TheHelper Site History - 1st Official Blizzard Forums MVP Story

Discussion in 'Site History and Blizzard 1st MVP Story' started by The Helper, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Sixen and the Beginning of the 2.0 MVP Program

    I think it would be beneficial to perhaps get stories from TheSkunk for a post-2012 perspective (he was added as an MVP in late 2011. In addition, perhaps Faizaniel to speak about the inception of the World of Warcraft MVP program and it's early days, with Omegal (aka MysticalOS) talking about the more recent status of the program. I'll send an e-mail to these people and see if they're interested!

    EDIT: I've pinged TheSkunk, Omegal, Faizaniel, and VS40FRESH, hopefully they'll share their stories. I think Negafox and VS40FRESH will fill in the gap between when TheHelper was around and when I came into the picture. Faiz and Omegal can add mnmore information on the history of the WoW Program, and Skunk can talk about how the program has been running from 2012-present. Hopefully they follow through, :).
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    Ahhh~~~!!! I missed my chance to apply for the MVP! Oh well...

    This should probably deserve a separate post.
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    Finally linked Sixen's story

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