The War of the Gods


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Hi guys!

I actually didn't want to expose this map project I'm on until I COMPLETE it, but after thinking it through, I think it's a good idea to at least post out what I have in mind, for several reasons:

1) Suggestions/New Ideas

2) Early error warnings(like whether this idea is good for the map or not)

3) Publicity XD

The title of this map i'm making is called the "War of the Gods". It is basically a mix between Dota and some map I which I can't remember it's name(it's something like Footman Wars, except that you can't control the creeps except by clicking on "beacon buttons" which actually gives the general location where you want your troops to gather and attack). The difference between this map and Dota are the following:

1) Each side(sides as in Sentinel or Scourge, which in this case, I just simply put them as East and West side) has three separate bases, where each base has it's own set of heroes(do note that allpick, random and allrandom modes are available). Each "base" is actually an entirely different race of Gods.

2) Each base is surrounded by walls and have many defenses.

3) Like Dota, there will be spawned creeps every 15 seconds. Unlike Dota, after a certain period of time, the types and number of creeps will increase, including siege elements, which will be useful in breaking tower defenses.

4) Like Dota, the region in between the two sides are filled with forested areas. Unlike Dota, each "pathways" have elevated and deelevated areas, as well as many ambush spots, and maze areas(to escape ambushes).

5) The six different "God-races" are:

West Side

i) Gods of Pandemonium(Forgotten Realms gods)

ii) Gods of Valhalla(Norse mythology)

iii) Gods of Olympia(Greek Mythology)

East Side

i) Powers of the Abyss(Forgotten Realms demon lords/gods of hell)

ii) Gods of Jotunheim(Norse Mythology, opposes Valhalla, or the Aesir)

iii) Titans of Tartarus(Greek Mythology)

6) There are a total of 72 different heroes(12 from each God-race). They are the following:

Pandemonium Heroes:

Helm, Guardian
Lathander, Morninglord
Mystra, Goddess of Magic
Mielikki, Lady of the Forest
Oghma, God of Knowledge
Tempus, Lord of Battle
Tyr, God of Justice
Ilmater, God of Suffering
Waukeen, Goddess of Wealth
Silvanus, God of Nature
Tymora, Goddess of Luck
Azuth, Lord of Glyphs

Valhalla Heroes:

Odin, God of Vikings
Freya, Goddess of War
Heimdall, the Watcher
Idun, Goddess of Immortality
Loki, Trickster
Thor, God of Thunder
Ull, God of Archery
Skadi, Goddess of Skis
Njord, Priest of Sacrifice
Hrist, Dark Valkyrie
Lenneth, Chooser of the Slain
Hild, the Battle-Maiden

Olympian Heroes:

Zeus, Lord of Olympia
Poseiden, Lord of the Sea
Hades, Lord of the Underworld
Ares, God of War
Athena, Daughter of Olympia
Apollo, God of Light
Hermes, Messenger
Artemis, Huntress
Nemesis, Avenger
Eros, Goddess of Strife
Thanathos, God of Death
Hercules, Demigod

Abyssal Heroes:

Demogorgon, Prince of Hell
Cyric, the Mad
Bhaal, Lord of Murder
Talos, Lord of Storms
Lloth, Spider Queen
Iyachtu Xvim, God of Hatred
Auril, Frostmaiden
Loviatar, Maiden of Pain
Asmodeus, Archdevil
Mask, God of Thieves
Grummsh, the One-Eye
Lady of Pain, the Lady of Pain(i don't really know what's her real name)

Jotunheim Heroes:

Surt, Lord of the Giants
Hel, Goddess of the Underworld
Brahms, King of the Undead
Bloodbane, Dark Giant
Fenrir, Lord of Wolves
Gabriel Celeste, Dark Angel
Iseria Queen, Seraph
Nhiddog, Giant Serpent
Fafnir, Fire Dragon
Beliza, Vampire Queen
Akhetamen, Death Pharaoh
Genevieve, Lich Queen

Tartarus Heroes:

Cronus, Dark Titan
Hyperion, Titan of Light
Prometheus, Wise Titan
Atlas, Titan of War
Coeus, Titan of Intelligence
Themis, Titan of Justice and Order
Oceanus, Sea Titan
Gaea, Earth Goddess
Mnemosyne, Titan of Memory
Epimethius, Pandora Titan
Uranus, Sky Titan
Atropos, Death's Fate

Right now, i've already completed the creation of the Pandemonium Gods and their abilities, and the terrain, but I still need to make the other Gods, as well as items, troops and buildings.

If you guys want to help out, all I need from you guys is just ideas on the abilities of the various heroes, especially those from Tartarus.

If you guys are interested, I'll post up what abilities I have given to the Pandemonium Gods so that you won't have to waste your item thinking up of abilities that I've already created.

Any suggestions, or comments?


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im glad u have Lloth but Errtu would have been a good canidate to


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Bartuc08: Errtu is just a normal demonlord. He's only a Baalor, not a real power. Demogorgon and Asmodeus are different. Asmodeus is the OVERLORD of the NINTH ABYSSAL PLANE. Errtu is like a rat when compared to him.

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Bart, why in all the hell's of this Earth would YOU of all people argue AGAINST Lolth? I thought you were pro-Drow? Lolth is the goddess of the Drow, genius.


You wouldn't happen to be basing this off of DnD diety figures, would you?


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Some of those god descriptions are either wrong, or irrelivant btw. I know alot about greek mythology so if you have any questions, ask.

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I looked over it after Malice-'s comment. He's right. Here's a big one:

Titans of Tartarus...

The titans never went to Tartarus (aka, Hell)... They were trapped as stone within a cavern somewhere, most (if not all) except for the likes of say...Atlas? Who "holds the weight of the world on his shoulders"

Perhaps you should learn your mythology right before thinking about implicating it within a map...


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alexander u dumbass i said im glad u have loth!!!

i shouldve put on of thes things in --> ,

but i mean have lloth and errtu

Errtu is awsome thou... im on page 280 or so of passage to dawn

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If he needs balanced sides, then he can't have both. Duh. So why bother commenting in a way that may possibly result in his mind saying "hmm, Bart has a point for once. BYE BYE LOLTH!"?


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... your sstarting to make...0 sense, but i didnt mean lloth and errtu together, i mean keep lloth and add errtu, god damn u need to learn how to reaD MY MIND....

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I'm trying, but I keeping getting a huge blank.

Anyway, here's another comment: Since when do Norse Gods and Greek mythology mix? Just my thought...


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Alexander: Actually, you're wrong(it's either you or the site I checked out). I checked it out at this site:

and it says this:

Most of the Titans fought with Cronus against Zeus and were punished by being banished to Tartarus.
Malice: I'm basing most of them on the site I showed you, but some of them I changed their descriptions because they didn't quite sound right. Well, since you're well-versed in Greek mythology, I suppose you could help me put better names to them?

Since when do Norse Gods and Greek mythology mix? Just my thought...
They don't. I'm just mixing them up for the fun of it. :)

You wouldn't happen to be basing this off of DnD diety figures, would you?
LOL, didn't you read my comment at the top? They're Forgotten Realms' gods.

EDIT: BTW, do you guys know whether the Lady of Pain has a real name? For those of you who play Planescape Torment, you should know who she is.


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Anyway, here's the list of abilities i gave to the pandemonium Gods:

Silvanus, God of Nature

Nature's Call - Summons Treants, up to 12 treants at level 4.

Entangle - Casts entangling roots on an area(instead of a single target)

Conjure Beasts - Summons Misha, 2 of them at level 4.

Nature's Wrath - Rexxar's Stampede ability.

Waukeen, Goddess of Wealth

Bribe - Converts a targert unit(max unit level 5) to your side. Uses 250 gold.

Create Gold - Creates gold. 750 gold at level 4.

Hire Mercenaries - Summons up to 5 500hp mercenaries(at level 4). Uses 100 gold per mercenary.

Merchantile Favor - Grants 5 extra gold for every 3 seconds. Adds 5 more per level(up to level 3).

Mielikki, Lady of the Forest

Shillelagh - Throws a magical lance at an enemy, dealing up to 750 damage at level 4.

Poison Arrows - Normal attacks deal poison damage if turned on.

Nature's Protection - Thorn aura up to 75% at level 4.

Call Woodland Beings - Like Locust Swarm(or for Dota fanatics, the Death prophet ultimate), except that it shows mini Keeper of the Grove models instead of the locusts.

Oghma, God of Knowledge

Frost Blast - Frost nova spell with low cool down.

Mass Teleport - Teleports up to 15 friendly units, including the caster, to the location of a friendly target.

Mental boost - Brilliance aura.

Wisdom of the Ages - Adds up to 60 points to Intelligence stats.

Mystra, Goddess of Magic

Meteor Swarm - Starfall for a few seconds.

Recharge - Replenishes mana of a target unit. High cooldown.

Summon Planetar - The Warden's Vengeance ability. Can summon up to 2 units at level 4.

Spell Sequencer - Resets cooldown of all abilities.

Azuth, Lord of Glyphs

Call Lightning - Forked Lightning ability.

Dispel - Removes all buffs and deals damage to summoned units in a target area.

Glyph of Warding - Mana shield.

Summon Fire Elementals - Rain of Chaos ability.

Lathander, Morninglord

Renewal - Holy Light ability

Adventurous Vigor - Increases nearby friendly units' movement speed and attack rate.

Aura of Youth - Adds up to 20 points to all stats for nearby friendly units at level 4.

Advent of Spring - Tranquility ability.

Helm, Guardian

Fist of Helm - Thunderclap ability.

Glyph of Warding - Mana Shield

Vigilance - Devotion Aura.

Mighty Guard - Divine Shield up to 15 seconds at level 3.

Tempus, God of Battle

Battle Lust - Critical Strike

War Stomp - what else?

Song of Tempus - Roar ability.

Cleaving Attack - Normal melee attack is an area effect.

Tyr, God of Justice

Condemnation - Soul Burn ability: deals damage over time, prevents spellcasting and reduces attack damage on a target unit.

Rain of Judgement - Rain of Fire ability.

Zeal - Frenzy ability.

The Judge - Metamorphosis skill but transforms the caster into a GIANT paladin with extra hitpoints.

Ilmater, God of Suffering

Pain - Like the Doombringer's Doom ability. Deals damage over time until characters dies. Has time limit.

Painkilling Wave - Healing Wave ability.

Endurance - Hardened Skin ability. Chance to reduce damage dealt to Ilmater.

Ilmater's Compassion - Spirit Link ability.

Tymora, Goddess of Luck

Assassin's Luck - Critical Strike, with high chance but only up to 2 times normal damage at max level.

Adventurer's Luck - Evasion skill.

Archer's Luck - Trueshot Aura.

Thief's Luck - Windwalk ability.

Note: I know the abilities are GODLIKE, but that's the point. I'm making ALL the character's GODLIKE(deal to the fact that they are gods), as so that it would automatically balance each other.


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UPDATE: I have completed the Gods of the Pantheon(not Pandemonium. Got the name wrongly) and is proceeding to complete the Powers of the Abyss. Once I get the first 24 heroes done, I will then proceed to make the first lane's bases(on both sides). Once this is done, I will then release WotG Beta version 0.1. If you wish to beta test this version(only the first 24 heroes), do let me know.
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