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I like how you made the building using many different building models. Only thing I hate about the building is the ziggurats that you placed. They stand out too much.


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Sorry to be the worst poster ever - i'm gonna get flamed for this I know, but I did try to search, still couldn't find it so here goes. I'm unable to make the bridges look natural or even fit them inn in any possible fashion. Is there a tutorial somewhere that shows how to place bridges so they don't look - erm - messed up? :p

Sorry for this post :p


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There is no problem with that post, so don't worry.

To make bridges fit in better, you could click on them and hold CTRL whilst pressing Page Down to lower them into the ground. You can also use Page Up to raise it, if you need to.


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OMFG, Ghostwind! I <3 you.


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OMFG that was so totally made by Void!! Ghostwind you noob stop stealing his stuff!!!!:mad::mad::mad:


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OMFG that was so totally made by Void!! Ghostwind you noob stop stealing his stuff!!!!:mad::mad::mad:
I was under the impression that Ghostwind WAS Void. It's not the first time he's posted images under that name. The watermark in the top corner is a dead giveaway, and I don't think anyone is dumb enough to pass it off as their own when there's such an obvious giveaway of the author.

Anyways, that's an awesome picture. Nice work!


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Does anyone have any links to some good resolution rock models? I can't really find anything decent looking on the hive.


I will work hard tomorrow
I hope this light is not supposed to be the moon. Weird speical effect you used there. The light is also in front of the mountain, kinda weird...
The ghost itself in front of the lightning looks cool.

Always check the uber clouds after you placed them, they are often too small, like in your case. The larger one is cutting the mountain at the left edge of the screen and the other one is so small that you can actually see the circle/edge of it.


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The World Tree (Before it gets killed):

World Tree, about to be attacked by the stupid evil Undead Scourge. Somewhat (if not entirely) based on Defence of the Ancients.

Yep, I need to fix the front part up first. I just want opinions on it currently.


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Looks good Blackrose! :thup:

I would consider adding some vegetation to the front field. Maybe some boulders.

I'm considering posting some terrain...
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