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The World of Chaos SPRPG


Before going into details about gameplay, terrain and the map in general, I'd like to take a second to make it clear as to Why I am working on this project and why I intend to see this through.
I have played quite alot of games, including roleplaying games. I have always found it fun to make choices and shape a personality in a game while affecting the world around me with my actions. However, in many RPGs, I feel like I am being put into a role and I am simply forced to follow it, without having the chance to make my own decicions that would affect the future of the game world. Personally I find it annoying and in some cases boring. I want to have a freedom of choice in the game and I want my choices to have consequenses. This is why I am currently making a SPRPG map for Warcraft 3, to make a game where you can make choices that have consequenses Beyond the end of a single quest, Beyond You.

Well, this leads to Gameplay

Main Goals and Character Development

As said in the introduction, I want to accomplish 2 important goals:
1. Make the player be able to Choose what he wants to do.
2. Make it so there are Consequenses to the choices the player makes.

Il explain both of them in more depth.

1. I think it would be simpler to seperate the Choices to 2 seperate categories:
Conversation choices -
My map is going to have Conversations between the player and NPCs, Alot of them in fact. Some of them can be short, some of them can be long. Many talk option choices the player makes influence further gameplay.
For example, insulting a nobleman might end you up as an assasination target.
Or perhaps you can charm a young maid into helping you sneak into a castle?
The conversations Will introduce alot of choices to the player, allowing him to play as the villain, the hero or perhaps a simple wanderer.
Here is a basic plan of how an average conversation looks like:

Player choices in the start of the conversation:
NPC response: I(to choice1)----------I-------------I-------------I
Player:--I-----I(new choices)-------I-I-I-------I---I-----------I---I
NPC----I------I-------I--------- -I----I-------I---I---------- ---I
(Sorry for it being kinda confusing, it was the best i could do ^^)
Sometimes conversation trees can end up in the same or similar NPC responses. I usually try to avoid it though.

It can go on further(or can be just a couple of sentences long in some cases, or perhaps just a cutscene where a NPC tells you something and you dont even get a chance respond), but basiclly thats the idea of it. The choices the player gets are also based on his past actions and the responses of the NPC are based on the players past aswell. (Read on about Alignment)

At the moment I have finished 6 conversations (for quests and other things in the beggining of the game), I would copy one here but as text they are quite long because of the large ammount of possible outcomes and options.(all the possible responses and choices in a conversation are about 1000-2000 words long)

2. Choices aren't made only in conversations but also as actual actions. Things like going into some area or not doing something fast enough or killing something or someone can also have consequenses.
For example, when you are told to deliver a letter to a village to warn its militia of a nearby orc raiding party you will have a time limit(but in most cases you wont know how much time you have :)). If you don't deliver it on time the village might get raided, the people killed and enslaved, leading to future quests and events.

Events and the choices you make in those events can lead up to many different conclusions.
Well, those are the main goals. Now for more details about the game.

(On a side note, I am considering voice acting for atleast some of the conversations in the game to make the map feel more "alive" ^^)

Many of the player's choices will be stored for later use(for events,quests,conversation choices,possible enemies).
One of the main things that affects possible future actions is the players Alignment.
It is made up from the players Morality and Ethics.
The morality represents Good, Neutral and Evil, while ethics represent Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic.
As the character advances and as he makes choices, the character becomes more tied to his alignment.
For example, an Evil character wouldn't get the choice to sacrifice himself to save a noble life and a Good character wouldn't be able to sacrifice children to a demon(unless he is a fanatical worshipper of the demon).
The ethics however don't limit the actions as much as morality. A lawful character can still steal and a chaotic character can still choose to follow the law.
Remaining neutral can be a bit hard, but not impossible and also has unique choices connected to it.
Alignment also plays a large part when joining factions or gaining abilities.


The player will also be able to choose his background which, like almost everything else, has an effect on the game.
At the moment the choices the player has to make are:
1.Who his parent/parents were (currently 6 choices)
2.Early life (according to your parent choice you get diffrent options)(currently 1 choice,will be expanded)
3.Alignment(this won't modify your alignment by Alot, you still start fairly neutral, but you do get some unique conversation choices early game according to what you choose)
4.Training(extra attributes and skills to choose from) (currently 4)
5.Traits(currently 4)
I will add more options later.


Well.. enough about the character for the moment. Time for story.

The game will take place in a fantasy world with gods and mythical monsters.

The Creator Gods(also reffered to as "Good" gods), who created the Prime Races(the more intelligent and powerful humanoid races-orcs,elves,humans,goblins,giants and dwarves) are often the target of the "Evil"(note that no god is pure god or evil, the concept of good and evil in the World of Chaos universe will be explained in futher detail in a story about the creating of the universe, which I am almost done with :)) gods, who wish to destroy the Creator Gods and absorb their power.

More than 500 years before the game begins, the followers of the Creator Gods fought against The Council of Four, an alliance formed between 4 Evil gods. The minions of the Council laid waste to the world, but ultimately the war was won by the united force the Primal Races formed, together with some Lesser Races(humanoids or inteligent creatures not created by gods).

The world was at peace, ready to rebuild, however.. no peace lasts forever..
The humans soon splitted into several smaller kingdoms, not caring for unity and peace they waged war with eachother out of greed and ambition, each lord putting his own cause above the others.
The other races suffered even more than humans themselves turning their war. Because humanity was more numerous than any other race, war also reached those who wished nothing to do with it.

The elven race, always elegant and peace loving, had no chance against the humans who brought only death and ruin with their dark steel. Many elves were enslaved, forced to work towards fueling the war efforts. The ones who remained escaped to the forests to seek shelter from war and suffering, leaving their grand cities and magical secrets behind..

The dwarves, hardened inhabitants of the earth held their ground against any and all who would dare to enter their holds. In order to ensure their survival and the future of their race, the dwarven clans united under a common cause, but instead of attacking the surface dwellers with their advanced technology and legendary weaponry, they instead gathered into grand holds, forming great underground tunnels, connecting their new empire. They cut off nearly all contact with all surface dwellers and to this day, very few dwarves can be seen wandering the surface world. The few who do,however, are usually shrewd traders or fearless adventurers.

The goblins and giants retired to the great northern wastes, untouched by humans because of the cold and merciless climate.
The goblins, a warlike race by nature fought their own wars and from time to time, they managed to organize themselves well enough to raid human lands.. The giants however fell into a deep slumber, no longer caring about the wars of the small races around them and prefferring solitude and peace..

The orcs, united turning the war against the council, lost their great warlord in the war. Because the shamans were unable to agree on a new leader, the orcs were divided..
Even when the humans waged war upon them, the orcs refused to unite and because of that, a great ammount of orcish lives were lost to the blades of the humans. Eventually, however, the orcs were able to form alliances between themselves to push back the common foe from their lands, those alliances however usually did not last even days after the enemies were defeated.

Now, more than 500 years later, the human empire of Kalaar has been invaded by orcish clans, rumors spread of a new threat, a great leader who has managed to unite all the orcs for the first time since the war against the council..
You are an apprentice training under a grandmaster from The Order of Holy Sword. Like many young men you have been ordered into military service by the order of the king. Will you answer the call of duty? Will you face your foe? Or will you walk your own road turning these dark days? The choice is yours in this World of Chaos.

COMBAT and Attributes

Combat! Some may not value this but I think combat is one of the most important things in a map. Because of that, i want to make a rather unique combat systems, but well, if you want to know in more detail,read on :)

Leveling and attributes

Each time the player levels up, he recives 10 learning points, he can then use those learning points at a trainer to learn
new abilities and spells or increase his attributes.
Trainers will only be able to teach the player up to a certain point.
The higher the player rises in an ability tree or attribute the higher the learning point cost.

Strenght -
Increases physical damage dealt by 1.
Strenght is required to wield weapons.
Strenght is used for most physical abilities damage calculations.
Strenght can be used in certain situations when you interact with the world (lifting something for example)
Strenght determines your ability to handle the situation mentally, together with intelligence.(a weakling idiot will get pretty damn scared when a demon rips someone to pieces infront of him)
Increases stamina regeneration.
Decreases stamina damage when you are hit.

Agility -
Used for most abilities success chance calucations and for many combo abilities(read on :)).
Used when interacting with the world.
Required to use certain melee weapons.
Required to use most ranged weapons.
Increases ranged weapon damage by 1.
Increases defensive abilities and passives(dodge).

Intelligence -
Required to learn new spells.
Intelligence determines your ability to handle the situation mentally, together with intelligence.(a weakling idiot will get pretty damn scared when a demon rips someone to pieces infront of him)
Increases the success chance of many skills, both physical and magical.

Attribute scaling -
Attribute up to 30 = 1 LP per attribute.
30 - 60 = 2 LP per attribute.
60 - 90 = 3 LP per attribute. And so on.

Mana scales in a similar manner.
Health canno't be learned, it increases with each level and can be increased with permenent effect potions or other consumables.

Abilities scale based on effect and power.
(A spell for a lvl 1 player will cost 2-3 LP, a high level spell for a lvl 20 player might cost 10 LP or more)

Knocking stuff unconscious

Both the player and NPCs can be knocked uncouncious. In order to kill the player, the NPC must make a finishing move with an ability,
its the same for the player. NPCs usually hostile will be killed right away instead of getting knocked out. It also works the other way
around, NPCs who are usually will usually kill you right away.

Its mostly for when the player engages in combat with a friendly NPC but doesn't want to kill him/her.
That way it is only considered a brawl and might or might not have consequenses(such as guards asking you to pay some gold)

When the player kills someone and it is witnessed as a crime by nearby NPCs the nearby guards or villagers will know it, turning
hostile to the player. If the player commits murder the guards will kill him in combat instead of knocking him down.

NPC's knock the player uncouncious if there is no need to kill him. For example, when you have brawled with someone and the guards want
you to pay gold for doing it and you choose to run off instead of paying, the guard will knock you uncouncious and take ALL your gold.

Also, NPCs can loot your body for items and gold when you are uncouncious.

Weapon Skills

Weapons are seperated into 3 classes - One handed, Two handed, Dual wielded
Learning them will scale the same was as attributes. They will increase damage, effectivness and success chance of abilities.

There will also be 3 sub classes:

The player won't be forced and he won't have to specialize in one of the classes to succeed in combat, being moderatly skilled in several will grant special abilities.
That doesn't however mean that specialization is weak.


Melee non-magic skills wont be using mana. Instead they will be using stamina.
Normal hits also consume stamina, but most abilities consume it at a much higher rate.
Stamina consumtion is based on weapon size(1handed/2handed) and weight(strenght needed to use it).
Starting stamina is 200.
Stamina regeneration is based on Strenght(as mentioned before) and max stamina can be increased with learning points at the proper trainer.

Stamina is also consumed when the player Defends. If the player uses a shield, more stamina is consumed.


There will be auto attacks just like normally, however, the player will also have special abilities which he can use to inflict extra damage, cause diffrent kinds of injuries and weaken the opponent.
It's also possible to combine hits into combo hits which increase the effectivness of hits. There will be many combo moves and its up to the player to discover them.

Also, many special attacks have a chance to fail based on your attributes,your level and the level of your enemy.

Here's an example of one of the special abilities.

Feint(Offensive) - attempts to fool the enemy into believing you are going to attack him.
Feint(Defensive) - attempts to fool the enemy into believing that you are covering and defending.
Feint causes the target to miss his attack or slip and fall(stun)(very low chance)
Success chance:
((4x Agi + 2x Int)/target level) out of 100 chance to succeed.
Example: lvl 2 target and player with 20 agi and 10 int
4x 20 + 2x 10 / 2 = 50 50% for the Feint to succeed.
Chance to slip and fall is always 5%

Based on what feint you use you can later launch another attack to form a combo hit.


Terrainer - Although I have already finished a little of the terrain, there is still Alot to do.

JASS - I would like someone to help me make the advanced systems, because I am a beginner in JASS myself and learning it at a high enough level to get what I need done takes a considerable ammount of time.

Texturing - Some new skins would be needed to make some units fit the world better.

Modelling - Quite a few models are needed for this project, I already have found someone who Might help me, but he has his own project and hardly any time.

Well, for now, that's it.
I can do nearly anything and what I can't do, I can learn to do, It's just that since I want to make the map rather massive, it would be nice to get some help because when doing it alone it just takes me a Veeeery long time.


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Thanks, i'm gonna need it.
About the choice thing, I've already written about 20 or more Word document pages of conversations and put in a few choices the player makes with actions(such as stealing your master's ring >:) )
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