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Looks good Blackrose! :thup:

I would consider adding some vegetation to the front field. Maybe some boulders.

I'm considering posting some terrain...
Added more stuff. You should post some terrain, I seem to get more comments at Hiveworkshop then this thread.



Is back. Probably.
I like this one a lot more than the other one :thup:. Great Work!

And I would post I just need to figure out how to take good screenshots :(


I will work hard tomorrow
The sky is mainly just the Generic Sky. Plus a few purple and red uber clouds. The white "flash" is made out of 2 large scaled special effects, don't remember the name of the model... it's just a big white blob though so I guess a lot of models should work out.
The tree is made out of hundreds of cherry trees.

Hm... yeah, that's about it, it's rather simple. :p


I will work hard tomorrow
Meh, I'd rather post separate threads in the hope of getting a sub-forum, posting everything in one thread is such a messy solution.


I will work hard tomorrow
Eh it shows a smaller version if you click on the image, I don't like this at all. Click on the file name for the full version~

And it's not possible to edit posts? uh....


there's been a switch from vBulletin to XenForo just a few hours ago. I'm sure the forum will work great soon enough.
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    Didn't the backwards compatability have issues too?
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    I never had any hopes for that. Blizzard is not the same company it was 10 years ago.
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    It happens in corporations. They just absorb the companies they buy and it is not about the love of making awesome games it is how much money can we make with the least amount of cost.
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    Wargasm is still around. He works for the domain registrar where is kept.

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