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  1. NoobImbaPro

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    Name: QQ nabs
    Type: Instant single target cast
    Targets: Enemy heroes
    Description: Appears to hero random "animals" I mean small type creeps like snake, rabbit, crab that are really small in random locations in screen. Player has to select them immediately. When they are selected, they die. If some animal is not selected after 7 seconds from its spawn, hero dies.
    Extra 1: Number of creeps begins from 5 and increases per level, all creeps are spawned at the same time.

    Name: Escape
    Type: Target Ground
    Targets: All, except allies.
    Description: The hero goes with very fast speed, like teleport to the target point leaving a deadly bomb behind that explodes 1 second after. Bomb is invulnerable.
    Extra 1: Bomb radius is same for all levels, let's say around 250-400, you decide. And damage is increased ofc.
    Extra 2: Teleport range and manacost increases per level as cooldown decreases.
  2. WolfieeifloW

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    Post more ideas TH.netters, I know you have lots!
  3. KaerfNomekop

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    Name: Power Charge
    Type: Instant, Channeling
    Targets: Enemy, Organic
    Description: Builds up a powerful electric charge that grows more powerful with each second of channeling. Upon release, the charge is unleashed to all enemies in the area, dealing damage. Affected units become charged with static electricity, causing them to cling to the closest affected unit and become immobilised for 4 seconds, during which they will take a set amount of damage every second.
    Damage (Base): 55/115/175/235
    Damage (Incremental): 45
    Maximum channel duration: 5 seconds
    Damage over time: 25/45/65/85 damage per second

    Name: Thunderstrike
    Type: Point Target
    Targets: Enemy, Organic
    Description: Fires a powerful thunderbolt into the ground, dealing damage in a small area. A number of electrified rocks will burst from the ground, dealing damage and stunning enemies in the area around them when they land.
    Area Damage: 65/105/145/185
    Rock Damage: 45/90/145/180
    Rock Stun Duration: 1.5/2/2.5/3
    Rock Effect AoE: 200
  4. fiendfyre912

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    Name: Aqua Lance
    Type: Instant self-buff, On-hit
    Targets: Enemy Units
    Desc: On the 4th attack [Hero] makes, he releases an exploding torrent of water that deals damage to enemies in front of him in a line. After the 4th attack, [Hero] is able to cast Torrent for 3 seconds.
    Damage: 75 / 120 / 160 / 200
    Cooldown: 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 seconds

    Sub-skill Name: Torrent
    Type: Instant Cast
    Targets: Enemy Units
    Desc: Releases a torrent of water in a line in front of [Hero] that knocks enemy units into the air for 1 second.
    Damage: 35 / 50 / 65 / 80
  5. KaerfNomekop

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    Name: Electric Barrier
    Type: Instant
    Targets: Self
    Description: Creates a sequence of electrical orbs that closely orbit the caster, with each orb taking 50 mana from the caster. An orb will deal minor damage every second to units in contact with it, and, every 2 seconds, will loose a lightning bolt to strike a random nearby enemy, dealing moderate damage. After 20 seconds, the orbs will explode, paralysing any enemy unit in contact with them.
    Distance from caster: 200
    Contact damage: 25/35/45
    Lightning damage: 75/140/205
    Paralysis duration: 1.5/2/3 seconds
    Note: Paralysis = Stun
  6. NoobImbaPro

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    Name: Soul Absorption
    Type: Aura. Passive
    Targets: Self, Enemies
    Description: This aura links wielder and target enemy for life transferring. Damage is done over seconds and is growing every second.
    The damage done heals hero by 37.4% of the amount done to every target. When a unit is killed by this aura, the effects will become opposite for 1 second.

    If 5 units are affected, 187% percent of damage done globally will heal hero's health.
    If 10 damage is done to every unit average, hero will be healed for 18 health per second.

    The effect change time stacks.
    Witch means that if our hero with his aura killed a creep and another one after half second the effect will last for 1,5 seconds from the beginning of the opposition.

    The effect change is to heal enemies for the damage done previously and damage hero for 37.4% of healing done to everyone
    It's like every enemy got this hero's ability, but with one target and hero takes damage from only one target.

    Also the damage over time increasing is solely for the unit that gets affected.
    This means that if 10 damage is done to someone who was 7 seconds affected, ~8 damage will be done to someone who was 2 seconds affected at the same time.

    Damage: 15+3.25 per level
    DoT increment +10% of current second's damage.
    15 +10%=16.5 +10%=18.15 +10%=19,965 +10%=21,9615 and so on.
    Area of effect: 550
  7. KaerfNomekop

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    Name: Frost Bolt
    Type: Unit Target
    Targets: Enemy, Organic
    Description: Hurls an bolt of frost at an enemy target, dealing damage. The target and units around it are slowed for 5 seconds, and will be frozen in place if hit by another bolt within that duration.
    Damage: 45/70/95/120
    Slow: 45%
    Freeze Duration: 2 seconds
    AoE: 200
  8. NoobImbaPro

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    Name: Titan's strength
    Type: Self Cast
    Description: Unit gains +150% damage and +1250 hp increment/heal for 5 seconds. Unit has -325% hp regeneration and -25 speed.
    Art: Unit becomes 2 times greater with fire on his fists.
    Extra: If this ability got levels, the amount ratio must be kept. Like if level 2 300% damage, +2500hp, -650% hp regen, -50 speed.

    Name: Brute Force
    Type: Passive
    Description: Unit gains the ability to heal himself by 9% of his max hp for every X physical damage he takes. Passively gains Y% attack speed increasement.
    X: Levels: 1:300 ||| 2: 275 ||| 3: 250 ||| 4: 225
    Y: Levels: 1:9 ||| 2: 16 ||| 3: 23 ||| 4: 30
  9. NoobImbaPro

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    Name: Ice Touch
    Type: Passive
    Targets: Enemies
    Description: There is a chance on attacking enemies to leave a freezing aura that slows any opponent inside it. Uses own mana to summon the aura. If a hero is attacked then he uses opponent's mana to cast the slowing aura.
    Extra: If opponent hero does not have the full mana to cast it, all his remaining mana is taken and the cost for the attacker is reduced by that amount.
    Extra 2: If none has mana to cast the aura, all their remaining mana of both is vanished.
    Extra 3: Aura center is at target's position, the aura is unique for every caster and can't be merged with another one.
    That means that every aura changes place

    Slow Aura Data:
    <Slow amount> Basic:20% Bonus: +3%
    <Effect radius> Basic:350 Bonus: +15

    Ice Touch Data:
    <Cast Chance> Basic:15% Bonus: +0
    <Mp Consume> Basic:30 Bonus: +0
  10. KaerfNomekop

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    Er... I thought this thread was about Ideas.

    Name: Fire Bomb
    Type: Point/Unit Target
    Targets: Enemy, Organic
    Description: Flings a cask filled with a volatile concoction towards the target. Upon impact, the cask explodes, dealing damage to units around it and burning them, causing them to take damage over time. The area around the point of impact is set aflame, and units within the area will continue to take damage.
    Initial Damage: 75/95/115/135
    Damage over Time (Burn): 45/65/85/105
    Area Damage: 25/40/55/70
    Flame Duration: 10 seconds
    Area of Effect: 400

    Name: Toxic Cask
    Type: Instant
    Targets: Enemy, Organic
    Description: Drawing energy from the spirits of the dead, the caster releases a flask of venom that flies at nearby enemies, dealing damage and flying to other targets. Affected units are poisoned and take damage over time. A unit can be struck more than once; it will take the initial damage and the buff duration is refreshed. The flask stops if it cannot bounce to another target.
    Damage: 75/100/125/150
    Maximum number of Bounces: Number of dead units in a 600 AoE around the caster * 1/1/2/2
    Damage over Time: 45/65/85/105
    Buff Duration (if not refreshed): 3 seconds
    Maximum distance between bounces: 600

    Name: Mark of the Changeless
    Type: Single Unit Target
    Targets: Enemy, Friend
    Description: Places the Mark of the Changeless upon a target unit. The target becomes immobile and unable to attack or cast spells. Its HP and MP will not change from their initial values upon casting, and it becomes invulnerable if its HP reaches 1.
    Duration: 3/4/5/6

    Name: Mark of Pain
    Type: Single Unit Target
    Targets: Enemy, Organic
    Description: Curses a unit with the Mark of Pain. The unit takes twice as much damage, but only deals half damage from spells and attacks. Additionally, it takes 1/4 of the damage taken by units in a 300 AoE around it, including damage that it deals.
    Duration: 6/8/10
  11. WolfieeifloW

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    Will be updating the thread soon.

    To everyone who has posts with no ideas in them, no offence and nothing personal but:
  12. KaerfNomekop

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    They could edit the posts to include ideas.

    Name: Vendetta
    Type: Single Unit Target
    Targets: Organic
    Description: Forms a vendetta towards a target unit, causing you to deal increased damage to it. However, you deal reduced damage to other units if the target is within a 900 AoE of you. Lasts until cast on another unit.
    Bonus damage percentage: 25/45/65%
    Damage reduction percentage: 25/20/15%

    Name: Tide Burst
    Type: Point Target
    Targets: Enemy, Organic
    Description: Sends a surge of water towards the target point, which deals damage in an area around it upon reaching it or when it comes into contact with another unit. Akin to the ebb and flow of the tides, the power of the water is affected by the moon, causing the damage and area of effect to fluctuate with time.
    Damage: 75-150/100-200/125-250/150-300
    AoE: 200-400/300-600/400-800/500-1000

    Name: Feathershed
    Type: Passive
    Targets: Enemy, Organic
    Description: Every time you attack or cast a spell, you release a spray of razor sharp feathers, dealing damage to nearby enemies. The same damage is dealt to any enemy that attempts to attack or cast a spell on you at melee range.
    Damage: 15/25/35/45
    AoE: 200

    Name: Pounce
    Type: Single Unit Target, Channeling
    Targets: Enemy, Organic
    Description: Pounces onto a target unit and locks it in a suicidal embrace. The target is immobilised, but you take damage every second. The effect breaks when you stop channeling or when either party dies.
    Damage taken: 100/85/70/55
    Maximum duration if maintained: 2/4/6/8
  13. NoobImbaPro

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    Name: Energy flow
    Type: Aura
    Targets: Allies
    Description: The hero now can use the energy he takes from nature to heal his allies that stand near him by blessing the ground. This energy is so strong to maintain itself for a couple of seconds.
    Advanced Description: This unit has an aura witch sticks to the ground for 4 seconds. When unit walks/runs it leaves a healing trail behind him that heals allies. So a new instance of aura can be created after 80-120 meters left from the previous position that placed the aura onto the ground.
    Advanced Description 2: The aura has a base power and it grows for every tree that lives in 600 range.
    Has a max cap of 10 trees, so an ability that shows the number of trees will be very good for the player.
    Heal Power: 0.3% of current hp
    Heal Bonus: +0.05-0.07-0.09.....% for every tree that is in range shown above.


    About Feathershed you mean every time he casts he releases about 10 blades in each direction of 360 degrees, but if one is at melee range he takes damage from a single blade?
  14. KaerfNomekop

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    Name: Arrogance
    Type: Passive
    Targets: Any Valid Attack Target
    Description: With every attack that goes unchallenged by another enemy's, you grow more arrogant, increasing your damage. This effect stacks with itself to a maximum of 20 times, but is reset when another enemy attacks.
    AoE of attack detection: 800
    Damage increase per instance: 3/4/5/6

    Simply put, every time you attack, your damage is increased by the respective value until another enemy within a 800 radius attacks.

    Feathershed means a Fan of Knives-esque cast whenever you attack or cast a spell. If an enemy attacks or cast a spell on another unit at melee range, it also takes that damage.
  15. NoobImbaPro

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    That's awful to take 45 damage every time you attack...

    On Edit I will post idea


    Name: Shotgun
    Targets: Enemies
    Type: Active, Point Target
    Description: Hero shots a bunch of bullets towards target point. Damage becomes greater when targets are closer to casting point.
    Units that are close enough may get stunned.

    Total Damage: 100-150, 125-170, 150-190, 175-210
    Number of bullets: 10
    Angle: 60 degrees
    Cast Range: 999999999
    Bullet Range: 600
    At 200< range: 30% chance to stun for 2 seconds.
  16. KaerfNomekop

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    By the time you learn level 4, most units will deal way more than that per attack, and anyway it mainly affects melee units (mostly tankers). Ranged units just need to be careful when attacking or casting spells.

    Name: The Gathering
    Type: Multiple - [Instant, Channeling] / [Unit Target]
    Targets: Multiple - [Dead] / [Enemy, Friend, Organic]
    Description: The caster begins to summon the spirits of the dead in an area around it. From the moment of casting and every second afterward to a maximum of 10 seconds, the Area of Effect expands by 150 and from any dead units within it will appear a spirit that orbits the caster, maintaining the same distance. When the caster stops channeling, the instant ability is replaced with a unit-target ability, which allows you to direct a one of the summoned spirits into a target unit, damaging enemies and healing allies. Once all spirits are used up, the unit-target ability is again replaced with the channeling ability.
    Base AoE: 300/400/500
    Damage/Heal: 45/60/75

    Excluding me and NoobImbaPro, Wolfieeiflow's is the only other post on this page. Are your idea fountains really that dry?
  17. Sonic

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    This spell is from Dota, but a little changed,
    Spell Name : Berserk Strike
    Gui, Jass, vJass are welcome. As you wish
    Mui of course
    Targets : Enemy, ground
    Description : Runs to a target, for purchasing Berserk Strike dealing 60% of target's max life, the hero is damaged by 50% of the hero max life. Also the target is slowed by 50%.
    Other Marks : The Cast range of spell is 700.
    The hero runs till the distance between target and hero becomes 150, then Berserk Strike!
    While running, the hero's must be "walk" animation. Maybe to increase speed of animation to make it realistic, that the hero is really running I don't want stand animation, because it's not realistic. So animation is the important part of spell. And it's possible, because Dota uses it!
    If the distance between the hero and target becomes greater than 1000, then running to the target is stopped
    For testing use the model " Upgraded headhunter - Berserker Troll"
    And please Walk animation!
  18. Smitty

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    Uh, this isn't a spell request thread. And that's exactly like a dota spell with adjusted numbers :p just sayin'. I think the spell request thread is dead though :/
  19. KaerfNomekop

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    I haven't been on the forum for a while, so I guess that comes into the question a little.

    Name: Disruption
    Type: Single Unit Target
    Targets: Enemy
    Description: Disrupts the flow of energy in and out of a target enemy unit. The target becomes unaffected by magic, and its health and mana will not increase. During this period, it cannot cast spells, nor will its auras have any effect. Purges the target of all buffs upon casting, thus destroying any summoned units.
    Duration: 3/5/7/9 seconds

    Name: Destiny Bond
    Type: Single Unit Target, Channeling
    Targets: Organic
    Description: The caster ties its fate to the target. While the caster maintains channeling, any healing or damage it takes or spells cast on it will have their effects replicated by the caster onto the target. If the caster dies while channeling, it will kill the target.
    Duration: 15/20/25 seconds

    Name: Authority
    Type: Active + Passive Effects
    Targets: Non-Hero, Friend/Enemy
    Description: The caster uses its authoritative powers on a target unit. Enemies are left stunned by the encounter, whereas allies will be placed under your control and obey all your commands. Passively, allied non-hero units will attempt to show off whenever you are in range, dealing extra damage upon attacks. Every improved attack increases the damage bonus to the other units until a certain limit is reached.
    Stun Duration: 0.5/1/1.5/2
    Passive AoE: 900
    Damage bonus per instance: 1/2/3/4
    Damage bonus limit: 10/20/30/40

    Basically the passive part of Authority works like this: Non-hero allied units in a 900 AoE around you have 1/2/3/4 bonus damage. With each unit that attacks, the damage bonus increases incrementally until the limit is reached. It can be described as a damage aura that improves with each allied unit that attacks.
  20. merlinds

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    Name: Duel Chalenge
    Type: Single unit target, active
    Targets: Enemy, Hero
    Description: Chalenge a enemy hero to Duel. If the chaleged hero declines the duel, recives damage and/or a penalty of gold. If he accept, the duel starts. While in duel, both the caster and the target, get unable to target any thing else than the other. Allies of both cannot damage/assist the heroes in duel. An arena is created and they both cannot exit it until the duel finishes. The duel finishes when one of the heroes die or if the time is over. The winning hero will be full healed while the other will have extra resurrection time as penalty. If draw they both stays the wey they are before the duel starts.

    Can be a ultimate or a regular skill. But it has to have more than one level.
    On each lvl increase, the damage/gold penalty if declines and the resurrection penalty.
    On grater lvls it can add a buff for the winner besides healing him.

    I didnt specify the "amounts" of damage/gold penalty/duration/buff efect/ etc... Because every map is different.
    In my mind i see, when the duel starts all units in the area of the arena will be moved out side and/or paused (like observers). The arena will be delimited with some kind of fence. The heroes placed one in each corner and a timer says: 3... 2... 1... GO!(until then they are paused). And the duel starts.

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