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    This thread is a recording of all the Poetry Contests and their topics/winners held here at TH.net. We'll provide links to the actual contest threads if anyone is curious in the contest's history and if there is any discussion over past contests, topics, entries or suggestions for future contests, let them be posted here!

    Poetry Contest #1 - Mer_de_Noms/Open Topic
    Poetry Contest #2 - Hortononon/Feeling
    Poetry Contest #3 - Monsterous/Life Changing Event
    Poetry Contest #4 - Halo_King116/War
    Poetry Contest #5 - Tharius/Remembrance
    Poetry Contest #6 [Part 1/Part 2] - NO WINNER/Element
    Poetry Contest #7 - Ninva/Plants
    Poetry Contest #8 - NO WINNER/Soup
    Poetry Contest #9 - Ninva/Addiction
    2011 Poetry Contest - January [Loss] - Wiseman_2

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