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I noticed the police force got upped twice today. Kind of overkill on the police, considering there is a 0% crime rate.
Do I simply click the link provided in the first post or do I need to visit each individual link in the bottom left corner when I am at the town site?
You can only visit one link per city per day per IP. Rank #127 lol to think at one point we were number 12
Rank #113 - yes, I still play this every day :) Movement up the rankings have slowed to monthly though as I am only averaging around 2000 population increase a day having to keep up with all the other factors. On a good day we get 5000 unique IP visits and that can go to a low of 2000.

I honestly do not know where the extra 3k is coming from because according to my calculations on what I click I should only be getting about 2000 total a day - that is all I am clicking. According to thread history we got as close as #12 in the US at one time - we got a long way to go for that again :)
All the stats are totally balanced. The methods I use to get hits are intelligent about what they build and only give me what I need. Then one service I use goes directly to population.
Do you still have the final population of The Helper City?
Population 910144. The city looks like it is still there but since Flash is gone probably best not to mess with it just to see the city. The stats are still there and it looks like people are still coming lol.
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