The Spell Idea Thread


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Name: Link
Type: Active
Targets: Unit or Point Target
Description: Creates a link between yourself and the target unit/point. Within the link's duration, the ability is replaced with a sub-ability, Transfer. Casting Transfer will exchange the target of Transfer with the target of Link, thus constantly transporting targeted units from point to point.
Duration: 5/8/10/15
Transfer Cooldown: 1/2/2/3 seconds


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A hero spellpack:

Name: Astonish
Type: Active
Targets: Enemies, Allies
Description: Stuns target. Target now is invulnerable for the duration. After the stun target gets into a dizziness state where his attack speed move speed and attack and magic accuracy is greatly reduced.
Stun Duration: 2.5 for all levels
Effect duration: 0.50 / 0.75 / 1.00 / 1.25
Effect Power: 15% / 21% / 27% / 33%

Name: Charge
Type: Channel
Targets: Point, Enemies
Description: Uses his own health to gain moving and attack speed for the next 8 seconds and dashes forward the target point with incredible speed.
Channel time: 1.5 / 1.2 / 0.9 / 0.6 seconds
Health reduce over channel time: 30/25/20/15% of current health
AS Bonus: 32/38/44/50 %
MS Bonus: 16/19/22/25 %
Cast Range: 600/800/1000/1200

Name: Lion's Pride
Type: Passive
Targets: Self
Description: The unit now gains the ability to ignore the damage he takes. Reduces damage taken by half of the percent his health is missing. Passively gains damage and health regeneration.
Advanced Description: If unit has 70% of his total health, it means that he has 30% missing. So 15% is the percent of damage reduction. Has a limit of 13/22/31/40%.
Passively increases his damage by 10/15/20/25 and health regeneration by 2/3/4/5.
All type of damage he takes is reduced.

Name: Death Fist
Type: Active
Targets: Self
Description: Removes a major amount of his current health. Then he can kill any target with one hit for 5 seconds. If he survives through these seconds he gains a passive 30% of his max hp regeneration over 3 seconds.
Current health reduction: 90/87/84 %
Cooldown: 315/235/155


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Name: 9 point O
Type: Active Aoe
Targets: Damage - Enemies; Effects - Non Self (enemies and allies)
Description: Stomps on the ground causing the ground to sink and releases a ripple that bounces units across the Area and stuns them on impact. Deals damage to enemy units based on how far the unit is flung.
Ability Ranks: Damage dealt should be equal to 1/4 per level of the distance thrown, with a slightly increasing distance per level, stun should be equal to (1/100 of a sec)^1/2 per level per point of distance thrown (a max of ~4.5-5 seconds at max range of 1200 min of ~1 sec at no range)

Name: Dark Summoning
Type: Sacrificial Summoning
Targets: Ground
Description: When casted at a target point 5 nearby allied npcs or player owned units (owned by the owner of the caster) change to neutral passive and become invulnerable and walk to points in an upside down star to begin channeling the summoning, A dark ring and a purple star apear around as the ground blackens. After 7 seconds of channeling the channelers move to the middle to be sacrificed creating a large demon that deals enormous damage and has a large ammount of health, but drains a % of health per second
Ability Ranks: Every rank reduces the channel time and the health drained is equal to (1/lvl)% (1/0.5/0.3/0.2/0.15/0.14%/sec etc)(maybe double that)


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Name: attack attACK ATTACK!
Type: Active
Targets: Enemies
Description: A 5 combo attack skill. Attacks all enemies in 250 radius in front of self. Every combo has 0.6 sec cooldown and 2 second expiration time. Upon expiration ability is reversed to first attack and skill has 15 second cooldown. It also reverses to normal after the 5 combos done.
Damage: 15*(targets attacked/3)+80% per successful combo.
Stun Duration: 1 - 0.1 per combo
Detailed/Advanced description: Hero/Unit casts the skill, then he attacks all targets in 250 radius with center the position of caster towards 250 units at facing of caster angle. This was the first attack and if it was successful (it hit at least one target) it will deal 5 damage (for one target), target now takes 1 second stun. A second skill appears after 0.6 seconds witch is the first combo. It deals 5+80%=9 damage and stuns for 0.93 seconds. Now comes the second combo, he deals 9+5 = 14 + 80% = 25,2 damage and 0.86 sec stun. After 0.6 seconds comes the 3rd combo, it now deals 25,2 + 5 = 30,2 + 80% = 54,36 damage and 0.79........
Damage is dealt to every target, it is not divided.


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Name: Rush

Type: Single Target

Targets: Air, Allied, Enemy, Ground, Invulnerable, Item, Neutral, Player Units.

Description: Warps the hero to the position of an object. The ability stuns enemy units for 2 seconds and causes (Agility * 3) damage. This ability will not harm allied units.

More: Using the Sound Effect "MarkOfChaos" with a pitch of 2.00. And special effects BlinkBirth and BlinkArrival really bring out the ability.


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Name: Binding Promise
Type: Buff, Unit Target
Targets: Air, Ground, Enemy, Friend, Not Self, Organic
Description: Places a buff on a target unit. While a unit is under this effect both the caster and the target will always have equal life. Lasts 6/9/12 seconds. The effect is negated if the distance between the caster and the target are more then 800 units apart.
Extra 1: Has a lightning effect which links the caster and the target together.
Extra 2: The lightning effect is destroyed when the effect is negated or when its duration ends.
Extra 3: Every 0.03 seconds the caster and the taget will lose half their own life and receive half the other unit's life.


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Some of the ideas I stored in my phone for rainy days.

Name: Time Snare
Type: Instant, Debuff
Function: Delayed Trap
Targets: Enemy
Description: Places a Time Snare at your current location, which activates after 3 seconds. The first enemy unit to encounter the snare becomes locked in time, immmobilising it and freezing its HP and MP in place.
Duration: 2/3/4/5 seconds

Name: Surplus Vigour
Type: Unit Target, Offensive, Buff
Function: Double-Edged
Targets: Enemy, Ally, Organic
Description: Fills the target with extra energy, causing it to move faster for 5 seconds. The target then takes damage equal to 10% of the distance travelled.
DUration: 3/4/5/6 seconds

Name: Spirit Feast
Type: Instant, Offensive
Function: Fan of Knives + Critical Strike
Targets: Enemy, Organic
Description: Releases a wave of spirits that drain the life of surrounding enemies. Each spirit has a 50% chance to maintain its presence, allowing it to travel to and damage another unit until the limit is reached. Each occurence of this reduces the chance of a next one by 5%.
Damage: 75/105/135/165
Maximum number of passes: 2/3/4/5

Name: Paranoia
Type: Unit Target, Debuff
Function: Mass Manipulation
Targets: Enemy, Organic
Description: Incites a bout of panic among the target and units within 300 range of it, increasing their movement speed but reducing their attack accuracy. The duration of the buff on a unit is refreshed each time a unit dies within 600 range of it.
MS Increase: 15/20/25/30%
Accuracy Decrease: 10/15/20/25%
Initial duration: 2/3/4/5 seconds

Name: Mirror Wave
Type: Instant, Offensive
Function: Confusion
Targets: Enemy, Organic
Description: Releases multiple illusionary copies of yourself that fly in random directions, dealing damage to any enemies they hit. The illusions fade and disappear after 1.5 seconds. The caster also fades into invisibility and travels like the illusions, but does not deal damage.
Damage: 45/75/105/135
Invisibility Duration: 8/10/12/14 seconds
Illusions Created: 3/4/5/6
Personally, I find Mirror Wave to be a powerful remix of the traditional Wind Walk and Mirror Image abilities.


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I feel like I've taken over WolfieeifloW's job of bumping this thread. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining)

Name: Attention Grab
Type: Instant
Function: Disruption
Targets: Enemy, Organic
Description: Becomes the focus of all enemy units around you. Until an affected enemy successfully launches an attack on you, its damage is reduced by 100%. Within 5 seconds, you have increased HP regeneration.
AoE: 500/600/700/800
HP Regen Bonus: 5/10/15/20

Name: Beam
Type: Point Target
Function: Line Debuff
Targets: Enemy, Organic
Description: Beams of light cascade from the sky in the direction of the target point, powerfully blinding enemy units. They become unable to cast spells, and have a high chance of missing when attacking. This debuff remains until an attack is successfully launched.
Miss Chance: 40/50/60/70%


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I feel like I've taken over WolfieeifloW's job of bumping this thread. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining)
It's because I had no internet for about a month ;p

Name: Rocket Punch
Type: Active
Targets: Enemies
Description: When this ability is enabled your next physical attack (even another ability) in 8 seconds will jump unit backwards.
Extra Description: 70% of total damage is done with the attack and the rest is done upon target's landing.
So if a unit is a flying one it won't take the secondary damage.
Damage: Unit Damage*2 + 20% per (ability level-1)
Cost: 12% attacker's current hp
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Can be done with my unit movement system "AUMS" fast a lot. Just wait for the v3.0.A.


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Nuh-uh. I got awful connection here.

Name: Fluke Shot
Type: Unit Target
Targets: Enemy, Organic
Description: Deals a small amount of base heal. Has a low chance of dealing heavy damage after this heal.
Heal Amount: 125/100/75/50
Damage Chance: 25/35/45/55%
Damage Amount: 250/275/300/325

Name: Rebound
Type: Passive, Defensive
Targets: Enemy
Description: Any instance of damage done to you by an enemy causes it to be knocked back a small amount.
Knockback Distance: 10/15/20/25 units per instance

EDIT: Well now, it looks like any ideas will go here instead of anywhere else.

Name: Untrackable
Type: Toggled, Defensive
Targets: Enemy
Description: When activated, enemies become unable to follow your movements. Drains mana until deactivated.
Mana per second: 30/20/10
Note: "Follow" in this case refers to when, for example, a unit is ordered to cast a spell on you but is not within casting range. Under normal circumstances, the unit will follow your movements until it gets close eenough, but activating this will stop them. The same applies to attackers too far away or even units ordered to Move on you.


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Name: Flourish
Type: Active, Damage, AoE
Targets: Point or Unit, Enemies, Non-Spell Immune
Description: Summons swords made of pure volatile and impale them onto a point/unit dealing minor damage. The sword will stick onto the point/unit and explode dealing damage to a small AoE after a few seconds later. 450 AoE on all levels. Explosions will cause nearby Summoned Swords to explode as well. 800 Cast Range with no casting delay. Has a 12 second cooldown on all levels.
Impale Damage:10/10/15/20 Per Sword
Explosion Damage:10/10/15/20 Per Sword
Number of Swords Spawned: 4/6/6/8
Spawning Intervals(Wait time inbetween each sword spawned): 0.25/0.20/0.15/0.10 seconds
Mana Cost: 50/75/125/150
Notes: When cast on a point the swords are randomly summoned one at a time in a small 250 AoE from the target point cast. When cast on a unit the swords are spawned one at a time and have a travel rate of 900 units per second. Targets may avoid impalement from the summoned sword by moving away. Summoned Swords automatically explode after 2 seconds of hitting a point or unit. A tatic to note is to predict the movement of the enemy unit and to cast it there or to cast it on a unit that is immobile.

Name: Conclusion
Type: Toggled, Spell Trigger for Summoned Swords
Targets: No Targets
Description: With a flick of a rose and a really cool pose all Summoned Swords summoned by your hero explode immediately. Targets impaled by swords take additional damage from explosions based on the number of Swords that are impaled into them. Has a cooldown of 8 seconds on all levels.
Damage Multiplier Calculation: 1% * (Current_Level + Number of swords Impaled + 1)
Mana Cost: 25/50/75/100
Notes: Swords which automatically explode DO NOT gain the bonus damage from this spell. Only swords triggered by this spell will deal additonal damage. This spell does no actual damage. It only triggers the swords to explode and allows a damage multiplier to be added. The Damage Multiplication effects ALL explosions. Thus have 4 swords impaled means having 4 modified explosions.

Name: Dazzle
Type: Passive
Targets: Enemies, Unit
Description: Every Nth attack you will automatically summon a sword and impale it onto the target you are attacking. The summoned swords damage is based on the level of Flourish.
Attacks per Sword Summoned: 6/5/4/3
Notes: If the hero has no levels in Flourish, this passive will NOT do anything.

Name: Maximum
Type: Active, AoE, Terrible Terrible Damage
Targets: No target, Enemies
Description: Summon Swords are randomly thrown one at a time in all directions around the caster. The summoned sword damage is based on the level of Flourish however the spawn rate interval is always at 0.1 second. Swords will impale upon contact with a enemy unit.
Number of Swords Summoned: 25/30/35
Mana Cost: 200/250/300
Notes: If the hero has no levels in Flourish, this spell does nothing.

I am currently trying to make all these spells actually xD still an ongoing project of mine and yes I am a huge fan of Dante and Lucifer.


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Name: Royale Guard
Type: Active, Instant, Defensive
Targets: Enemy
Description: You can instantly counter any unit that attacks you for a brief moment. Works against spells as well but your hero will still suffer any effects from the spell. Has a cooldown of 1.0 seconds on all levels. The caster is unable to perform any other actions while Royale Guarding(Caster gets paused or something similar).
Counter Duration(In seconds): 0.40/0.45/0.55/0.60
Counter Damage: 40/60/80/100
Mana Cost: 15/14/13/12

Name: Sidestep
Type: Active, Instant, Dodgeing, IMS%(Increased Movement Speed)
Targets: No Targets
Description: You take a quick step backwards(450 Distance) and gain increased movement speed for 2.4 seconds.
IMS: 50%/100%/150%/200%
Cooldown(In seconds): 8.0/6.0/5.0/3.0
Manacost: 50/55/60/65

Name: Unleash
Type: Active, Instant, AoE
Targets: No Target (Instant)
Description: You unleash your rage in the form of a fiery cone(250 Starting AoE, 450 Range, 450 Finale AoE) in the direction of your next Move order. Damage dealt is based on the amount of damage COUNTERED during a Royale Guard however this spell has to be cast within a 0.5 second difference of a Royale Guard or this spell does nothing. Has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds on all levels.
Notes: This spell is a combo to the Royale Guard. This spell only works if the caster casts this spell within a 0.5 second gap from a successfuly performed Royale Guard.
Damage Multiplication Bonus: x0.5/x0.75/x1/x1.5
Manacost: 30/35/40/45

Name: Dreadnaught Form
Type: Active, Instant, Morphing, Toggled(can be switched on/off)
Targets: Self
Description: The castor morphs into the very form of rage and vengence itself. Gives the castor spell resistance, additional armour, hitpoints, hitpoint regeneration and modifies his current spells into more powerful forms. Drains mana per second. This spell can only be cast if the caster has more then 75% of its maximum mana.
Hitpoint Bonus + RegenPerSecond(Of maximum HP): 500HP + 1% / 600HP + 1.5% / 700HP + 2%
Armour Bonus: 5/7/9
Mana Cost(Activation): 90/85/80
Mana Drain Per Second: 15/20/25 (Drainrate Intervals is at 0.01)

Spell Modifications Below(For Dreadnaught Form Ability):
Royale Guard Modifications: Royale guard will stun(1 second) and knockback(350 units) countered enemy units. Deals back the reflected damage in addition to the base damage as well. (TERRIBLE TERRIBLE DAMAGE!)
Sidestep Modifications: Spell is replaced with "Rage and Vengence Itself" (No pun intended, do not confuse with rage and vengence) See below for more details about the spell.
Unleash Modifications: Unleash now deals damage to all units around it rather than in a cone shape and has a bonus 25% reflected damage. (E.g. 5 enemies deal 50 damage each in one instance = 250 damage, this damage is reflected with Royale Guard and than followed by Unleash Level 4 which deals back 250*1.5 = 375 damage PLUS a bonus damage of 25% of 375 = 93.75 which totals to 375 + 93.75 = 468.75 damage in total. EXCLUDING Royale Guard damage)

Name: Rage and Vengence Itself
Type: Instant, Damage, Single Target
Targets: Enemies, Unit, Non Spell Immune
Description: Cast your rage and vengence itself upon your enemies. Deals x0.75 damage of the amount of hitpoints you are currently missing on the target unit. If the target unit is killed by this spell its remaining mana is transfered to the caster. Has a cooldown of 1 second.
Manacost: 215
Notes: This spell replaces Sidestep while in Dreadnaught form. This spell has only 1 level and replaces the Sidestep regardless of its current level.


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Name Skill: Sudden Strike
Type: Active
Cast Range: 650
Damage Type: Physical

Attacking the enemy at a short distance, as well teleport right in front of the enemy and increases attack damage for a while. Deals 100%/200%/300%/400%/500% STR damage and increases attack damage by 20/40/60/80/100 up to 8 seconds.

Manacost: 150 / 165 / 180 / 195 / 210 mana.
Cooldown: 27 / 25 / 23 / 21 / 19 seconds.


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A skillpack I have in one of my maps :)

Name: Spring Geysers
Targets: Enemy, Ground, Organic
Description: Springs Geysers in random locations around the Lover, blasting hit enemies into the air and stunning them for a short time.
# of Geysers: 4/7/10
Damage per geyser: 125
Stun Time: 1 (2 for creeps) second
*Gysers spring every second

Name: Lover's Pull
Targets: Enemy, Organic
Description: Slowly pulls units towards the Lover and deals damage based on how close they are, the closer they are, the more damage.
Units per second: 180/210/240
AOE: 900
Pull Time: 5 seconds
Max Damage per second: 20/30/40

Name: Bad Romance
Targets: Enemy, Organic
Description: The Lover's Bad romance Slowly Dissapates enemies' essences when they are close.

Level 1:
750 Range: 0.3% Mp & Hp
500 Range: 0.6% Mp & Hp
250 Range: 0.9% Mp & Hp

Level 2:
750 Range: 0.6% Mp & Hp
500 Range: 1.2% Mp & Hp
250 Range: 1.8% Mp & Hp

Level 3:
750 Range: 0.9% Mp & Hp
500 Range: 1.8% Mp & Hp
250 Range: 2.7% Mp & Hp

*Heals allies for half damage

Name: Blast of Hate
Targets: Enemy, Organic
Description: The Lover starts channeling his hate and blasts enemies away depending on how close they are and how much time he spent channeling, Max damage is when the channel is not inturrupted, channeling can be interrupted at any time.
Max AOE: 750/1000/1250
Max Damage: 1000/2000/3000
Max Channel Time: 10 seconds
*Targets hit are blasted to the edge of the AOE


These are mainly for undeads:
Name: Doom-Ray
Targets: Anyone, not self
Description: The Dark Lord channels his dark powers into his palm, creating a black orb with red aura in his hand, then firing a ray of darkness. (colour the same, also A.K.A cero)
Effects: Knockback, Insta-Kill(chance), incireration, knockout
DMG: 1k, 2K, 3k
Channel Time: 3.5 sec
Range: 15 metres
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 20 sec

Name: Black Getsuga
Description: Getsuga Tenshou!!!!!
DMG: 10k
Req: lv 10, sword
Range: 30 m


P.S: These skills are only for Skeletal Mage hero
Name: Fire Breath
Description: The mage breathes in, slowly gathering his flames in his jaw, then breathes out with fiery fire, burning enemies to ash.
LV 1: 100 per second
LV 2: 200 per second
LV 3: 300 per second
Range: 10 metres
Effects: Incineration, fear
Cooldown: 20 sec
Channeling Time: 1.5 seconds
Duration: 4.5 seconds

Next one...

Name: Unsheath
Description: The Dark Lord pulls out the Forstmourne, his fury has come!!!
Requirements: LV 3
Effects: Knockback, Aura Of Darkness
Type: Aura
Channeling Time: 3 seconds, or instant if health lower than 10%

And another...

Name: Armaggedon
Description: The Dark Lord channels a flame in his right palm, and then sends a ray to the sky, causing fiery meteorites to fall on his enemies.
Requirements: LV 10
Effects: Knockback, Knockout, Incineration, Fear, Insta-Kill (chance)
Duration: 20 sec, or until he is interrupted.
Targets: Enemies, trees, buildings
Mana Cost: 900
Cooldown: 1.3 minutes
Area of Effect: 20 metres


Here's a spellpack my little bro suggested, I'll just share it coz I think it's a pretty cool idea for a seven year old to think of..
it's for some kind of alien spider or something

Name: Infest (Stacking spell)(Unit Target)(Has small mana cost)
Targets: Enemy, Organic
Description: Infests an enemy unit with a deadly parasite that eats it slowly from inside then out, each parasite in an enemy will deal 7 DPS to the infected unit.
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Each Stack Lasts: 20 seconds (DUR does not stack)
Max Stack: 4/8/10/12

Name: Hatch (Unit Target)
Targets: Enemy, Organic
Description: The Infestor spits acid to an enemy unit dealing initial damage then minor DPS. If the target was infested, a random number of the parasites (Stacks) will hatch and will be under the control of the Infestor.
Parasites: Would be better if they look like the Infestor (Eg - Infestor: Large Spider Parasites Smaller) so that it would suit the third skill.
Parasites: will of course have timed life.

Name: Grow! (Passive Spell)
Targets: N/A
Description: As time goes by, The infestor and it's hatchlings grow. Every time the infestor grows by level, it will recieve bonus damage and hitpoints but will have reduced speed. It's hatchlings will also grow and have the same bonuses but will have increased speed.
Extra Info: The reduced/increased speed could be movement or attack rate..depends on you
Extra Info: Yes, the Infestor would be better off at high level but would need alot of attack speed bonuses.
Extra Info: The Grow will apply to present and future parasites

Name: Rage (Passive)
Targets: Self
Description: Every time a hatchling dies, the Infestor's rage grows adding bonus movespeed, attack rate and damage.
Rage: Each rage stack lasts a few seconds (to not make it too imba)

Robert Lu

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Name: Mjolnir
Type: Active Targetable Spell
Targets: Point target & Unit target
Description: Thor throws his hammer (500/700/900/1100 cast range) travelling homing onto targeted point or unit dealing damage (55/90/125/160) to any units along the way (includes targeted unit if exists) knocking back slightly. While hammer is away from Thor, he can recall it again dealing damage and knocking back except Mjolnir homes onto Thor. Thor CANNOT cast spells or attack while hammer is thrown.


Name: Sneak Attack
Type: Passive
Targets: Enemy
Description: Grants 8/16/24/32% chance to launch a swift strike in between attacks.
Extra 1: Not an orb effect. Does not work with Illusions.
Extra 2: The chance works for each attack even if the hero misses.
Mana per second: N/A
Cooldown: N/A


Name: Ancient Tree Curse
Type: AoE, Active, Nom-Target required
Targets: Enemy Units
Description: Drain 3/5/7 life of all units in 700 AoE off the casters every 0,25 seconds. Deals Magic Damage equal of the life has been drained. For least 5/6/7 seconds.
Cooldown: 50 seconds
Mana Cost: 150/50/0
Animation: Each time it drains life, create a mini wisp off collor green at drained unit position, and make it "walk" to the caster, when theys are closer of the cast, theys will "die" healing the caster equal the ammount of life it has drained.
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