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Name: Target Lock
Targets: Enemy, Hero (one)
Description: Hero focuses on his target ignoring everything but him and the target. He has increasing speed every second, increased damage/attack speed. He attacks only his target until it dies or he or 10 seconds past. Hero is silenced during that time.

Name: Heavy Spike Shield
Targets: Self (Passive)
Description: The more defense the hero has the more his shield reflects damage at the cost of the speed.
It doesn't reflect abilities, but it can reflect attack projectiles as they came to him. Up to 65% reflection and 73% chance and 15% speed penalty.


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Name: Ice Link
Type: Channel, Buff
Targets: One Unit
Description: The hero fires a chain forward, attaching to the first unit it hits. Ice Links (a frost nova model) form in the distance between the target and the hero. The Ice Links can be attacked, and if they're destroyed the chain breaks, releasing the trapped unit. The hero is channeling during this duration and cannot move, attack, or cast spells. If the Ice Links last their full duration, they explode into a Frost Nova, dealing AoE cold damage.
Duration: 3 / 5 / 7 / 9
Mana Cost: 70 / 100 / 130 / 150
Ice Link Life: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200
Frost Nova Damage: 120 / 240 / 360 / 480

Meant to be a spell to disable a single enemy hero. It requires the prescense of an ally to be fully effective, and if an enemy hero is nearby, they can stop both the disable and the frost nova afterwards or kill the hero while he's channeling. Since the Frost Nova takes essentially 9 seconds to charge, its not very effective as a primary nuking ablitty.


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Name: Icicle Barrage
Type: Straight-line cast
Targets: Enemy, Ground
Description: Launches a barrage of icicles from the sky, in a straight line in front of the hero. When an icicle lands, it will shatter, dealing damage in a small area surrounding it. If an enemy is directly hit by an icicle, they will recieve an "Impaled" debuff, which will cause them to be immobile for 5 seconds.
Mana Cost: 100/150/200
Damage per icicle: 170/300/550


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Type:Single Target
Description:Reads the enemy's past and makes him recall all of them causing voices talking in his head.Lasts for 4 seconds.While an enemy has been under the effect of voices,the enemy takes 30% more damage and causes him to move in random directions.

Name:Ghost Form
Description:The user sacrifices his life to enter a ghost form.While in the ghost form,he is invisible,can walk through objects and gains "possess".With possess,the user can take on the life of any organic unit for 15 seconds.While Possesing,the user takes 30% more damage.Ghost Form Lasts 45 seconds.


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Name: Disruption
Type: Single Target
Targets: Enemy, Organic
Description: Causes a break in a target enemy's essence, dealing high damage over time to it until it attacks or casts a spell. When it does so, it will take damage equal to either the manacost of the spell or the highest possible base damage it can deal with one attack, depending on which action was performed to negate the break.

Name: Shadow Force
Type: Area Target
Targets: Enemy, Organic
Description: Channels powerful dark energy into a target point for up to 5 seconds. After this duration or when the caster stops channeling, the energy is released in a burst, damaging and knocking back enemies within the target area. Throughout the duration of the channeling, units in the area take minor damage over time. Once the caster stops or finishes channeling, it will be physically drained, causing it to take 50% more damage from spells and attacks.


Name: Metal Smash
Type: Singletarget, Damage.
Targets: Enemies
Description: Makes a mighty blow, witch deals damage after the amount of health the user has left.
Cost: - [5/7/9/11]% of max life to activate.
Cooldown: - (11/10/9/8) Seconds Cooldown
[Level 1] - 100 damage + (10% current health)
[Level 2] - 125 damage + (13% current health)
[Level 3] - 175 damage + (17% current health)
[Level 4] - 200 damage + (20% current health)

Name: Inner Iron [Explode]
Type: AoE, Damage
Targets: Enemie.
Description: Deals a massive amount of damage to everyone around.
Deep Description: For each person person it hits, the skill Ironblood will charge, and plus the whole thing together in one shield, but! the amount absorbed is
reduced ((4Units*150+12%Current life/4)/100*35%) so to get a strong shield, you have to hit more than 4 targets with your explosion.
Cost: - [3/5/7/9]% of max life to activate.
Cooldown: - (7.5/7/6.5/6) Seconds Cooldown.
[Level 1] - 75 damage + (3% Current Health)
[Level 2] - 100 damage + (6% Current Health)
[Level 3] - 125 damage + (9% Current Health)
[Level 4] - 150 damage + (12% Current Health)

Name: Ironblood
Type: Passive.
Targets: self.
Description: A percent of the damage dealt from abilities is converted into a temporary shield, absorbing incoming damage.
[Level 1] - 20% of the damage dealt.
[Level 2] - 25% of the damage dealt.
[Level 3] - 30% of the damage dealt.
[Level 4] - 35% of the damage dealt.

Name: Steel Drain
Type: Singletarget, Damage, Heal
Targets: Enemie.
Description: Deals damage to an enemie, the damage dealt, is giving back to the user.
Hint: This ability is not activating IronBlood.
Duration: - 16 seconds
Cost: - No Cost
Cooldown: - (45) Seconds Cooldown.
[Level 1] - Drain 8 + (0.25% Current Health) life, pr second
[Level 2] - Drain 16 + (0.35% Current Health) life, pr second
[Level 3] - Drain 24 + (0.45% Current Health) life, pr second


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Name: Dark Aglitty
Type: Passive
Targets: Self
Description: Whenever the hero kills an enemy unit, they gain an 8-second bonus to their aglitty. If the killed enemy was a hero, the bonus is permanent.
Aglitty Bonus: 2/3/4/5

Name: Bloodseeker
Type: Target Unit
Targets: Enemy Unit or Allied Unit
Description: Fires an arrow at the target unit. For the first 2 seconds the arrow doesn't move, but it turns so that it always faces its target. After the 2 seconds, the arrow fires forward in a straight line, causing damage and a slow buff to the first enemy unit it hits.
Damage: 150 / 300 / 450 / 600
Slow Duration (half for heroes): 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5

Name: Pacify
Type: Active
Targets: None
Description: The hero lets out a screech, causing all nearby enemies to flee in terror. Prevents all nearby enemy units from attacking and causes them to flee in a random direction.
Duration (half for heroes): 4 / 6 / 8 / 10

Name: Defilation Bolt
Type: AoE Damage
Targets: Single Target Enemy/Ally / Point
Description: Fires a single enchanted arrow forward, embedding itself into the first target it meets. After 3 seconds, the arrow explodes, dealing AoE damage, dropping down a layer of blight, and reducing the armor of all nearby enemy units. Deals additional damage to the target that was embedded with the arrow.
AoE Damage: 250 / 600
Armor Reduction: 2 / 5
Reduction Duration: 8 / 10
Additional Impalation Damage: 50 / 100

A hero I once made called the Corrupted Ranger, a potent hero-killer and lane-pusher, but let down by poor health and a slower movement speed.


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Well then, it seems everyone needs some inspiration or something to get this going :p
If I have to bump this thread, I'll add a post of my ideas from Romek's old thread, starting now.
Name: Frostwave
Type: Missile
Targets: Enemy, Ground
Description: Sends out a cold wave of frost that damages and slows all enemies in its path.
Damage: 75/125/175 [Damage = 25+(50*level of skill)]
Movement Speed Slow: 10/20/30% [Can be changed to avoid OP'ness]
Slow Duration: 3/4/5 [Again, can be changed]
Cooldown: 25/21/17 seconds [I'm thinking in DotA terms/timing]
Range: 600

Name: Blitz [Random name, don't even know if it represents skill]
Type: Blink?
Targets: Ground
Description: Blinks to a targeted spot, stunning and damagin all opponents in a 350 AoE.
Damage: 50/100/150 [Damage = (50*level of skill)]
Stun Duration: 1/1.5/2 [Can be increased/decreased]
Cooldown: 20/15/10 seconds [I'm thinking in DotA terms/timing]
Range: 300/400/500 [Can be increased/decreased, can also be changed to a constant range.]


Name: Necrotic Motion
Type: Active, Target Unit
Targets: Enemies
Description: Gathers all corpses around the caster for 1 second and then releases them against the target enemy dealing damage each, requires channeling while the corpses are still being gathered
Damage: 45/60/75/90 per corpse
Range: 900
Cooldown 20

Note: It is as i imagine that the corpses use the Meat Wagon Missile model and spin around the caster until the channeling is finished.


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Name: Inner Magnet
Type: Active
Targets: All units or enemies except caster.
Description: Hero implants the magnet inside his body gaining great capabilities of motion control. Magnet has one value, either positive either negative either neutral.
At neutral mode hero has slightly increased speed and mana regeneration.
At positive mode hero has increased speed, pushes targets away from him, effect becomes greater when getting closer and closer to hero, gives small amount of mana to targets.
At negative mode hero has decreased speed, pushes targets towards him, effect becomes greater when getting closer to hero, takes small amount of mana from targets.
Extra 1: Area of Effect is 450 for all levels
Extra 2: Pulse power starts from 85 units per second and goes up to +125% at minimum distance from hero.
Extra 3: Mana give/take amount increases per level, but takes effect only on units with mana in the effect radius.
Extra 4: Mana give/take amount is decreased per 3 units inside effect radius
For example 3 units affected 21 mana transfer, 5 units affected 19 mana transfer, 7 units affected 17 mana transfer.
Extra 5: Mana give/take amount is same for every effected unit, and hero looses only the amount and not its multiplied value by the number of affected units.


Death is Not the End
DISCLAIMER: I do not play DotA and therefore, I do not pertain to knowledge of spells in that particular game.

Type: Active, Area of Effect
Targets: Ground, Enemy
Description: Unleashes a chaotic firestorm that surrounds the Hero, causing moderate damage every second to all enemy targets in the area. For each second an enemy target remains in the Crematory, additional damage is taken by the storm.
Base Damage: 40/55/70
Periodic Increase: 5/7/10
Crematory Radius: 500
Effect Duration: 6 seconds

*Notes: When an enemy unit leaves the Crematory's area of effect, the additional damage taken value will not carry over: it will reset back to the base damage as if the unit had never taken a step in the Crematory before.*

Volatile Absorption
Type: Passive, Enhancement
Targets: Self
Description: When struck by a direct damage or damaging area of effect spell, a certain percentage of damage taken is converted into an unstable energy reserve that increases the damage of the Hero's next direct damage spell equal to the amount stored.
Spell Damage Converted: 20%/25%/30%
Max Damage Contained: 300

*Notes: This ability will not reduce damage taken by spells, and energy stored will last indefinitely until the Hero casts a direct damage spell. If the Hero is hit by a Fireball causing 300 damage, and 20% is converted, s/he will still take 300 damage but have an energy reserve of 60. So if the Hero was to cast a direct damage spell immediately after, its damage would be increased by 60.*

Unstable Repulsion
Type: Passive, Enhancement
Targets: Enemy
Description: When struck by a direct damage or damaging area of effect spell, a certain percentage of damage taken is redirected back at the caster. If hit by a direct damage spell, mana equal to the amount redirected is also destroyed, but causes no additional damage.
Spell Damage Redirected: 15%/30%/45%

*Notes: This does not destroy the Hero's mana reserves, only the caster's mana reserves. As stated, the mana burn effect triggers only upon taking damage from a direct damage spell.*

Absolute Martyrdom
Type: Active, Buff
Targets: Self, Allied Hero
Description: Blesses an allied Hero at the cost of the casting Hero's own life. A Hero empowered by Absolute Martyrdom takes reduced damage from physical attacks, recieves additional healing from healing spells but is unable to move. If the target of Absolute Martyrdom survives until the effect expires, the casting Hero is ressurected at full life but no mana.
Physical Damage Reduced: 20%/26%/33%
Additional Healing Recieved: 15%/20%/25%
Effect Duration: 12 seconds

*Notes: The casting Hero's corpse will remain (similar to a Reincarnation effect) as long as the target Hero is under Absolute Martyrdom, but will dissipate as usual if the target Hero is killed prior to the expiration of the effect. However, this ability is probably best suited as an 'Ultimate' spell instead.*

Light's Guidance
Type: Passive, Enhancement
Targets: Self, Ally
Description: Grants a chance that each time the Hero casts a healing spell, a surge of light will revitalize the nearest friendly target with the lowest remaining health. Units healed in this fashion temporarily gain an increase in armor and block the next offensive spell cast against them.
Chance Upon Heal: 20%
Heal Amount: 120/180/240
Heal Selection Radius: 1000
Armor Increase: 3/4/5
Effect Duration: 8 seconds

*Notes: If no nearby unit is damaged upon casting a healing spell when Light's Guidance triggers, the casting Hero is placed in first priority instead. This prevents Light's Guidance from randomly selecting an undamaged target to buff when it could best benefit the casting Hero instead.*

<=> Some additional spells I'm throwing in to avoid double-posting. <=>

Raging Sandstorm
Type: Passive, Aura
Targets: Self, Enemy
Description: A mobile and aggressive sandstorm surrounds the Hero, increasing armor and movement speed. Enemy units caught in the sandstorm take damage every few seconds, have reduced sight range and have an increased chance to miss on all attacks.
Self Armor Increase: 2/3.5/5
Self Movement Increase: 5%/10%/15%
Sandstorm Damage: 25/30/35
Damage Interval: 2 seconds
Sight Reduction: 400
Miss Chance Increase: 10%
Sandstorm Radius: 1000

*Notes: Only the Hero receives a movement and armor bonus.*

Unholy Divination
Type: Active, Buff
Targets: Self, Allied Hero
Description: Bestows an unholy blessing upon an allied Hero, increasing its maximum health, mana, damage, attributes and armor based on the caster's own stats. However, the caster suffers a reducion in all fields for the duration. If the casting hero dies before Unholy Divination expires, the target of the spell dies as well.
Allied Hero Statistic Increase: 50%/66%/75%
Caster Statistic Decrease: 50%/33%/25%
Effect Duration: 10 seconds

Type: Active, Direct
Targets: Enemy
Description: Storms the enemy target with a powerful energy force, causing damage and knocking it backwards. For a short duration, each time the damaged target casts a spell, a single Manasurge occurs. Starsurge cuts the remaining mana reserves of all nearby enemy units by a fraction, destroying it and causing damage equal to half of the mana destroyed.
Direct Damage: 160/220/280
Knockback Range: 500
Manasurge Radius: 700
Mana Deduction: 15%/20%/25%
Effect Duration: 8 seconds

<=> And another set of spells. <=>

Vengeance Of The Wise
Type: Passive, Enhancement
Targets: Self
Description: When struck by a direct damage spell, the Hero has a chance to temporarily negate all damage and effects of the incoming spell, receiving full control of it. Controlled spells are released upon the Hero's next direct damage spell for a fraction of its potential damage. Failure to release a spell results in full damage and effects taken.
Chance To Control: 10%
Original Spell's Damage: 50%/66%/75%
Control Duration: 2 seconds

*Notes: A Hero controlling a spell for its short duration is not affected by it unless s/he fails to release the spell back at a designated target. Sorceror's Revenge will not activate while a spell is under control, preventing the ability from granting a chance for temporary and delayed spell protection while controlling a spell already.*

Strength Of Gaia
Type: Active, Buff
Targets: Self
Description: Empowers the Hero with the divine and adaptive powers of Gaia for a short duration. Movement speed is increased when moving, damage is increased when attacking, armor is increased when damaged by a normal attack and spell damage received is reduced when damaged by a spell. Only one adaptation can take effect at any one time. Transitions can only occur once every second.
Movement Increase: 30%
Damage Increase: 40%
Armor Increase: 10
Spell Damage Reduction: 50%
Effect Duration: 6/8/10 seconds

*Notes: When a transition occurs as a result of a new event, that particular element is affected by Strength Of Gaia before taking its effect on the Hero. For example, an attack that triggers the armor mechanic of Strength Of Gaia is subject to the additional 10 armor granted, or a spell that triggers the spell damage mechanic is subject to the 50% spell damage reduction.*

<=> Last spell I'm adding to this post. Promise. <=>

Forced Equilibrium
Type: Active, Direct
Targets: Varies (based on ability level)
Description: Blasts the target with balancing energy, equalizing the deviations of health and mana percentiles. Has no effect on targets whose health and mana percentages are already within 5% of each other, and on targets who have no mana.
Targets Available: Self/Ally/Enemy

*Notes: When Forced Equilibrium reaches higher levels, the target choice expands to include allies and enemies, which allows this spell to be used as a means of both offense and defense. For example, a unit with 100% life and 0% mana will be brought to 50% life and mana when hit by Forced Equilibrium, or a unit with 75% life and 100% mana will be brought to 87.5% life and mana.*


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Stickied this thread. :thup:


You can change this now in User CP.
Name: Poison Potion
Targets: Creeps, Enemies
Description: Our hero now got another way to piss off his enemies. He a made a liquid poison for "bathing" his minions and send them to the target hero. The minions become now invulnerable and follow their master's choice. They die after some seconds.
Extra 1: First cast makes a minion (can be his ally one, or enemy or neutral, just to be a creep type) poisonous, increases its ms and as by 50% and makes it invulnerable and neutral aggressive.
Extra 2: Second cast determines the final target, can be either hero or another enemy minion.
Extra 3: Any unit that comes near the poisonous minion, about inside 200 radius gets -100% hp regeneration for 5 seconds.
Extra 4: The minion attacks only the target, and when someone is hit by the minion get poison effect.
Extra 5: The damage of the poison effect is increased per level as the lifetime of minion increases.
Extra 6: If hero get killed before the minion's end time, the minion explodes leaving poisonous gas for 15 seconds with 600 radius and same effect with extra 3 description (values changed x3 except regen cutoff one).


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Name: Flame Wheel
Type: Point Target
Targets: Enemy, Organic
Description: Unleashes a wave of fire that surges forward, enveloping units in its wake. Every unit that the wave comes into contact with is trapped and dragged along with it. When it travels a sufficient distance towards the target point, the wave explodes and all trapped units burst out from it a portion of the distance they were dragged along. Units begin taking minor damage from the moment they are trapped, and the same amount of damage again when released.
Distance travelled: 500/600/700/800
Damage dealt per 100 units travelled: 40/50/60/70
Burst distance, as portion of maximum: 20%/15%/10%/5%


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Here's some more from me:
Name: Corrupted Infernal
Type: AoE / Missile
Targets: Ground
Description: Calls down an infernal from heaven. While this infernal seems holy, it is also corrupted with the power of Satan. Upon landing, the infernals dark side stuns and damages all enemies in a 600 AoE for X, while it's holy side heals all allies in that AoE for X.
Damage: 150/300/450
Heal: 100/200/300
Stun Duration: 1/1.5/2 seconds
Infernal Damage: 75/100/125
Infernal Duration: 45 seconds
Cooldown: 210/165/120 seconds

Name: Malicious Link
Type: Spirit Link
Targets: Enemy
Description: Creates a destructive link between yourself and a target enemy. For every point of damage you take, your enemy takes Xx that damage. If you die while the link is active, your linked enemy takes X pure damage. If your enemy dies while linked to you, your life is replenished for X% his total HP.
Damage Multiplier: 1.25/1.75/2.25/2.75
Damage If You Die: 125/200/275/350
Life % If Enemy Dies: 25/40/55/70%
Duration Of Link: 15 seconds
Cooldown: 45 seconds

Name: Trickster's Cannon
Type: AoE / Blink
Targets: Enemy
Description: Pulls all enemies in a 450 AoE into you, and holds them down for 1 second while the cannon loads. They are then exploded into random directions 600 range[units, w/e] around you. Upon landing they take X damage, and disrupt the ground where they land, making a barrier around you for 10 seconds, and are pulled back into you, where they are stunned for X seconds.
Damage: 200/400/600
Stun Duration: 2/3/4 seconds
Cooldown: 150 seconds
Description Of Barrier: This 'barrier' is a ring around you so that units inside it cannot get out, and units outside it cannot get in.

Name: Athlete's Foot
Type: Target / Instant
Targets: Enemy, Ally
Description: Target units movement speed is decreased by X%, however, the burning of Athlete's Foot causes the unit to become furious, increasing it's damage by X, and attack speed by X%.
MS Decrease: 5/9/13/17%
Damage: 15/25/35/45
AS Increase: 8/12/16/20%
Duration: 3/5/7/9 seconds
Cooldown: 20/18/16/14

Name: Injection
Type: Instant
Targets: Self
Description: Injection causes pain, dealing X% of your damage to yourself. After this fit of pain, your damage is increased by X%, attack speed by X%, and armor by X for X seconds.
Damage To Self: 25/20/15/10%
Damage Increase: 20/35/50/65%
AS Increase: 10/20/30/40%
Armor: 3/7/11/15
Duration: 4/6/8/10 seconds
Cooldown: 25/23/21/19 seconds

Name: Graverobber
Type: Channeling
Targets: Enemy
Description: Buries the target enemy in a grave, and buries them alive, dealing X damage per second, and giving that damage back to you in life.
Damage Per Second / Life Gain: 15/35/55/75
Max Channeling Time: 5 seconds
Cooldown: 20 seconds


Swim, fishies. Swim through the veil of steel.
Thought this up in my dream last night.

Name: Absorption
Type: Active, Single Target. Adds passive effects.
Targets: Organic
Description: Drains the life essences of a target unit, dealing damage to it. Grants the caster bonus AS and MS in the form of a stored essence.
Damage: 75/125/175/225
AS/MS increase: 7/8/9/10% per essence
Essence storage limit: 3/4/5/6
Extra: Can be cast even when there is no longer space to store essences, but there will be no AS/MS increase.

Name: Expulsion
Type: Active, Single Target
Targets: Enemy
Description: Strikes an opponent with powerful magic, dealing large damage to it and enemies around it. Each essence stored by Absorption increases the damage dealt.
Damage: 125/150/175/200 to target, 75/100/125/150 to surrounding enemies.
Bonus damage per essence stored: 25/50/75/100 to target, 50/75/100/125 to surrounding enemies.
Extra: You lose all essences after casting, as well as all AS/MS bonuses granted by those essences.

Name: Extraction
Type: Single Target
Targets: Organic
Description: Forges a link between caster and target. As and when it chooses, the caster is able to transfer health and speed between itself and the target. The link lasts 30 seconds, or when the target moves over 800 distance from the caster.
Extra 1: When cast, grants 2 subskills, Extract and Infuse. Extract increases your health while decreasing the target's; Infuse does the opposite.
Extra 2: Once cast, the actual ability is replaced with Break Link, which breaks the link, removes the 2 subskills and allows you to choose another target.

EDIT: Figured out an ultimate for the unit.

Name: Aberration
Type: Instant Cast, Channeling
Targets: Non-structure
Description: Releases multiple pulses of magic every second that disrupt the flow of energy within other units, preventing them from regenerating health and mana. Enemies affected will slowly lose mana with each pulse and are prevented from casting spells, whereas allies will miss on some attacks. The disruption also warps the fabric of space, giving a chance that the caster is warped to another nearby location when a pulse is released. When this happens, a pulse is released at both locations.
Enemy mana loss per pulse hit: 25/45/65
Silence/Blind duration per pulse (if not refreshed by another pulse): 2 seconds
AoE (for pulse): 500/600/700
AoE (for warp): 900/800/700
Chance to warp: 0.5/0.75/1% * the caster's Intelligence, to a maximum of 30/40/50%.
Pulses released (if not interrupted): 10
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