally with a bubble, allowing them to absorb damage.
    Damage Absorbed: 150/300/450/600
    Duration If Not Absorbed: 10/20/30/40

    Ideas that do not follow the template will be overlooked, and you will receive a PM asking you to edit your spell using the template.

    Do NOT post triggers/maps here!
    If you have triggers/maps for a spell you've posted and/or a spell you've seen here go post it in the Tutorials and Resources section, NOT here!
    And NO "Mass" spells and/or DotA spells please!

    Also, no spam please.
    If your post does not contain a spell idea, I will request it to be removed.
    If you have something to say about this thread/me, PM me please instead.

    Recommended Ideas:
    Again, if you feel your idea should be on the "Recommended Ideas" list PM me why you think it should be.
    I also have the right to remove and/or add any recommended idea(s) at any time, for any reason.
    1. Arcane Relocation
    2. Ethernal Dissaperation
    3. Seed
    4. Fists of Division
    5. Echo
    6. Copycat
    7. Dark Vortex
    8. Off-Guard Mark
    9. Target Lock
    10. Icicle Barrage
    11. Ghost Form
    12. Bloodseeker
    13. Defilation Bolt
    14. Inner Magnet
    15. Volatile Absorption
    16. Light's Guidance
    17. Manasurge
    18. Vengeance Of The Wise
    19. Forced Equilibrium
    20. <Your spell here>
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  2. WolfieeifloW

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  3. MassiveGuy6

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    Name:Chaotic Mine
    Targets:Ground Target,Enemy
    Description: Plants an invisible mine On the targeted location.The Mine Has 25% chance to malfunction,25% chance to explode,25% chance to deal double damage and 25% chance to restore the health and mana of the enemy by 30%.
    Damage Per Explosion:75/125/175/225
    Maximum Number Of Mines:2/2/3/4
  4. Romek

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    I'm fine with keeping this new thread. A list of other spell idea threads (including your old one) would be useful, I think.
  5. johnnymra

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    2 ideas which i posted just some hours ago :D I think they might be useful in a thread which gets them all together:

    Name: Arcane Relocation
    Type: Channel, Teleport
    Targets: Caster
    Description: The caster uses the arcane arts to invoke a ball of energy. Then he sends the ball anywhere he wants and teleports to the position of the ball, losing mana continously until the ball vanishes.
    Extra 1: When the hero starts channeling the player can only control that ball, probably a purple wisp model, and move it around, fly with it. The ball has 2 abilities, one for vanish, that destroys the ball and stops/cancels the channel and one for finishing the spell teleporting the hero to the ball's position. Also the ball is a invulnerable and invisible unit with moderate speed, no attack or other abilities.
    Extra 2: The hero loses mana during the channeling, also he can be damaged and even killed. If the hero dies or reaches zero mana while channeling, the ball vanishes. The spell should have a maximum of 4 levels in my opinion... with each level decreasing the manacost per second.
    Mana per second: 60/45/30/15 Cooldown: 40/30/20/10

    Name: Lightning Form
    Type: Channel, Offence, Morph
    Targets: Caster, Enemies
    Description: The hero morphs into pure lightning, becoming unable to stop from flying and damaging all those he hits until he stops the spell or runs out of mana.
    Extra 1: The hero basically becomes a lightning model unit that cannot stop and moves always forward with great speed but can turn left or right. Any enemy it touches shall be damaged but the hero cannot attack or cast other spells while channeling this one. Also he can be damaged and therefore he can die. Also he shall be able to stop the channeling at any time. I think the spell could work better on a 3 level basis.
    Mana per second: 60/40/20 Cooldown: 30/25/20 Damage on hit: 50/100/150

    I hope i made the descriptions clear and as WolfieeifloW wanted :) also i hope these ideas help people :)
  6. WolfieeifloW

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    Arcane Relocation recommended.

    C'mon guys and gals, let's get this thread going and filled with loads of ideas!
  7. johnnymra

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    Yet one more idea :D

    Name: Empathy
    Type: channel, aura
    Targets: caster, allies
    Description: When the hero activates this aura he shall become a partial empath. Trough this he will absorb some of the different attacks his nearby allies get, like normal damage, damage from spells, possible stuns, buffs, etc. 50% of each damage or effect will be transfered to the caster and he will lose 1 mana per second, and some more mana for each damage/effect absorbed.
    Extra 1: Also, if the caster has less than 30% health, he will not be affected by the damage transfer, but his affected allies will still not get the whole damage. Also the spell can be activated or deactivated at any time.
    Mana per damage/effect taken: 30/20/10/5
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  8. Inflicted

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    Name: Ethernal Dissaperation
    Type: instant, duration
    Targets: self
    Description: Apon cast causes attacks and spell casts to do 75% reduced damage, this amount reduces by 5% per second until it is completely depleted allowing enemies to deal 100% damage.
    Extra 1: Some sort of buff to all enemies to know when it is active
  9. Rab

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    Type: Duration,Summon
    Description:The User Plants An Unmovable Seed At The Targeted Location.Every 10 Seconds This Seed Grows Into Its Next "Stage".Each Stage Has Its Own Abilities.
    Stage (1)Seed:The Amateur Seed Finds Its Way Through Life.This Is Its Only Vulnerable Period
    Stage (2)Young Plant:The Plant Knows How To Survive.Friendly Players Near The Plant Gain x gold Per Second.
    Stage (3)Adult Plant:The Adult Plant Generates Powerful Solar Attacks By Absorbing Energy From The Sun To Nearby Enemy Units.
    Stage (4)Death:Rotten Bacteria Infect Nearby Enemy Units Dealing x Damage Per Second.
    Seed's Hp:250,Invul,Invul,Invul
    Seed Lasts For 40 Seconds.10 for seed > young,10 for young > adult,10 adult > death and 10 For Death.
  10. NoobImbaPro

    NoobImbaPro You can change this now in User CP.

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    Name: Fists of Division
    Type: Passive, Active-Self
    Targets: Enemies, Heroes
    Description: His fists now have the power to rescale the balance between enemy's mana and health.
    Every hit made to target removes mana/health and restores health/mana, the lost of target is transfered to your hero, the enemy's bonus doesn't affect your hero.
    Your hero does bonus damage equal to mana/health percent difference.
    You can change stance from mana removal and healing to mana add and damaging and the opposite.
    Extra 1: E.g you remove mana from target and restore his health with each hit, the amount of mana removed is transfered to you and you don't transfer your health to him (same for opposite).
    Extra 2: If target has 39% of max hp and 67% of max mana, your hero deals |39-67| = 32% bonus damage
    Extra 3:Add/Removal Amount for each level may vary e.g 15/30/43/54 (+15, +13, +11) and you don't get mana if target doesn't have any as you don't get health if target is dead (too lame to say this), values must be static for each level and increased by each level.
    Extra 4: You press for free to change stance, 2 seconds cooldown.
    Extra 5: A properly model color change would be suitable for this, e.g blue/green.
  11. WolfieeifloW

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  12. Dirac

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    Name: Echo
    Type: Passive / Target Point
    Targets: Enemies
    Description: Everytime an enemy hero within 4000 range casts the same ability twice you hear the echo of that unit, giving vision of it and the Haunt ability for 3 seconds
    Haunt: teleports yourself to the hero you last heard the echo from.
    Notes: While you have Haunt you can't gain vision of another hero, you must use the haunt spell or wait the 3 seconds to expire to gain an echo from another hero
  13. Rab

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    Description:Starts Off By Creating One Explosion On The Targeted Unit.After Each Explosion,If Another Enemy Unit Is In 1000 Range,An Explosion Will Take Place On That Unit.Every Extra Explosion Deals 50 less damage.
    Note:If There Are More Than One Enemy Unit In 1000 Range,A Random Unit Between Those Units Will Have The Explosion.
  14. Mindless

    Mindless New Member

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    Name: Nature's Balance
    Type: active, channeled
    Targets: All units in 900 range of caster
    Description: All units' health will be gradually increased or decreased to the value of the average health of all the units in the affected area.
    Rate of HP Change: 20/40/60/80

    Name: Unholy Aperture
    Type: active, channeled
    Targets: Ground
    Description: Creates a Doom Gate at the targeted point. While the Doom Gate is still alive and the caster is still channelling, random creatures will walk forth from the gate. The creatures are controlled by the caster. The power of the creatures summoned depends on the current health of the caster.
    Summoned Units: Felhounds - caster's hp is below 85%/90%/95%/100%
    Infernals - caster's hp is below 55%/60%/65%/70%
    Doom Guards - caster's hp is below 35%/40%/45%/50%
    Rate of Summoning: 1 unit per 10/8/6/4 seconds
    Health of Doom Gate: 200/500/800/1100

    Name: Copycat
    Type: active, channeled
    Targets: any unit
    Description: Gradually changes the caster's default attack speed, movement speed, damage, armour, health, and mana to the respective default stats of the target while channeled. Stopping channel will stop the conversion in the middle, leaving the caster with half a transition. Spells are also copied if target unit is a hero. These spells are added to a new spellbook created for the caster. Each second adds one new ability, starting from the ability at the bottom left of the target.
    Channeling Time: 6/5/4/3
  15. NoobImbaPro

    NoobImbaPro You can change this now in User CP.

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    Name: Cluster Meteors
    Type: Active-Point
    Targets: Enemies, 150 AoE from target point and clusters position.
    Description: A meteor is called from above the skies to damage every player in area. When it is dropped to ground, it explodes dealing major damage dropping to ground some parts of it. Parts go to random locations from 150 to 350 units away from meteor and deal minor damage. Along with meteor crash and clusters crash there is a fire effect that affects ALL units (even water models :p)
    Extra 1: It would be good for clusters to leave with random max height, just to seem more natural and logic...
    Extra 2: Same for angle of throw for clusters
  16. WolfieeifloW

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  17. KaerfNomekop

    KaerfNomekop Swim, fishies. Swim through the veil of steel.

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    Name: Dark Vortex
    Type: Area
    Targets: Enemy, Organic
    Description: Creates a powerful vortex that sucks nearby units towards it, then forces them outward again due to the force of the impact with other units.
    Extra 1: Sucks all units in a 500 AoE to target location over 2 seconds, during which the units are unable to escape. After 2 seconds, all the units will collide with each other, and every unit takes X damage for every other unit that was sucked into the vortex.
    Extra 2: Due to the force of the collision, units are thrown in an arc back in the direction that they originally came from, travelling Y units further away for every unit sucked into the vortex. Upon impact with the ground, Z damage is dealt to all enemies within a 200 AoE of every unit.

    Name: Sonic Pulse
    Type: Instant
    Targets: Organic
    Description: Releases a powerful sonic wave that echoes multiple times, dealing damage to enemies that it echoes to.
    Extra 1: The first echo deals 250 damage; each subsequent echo reduces the damage by 50. Echoes up to 4 times after the primary wave.
    Extra 2: All units will cause echoes, but only enemies will take damage.

    Name: Incineration
    Type: Single Target, Area Effect
    Targets: Enemy, Organic
    Description: Causes a powerful flame to explode around a target unit, damaging it and units around it. Affected units are burned, taking damage over time, and the burn can spread to other valid targets with reduced magnitude.
    Extra 1: Deals X damage to target and 75% to enemies around it. Affected units are Burned for 9 seconds, and take 30 damage every 3 seconds.
    Extra 2: Burned units will spread the buff to other units that come into contact with them, which will deal half the damage over the same duration.
  18. Rab

    Rab New Member

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    Name: Off-Guard Mark
    Type: Single Target
    Targets: Enemy,Organic
    Description: The User Marks An Enemy Unit As His Main Target.He Attacks The Unit Rapidly With x% Increased Attack Speed And Has x Bonus Movement Speed.When Marked,All Other Units That Attack The User Deals x% More Damage While The Marked Unit Deals x % less damage To The User.

    Name: Gravity Field
    Type: AOE
    Targets: Enemy, Ground
    Description: The User Casts Gravity Upon An Area.The Gravity Causes All Units To Be Floating In The Air.All Units In The Area,Except The User Move x% Slower But have a x% chance to evade attacks.

    Name: Luck Bind Field
    Type: AOE
    Targets: Enemy,Organic,Self
    Description: All Units In The Luck Bind Field Has 50% chance to absorb an attack and 50% chance to be attacked with twice the damage.All Spells Casted In The Field Have 50% Chance To Malfunction.All Units That Die In The Field Have 5% chance to revive.

    Name: Last Resort
    Type: Instant
    Targets: Self
    Description:The User Has No Other Options But To Do a Last Resort.Upon Cast, The User Has 30% chance to teleport to safety and a 70% chance for nothing to happen.

    Name: Finishing Wave
    Type: AOE
    Targets: Enemy
    Description: Sends Off A Wave Of Sensing Energy.Any Enemy Unit That Touches The Wave And Has Less Than 10% Hp Left Will Be Killed.

    Name: Beg
    Type: Global,Chanelling
    Targets: All Units
    Description: The User Begs Everyone In The Map For Gold.He/She Then Channels For 10 Seconds.After Chanelling,The User Gains A Random Of 1-3 Gold For Every Unit In The Map.
  19. -OverpoweR-

    -OverpoweR- Member

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    Name: The Magical Middle Finger
    Type: Instant
    Targets: Ground,Enemy
    Descriptions: The hero points his middle finger at the enemy shooting a beam of light, that will deal minor damage,and taunt the target.
  20. Mindless

    Mindless New Member

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    Name: Spell Thread
    Type: Passive
    Targets: Enemy
    Description: Once a unit casts a spell under the effects of "Spell Thread", it will aquire a buff called "Node (1)". Then, everytime the originator of this passive ability casts an active spell, a percentage of the mana cost will be transfered to the unit having the buff "Node (1)". (If a spell costs 100 mana, and 30% is transfered, it means the caster will lose 70 mana and the unit under the effect "Node (1)" will lose 30 mana). If another enemy unit within 900 AoE of the unit having the buff "Node (1)" casts a spell, it will aquire a buff "Node (2)". Thus, whenever the unit having the buff "Node (1)" casts an active spell, a percentage of the mana cost will be transfered to the unit having the buff "Node (2)". Also, whenever the originator of this passive ability casts a spell, a percentage of the mana cost will be transfered to unit having the buff "Node (1)", THEN this transferred mana cost will have the same effect as if the unit has cast an active ability itself, so meaning that a part of the transferred mana cost will be transferred to the unit having the buff "Node (2)". And if another unit within 900 AoE of the unit having the buff "Node (2)" casts a spell, it will aquire the buff "Node (3)", which has similar effects, going on up until "Node (6)".
    Transferred Mana Cost Percentage: 30%/40%/50%/60%
    Duration of Buffs "Node (x)": 10/20/30/40
    Note: If a unit under the effect of "Spell Thread" casts a spell and is not in range of any units having buff "Node (x)", and "Node (1)" is already applied to another unit, the casting unit will not have any buff applied to it.

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