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The Tiding of War

Download Here: View attachment The_Tiding_of_War_V0.4.w3x


The Tiding of War is a 2 player Co-Op RPG/RTS/tactical. The game takes place on an epic sized map with 4 main factions controlling different parts of the world. You are a contender, a faction wanting to rise up and dominate the world stage. This diverse and ever changing game will take you across the lands, over the seas and through the mountains to expand your kingdom and destroy your enemies.

Player 1: Player 1 is in control of the main Human Empire. To begin with, Player 1 should secure their small foothold in the Southern part of the Western Continent and halt the aggressive armies of the other Human Rebel Leader. Only with the enemy Human Kingdom destroyed will you be able to unite the human lands as one sole kingdom, and content against the 3 other powerful kingdoms. You build your armies, you organise the war path and you create your teams tactics. You are in charge.

Player 2: Player 2 controls, at the start, a level 10 custom hero. This hero is powerful, and contains pre-set auras which will benefit Player 1's army, making it vital that the hero accompanies Player 1's main force at all times. This hero will define who wins the battle. After you destroy the rival Human Leader, Player 2 takes control over their castle and, from that castle, can construct a T1 (Tier 1) base and army to help Player 1 (Red).

Kingdoms? Diversity? Tactical? WAR!? Tell me more!


There are 3 main AI kingdoms, you can find out more about them and why they control the lands that they control in the Lore section, and they must all be destroyed before you can fully be in control of the entire world. These kingdoms have a massive hatred for you, and each other so there will be no chance of them allying with you or one another, because of this they will always be at war.


This is where tactics comes in. Every kingdom will be in a bloody battle with one another, sending waves after waves of troops at one another trying to sieze control. Most of the time they will be in a lock, with no side gaining the upper hand. You can tip the scales for one side by assaulting one of the 2 factions bases. This will allow the other team to take control and win. Why would you do this? Because once that battle has been one, the winner will then attack another faction (or you). If they attack another faction, that may put pressure on them giving you the upper hand (it sounds complicated but it makes sense!).


Usually the world watches with little interest, but sometimes the war gets too close to the homes of nature and it fights back. Sometimes there will be random events, such as an Ogre uprising or a faction disturbing a clutch of dragons. These happen once at a random time each game play, making it very unpredictable. These events will usually spawn an attack from the Monster Faction against you or the other factions, leaving them battered and bruised and perhaps allowing another faction to finally destroy them. These are always brilliant, and you should always be on the look out for opportunities to destroy your enemy!


I have triggered many MANY different paths that you can take and what the computer chooses to do. That means you will almost always get a different play through each time. There are many different factors that decide what happens, such as the time it takes for you to kill an enemy, if a faction has its Forward Base or Main Base intact, the overall picture of that faction (how many bases it has) and how much Gold that team has. The events will happen randomly between random time frames, so in 1 play through the Orcish base may be around for a lot longer, and crush the Undead base allowing the Orcs to send a massive army towards you - whilst in a second play through, a group of dragons may reign fire down from the sky and destroy the Orcish base, allowing the Undead to take over and then send an army towards the Elves... the possibilities are endless.

  • 2 Player, epic sized Game. Where you must bother work together to secure victory.
  • A dynamic, changing world - which changes each play through.
  • Large scale wars, where you are not always the centre of attention... unless you make yourself it!
  • A sandbox environment. There is a goal, but multiple ways to achieve it!
  • There is never 'Nothing' happening. You must always look at expanding your bases, building defenses, and securing Capture Points which give you gold! You must not only pay attention to yourself, but the wars of your Enemies. If one Kingdom gets the upper hand, it may mean them sending troops in your direction!
  • A diverse Combat System, where every unit has a chance of Dodging an attack and dealing critical strikes, making the War more about chance!
  • YOU MUST always look at the larger picture if you want to win! Attacking from the front wont always let you win. Take a transport ship and attack from the side, or perhaps weaken them and let another faction fully destroy them!

Single Player

this game can be played in Singleplayer, but it may get boring. You will get control of Player 2's Hero, but you won't have his extra 300 Food Unit support so it may take longer to complete the game. It's also nice to play with a friend! Use the ingame Save Option to save your game as you may not be able to complete it within 1 sit through.


Released a Beta version, containing the wars, defeat conditions and events. Improvements, bug fixes and more will be incoming soon!


Below will state how the Kingdoms came to power - why they wage war and what wars are actually being waged!

Kingdom of the Elves
The first Kingdom to ever be founded over 1000 years ago, by the Children of the Forests. The Elves controlled most of Letherach, their only rivals being sea creatures which often raided their sea towns. They lived in relative peace, becoming one which nature.

However, as time went by, the Elves started to become restless. They knew something was approaching through the darkness, and it appeared 250 years ago from present day. A great storm opened a portal to another world, and through this portal charged the Blood Thirsty Orcs. The Elves, knowing little about Wars and Fighting, were slaughtered by the Orcs; their once great kingdom dwindled down to a collection of small cities.

The Elves, nearing their defeat at the hand of the Orcs, became desperate and turned to Dark Magic. It promised them Power, and Power it gave them. Led by a Powerful Elf, named Vaelorn, the Elves used this new Magic to push back the Orcs, and claimed most of the Western Continent. Unfortunately, Vaelorn became corrupted with the Dark Magic and ordered the purging of their Capital City. His servants, bewitched by his power, followed his orders without hesitation. Many un-armed Elves perished in the bloodshed, and those that survived fled into the Forests from which they had come from originally, forming small tribes. Over the course of one hundred years Vaelorn had hunted down the tribes, until he came across a tribe which contained a remarkable Hero who slew the Dark Elf and brought the Elves from the forests. Uniting them over ten years, the Kingdom of Elves grew from a peaceful Kingdom, into a powerful force not to be reckoned with.

However, the body of Vaelorn was host to something more sinister then anyone could of imagined. The Elves cast his body into the sea and turned their backs on what they had unleashed. The Orcs had been pushed back further during Vaelorn's reign of terror, but eventually pushed forward once again at his demise. The Hero of the Elves, who had so valiantly stood up to the Dark Elf, was murdered in his sleep by Orc Assassins. The Western Continent was plunged into War, while their small tribes on the Eastern lands remained unaware of what had been happening to their distant cousins.

Kingdom of the Orcs
This history of the Orcs varies from person to person, as they did not learn the ways of writing. Instead, they past their history down over camp-fires. However, all Orcs agree on how they arrived on Letherach. A great storm caused a portal from their home world to open. The Orcs, sensing power, were enticed through the portal and into the world of Letherach. The Orcs found new blood to spill, and new ways to gain honour amongst their people. The blood they found was Elven and Human. The Orcs entered on the Western Continent, primarily consisting of Elven cities which were undefended and unprepared for an invasion. The Elven kingdom quickly fell under their might, and sensing their victory was near, the Orcs pushed on. However, the Elves did something that the Orcs were not expecting. They fought back, with a new leash of life and spirit. Wielding magic and fire, the Orcs quickly fell and retreated back south.

Suddenly, without warning, the Elves stopped pursing the Orcish invaders, and retreated back into their lands. Unwilling to venture north, the Orcs began to plague the small Human lands in the South. The humans put up more of a fight then the Elves had originally, and a constant war which would last for 100 years started, with neither side winning. Content with the constant blood that met their axes and swords, the Orcs continued, unaware of anything else that went on in the world.

Fifty years after the begining of the war with the Humans, the Elves re-emerged from the woods under a new banner - united by One powerful Elf. The Orcs realised they had little chance of winning if they were attacked from both fronts, so retreated away from the Humans and defending their Northern side. The war with the Elves was costly to the Orcs, but their reaction was swift with the successful assassination of the Elven Hero.

20 years after the Assassination, a new threat emerged from the sea. Ships containing rotting corpses appeared, and the rotting corpses returned to life. The Orcs lost a great amount of their land, and those that were trapped were pushed back into the barren mountains. However a few Orcs managed to escape accross the vast ocean, and create colonies on the Scattered Islands and the Eastern Continent. There they met conflicts from the native humans, and still to this day do they wage war against the Elves and the Undead on the Western Continent, and the Humans and the Undead on the Eastern Continent.

Kingdom of the Humans
The actual Kingdom of the Humans was only recently set up, however Humans had existed in small nomadic tribe on the Western Continent. They fought amongst themselves, warlords against warlords until eventually the Orcs came from the North. The Humans, defending as best they could, managed to band together to stop the Orcs from gaining a foothold in their lands. However it came at a cost, and every attack brought the Orcs closer and closer to the small human capital.

Fortunately, for unknown reasons to the Humans, the Orcs retreated north, allowing the entire Human Empire to build ships and sail east, to the southern part of the Eastern Continent. Once there, they set up a unified Kingdom, however it didn't last long, with rivalling lords fighting each other. Eventually, two small Human empires remained and waged war with each other, only hearing of the wars with the Orcs, Undead and Elves in rumours.

Kingdom of the Undead
Vaelorn's body drifted for many months, the darkness inside of him manifesting into an abomination. When the casket containing his body reached the Northern Icy Wasteland the darkness awoke. It only took it 3 days to be discovered by wandering creatures, and upon its opening the darkness escaped and entered the creatures. It twisted their bodies, and gave them the ability to infect others with darkness. Over the course of 50 years, the entire Northern Icy Wasteland was taken over by the Darkness. The Darkness never fought among itself, and others speculate that it has a Hive mind, controlled by one creature, however others believe that the army itself is just one being, extending its power to corrupt the minds of innocent people.

After decimating the Northern Continent in a matter of months, the Darkness sought to spread its bounds to the Western and Eastern Continent by building a fleet of ships containing its soldiers. This formed the great fleet which would create the Kingdom of the Undead.

The First ships to land were the ones destined for an island just north of the Eastern Continent, connected to the Eastern Continent by a sand barrier. On the other end of this Sand barrier was the Elves main stronghold. Although they were close, the Undead stayed undetected, preparing their soldiers and waiting for the other ships to land.

The second wave of ships landed on the middle part of the Eastern Continent, swarming over a town which was once controlled by the Orcs. Quickly overcoming their defences by surprise, the Undead took control, but could not wait like they had been ordered as the Orcs started to invade the town to retake it. The undead had to immanently retaliate, but due to their lack of preparation, were never able to destroy the Orcs main presence on the Eastern Continent.

The Third and Fourth wave of ships landed together due to freak weather conditions, on the eastern side of the Western Continent. They had little time to prepare as the Orcs had un-expectantly ventured close to their landing sight. Within a matter of days, they were ready to strike the Orcs undefended flank, forcing them to retreat into the Barren Mountains.

The First wave of ships, having prepared their force, became the undeads main presence in the known world (Western and Eastern Continent). They regularly send reinforcements to fight the Elves, who have retaliated against the Undeads presence.

Nobody knows what happens in the Darknesses Stronghold, upon the frozen wasteland in the Northern Continent. No reinforcements or supplies are being sent by ship to the Undead bases, yet people have been left to speculate the true power of the Darkness, and question why the Undead, who obviously have the largest amount of resources and land, have been unable to take over the Western and Eastern continents.

Current Wars (Will be Updated (Spoiler! - Lists what happens in-game!)

Eastern Island Wars

The start of the game contains these wars. Remember, after these wars are finished then NEW wars will be created until only two remain on the Eastern Continent

Rebels V Human Kingdom: The human Kingdom was recently set up, antagonising the Rebels who constantly send paid mercenaries to destroy their new and weak kingdom.

If the Rebels win, then the Human Kingdom is destroyed.
If the Human Kingdom wins, then they may take control of most of the Southern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, and therefore have a strong foothold in the worlds play of dominance. The Orcs will retaliate to this!

Orcish Main Base V Undead Forward Base: The Orcs are sending troops to re-take their recently lost Forward Northern base, while the unprepared Undead are frantically defending it. If the Orcs loose their southern Forward base, then they will spend more resources to train better units out of desperation and it will be only a matter of time before they retake the base.

If the Orcs win then they will regain their strength until they have enough Gold, and then attack the Human Kingdom with a strong and powerful army.
If the Undead win they will send units North, to take large amounts of land and to attack the Elves from the south.

Undead Main Base V Elven Main Base & Forward Base: After preparing, the Undead advanced against the Elves destroying most of their defences. The Elves however weren't unprepared and send units to meet them midway. If the Undead take the Main Base, they will then send everything they have against the Forward base.

If the Undead win they will then send a large amount of units to attack either the Orcish Kingdom if they haven't been destroyed or the Human Kingdom if they have.
If the Elves win, they will send units south to destroy the Undead Forward Base. If thats been destroyed then they will send them to destroy the Orcish bases. If that has been destroyed then they will attack the Player with a very large army.

Current Version: Beta Version 0.4

Version Log
V 0.1
Created the eastern continent
Added events, wars, dynamic system, Combat system
Added extra things

V 0.2-0.3
Bug fixes
Allowed Player 2 to control a castle and get Tier 1 units
Increased certain Gold Mines gold amount
Added more gold mines for both players

V 0.4
Created Western Continent
Added Defeat Conditions
Added loads more events and Wars
made the map more dynamic
Bug fixes!

Screenshots will be incoming!


I'm needing help - i need people to give me ideas, feedback on what they've read so far and to tell me if it's a good idea. Anything is appreciated and will be rewarded with rep!

Download here: View attachment The_Tiding_of_War_V0.4.w3x


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I like the sounds of the second player being part of player 1's kingdom. I have personally never seen this before.


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Thanks - all my recent previous maps contain 2 players - so i had to incorperate a 2nd player into this map :)


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Update: I've completed the Eastern Continents AI, and will release an Alpha version soon which will contain only the Eastern continent, but still contains a long enjoyable and dynamic game play.


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Update: The entire world is now populated with the Kingdoms, and new Victory conditions have been placed in.

Kingdom of the Undead: Destroy their capital on the Northern Continent. Destroy this will, in turn, kill every single undead unit in the game as their Hive Mind has been destroyed. It's heavily guarded, but not as guarded as...

Kingdom of the Elves:...the elven Capital, which, when destroyed, will bring about the near defeat of the elves. The Elves, without their capital city, will be unable to organise any attacks or defences. To completely destroy them, you'll need to wipe out every one of their Trees of Eternity's. This will bring about their defeat. I reccommend the Player destroy their capital first to allow them to chip away at the Elven defences without any retaliation. The capital is located on the Western Continent and the Elven kingdom on that continent should be the last target, as they will keep to themselves unless they feel threatened.

Kingdom of the Orcs: Although they have existed in the world for 250 years, they have never bothered to stop and construct a capital. This serves them both as an advantage, and a disadvantage. The advantage is the fact that they have nothing to loose if its destroyed, and so cannot be totally weakened. However the disadvantage for them is that they don't have 1 location to defend, but have loads of main bases to defend, spreading out their forces and making them easily to kill one by one. To win against the Orcs you must destroy all of their main bases across the world. They should be the first kingdom to be destroyed... either them or the Undead - or you of course!

Adding Naval battles for the Beta release - Alpha release will be shipped out shortly :). Don't think your safe after the Eastern Continent is yours pal! :D


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I decided to push ahead, and skip the Alpha and release a fully blown Beta. Contains both the Continents, and defeat conditions - all wars and things and been implemented.

Need people to test and tell me if they find any buggs or have any suggestions - will upload screen shots tommorow!

The Player 2 Hero is a normal Paladin at the moment, with auras and increased stats. This will change next release
Player 2 will now control a Kingdom himself after destroying the Rebels, taking over their castle and being able to construct Tier 1 units!


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Player 2's Hero has access to more spells and is level 10.
A lot more events added.
Fixed the Units not moving correctly
Player 2 now controls the Rebels Kingdom once you destroy them!

ALOT of bugs fixed, it's now clean! Enjoy!


you still found your map after 1 year? if it was me i would have already reinstalled windows twice at least.


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Yer, came across it and played it. Fixed a couple of bugs and it is finally finished. I never leave a project unfinished, regardless of age.


well since people are pretty shy in this part of the forum.
how about i test your map and tell you my opionion and you do the same with mine?


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This looks like a really good game actually, I'm kinda off gaming but I'll download it and give it a try at the next LAN I visit :) I love how you've gone into great detail with the Lore and all, and when I have some free time (kinda writing an essay right now xP) I'll read through it all, but +rep for nice idea. I've always wanted to try making this type of game, it's just trying to keep the hero player busy while the army player is building up that puts me off. It kinda reminds me of COD4 when one player is on the ground and one player is in the AC130, blasting the crap outta player 1's enemies :D
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