World Theme of violence: Adopted by Accname

I support the creation of threads in my honor.
Continue peasants.
Is he only allowed to post in this thread then?
Anyone can Post!

But if accname can't post any related news on his thread
he will lose big! :)
The devil is this doing in headline news? :confused:
Dozens arrested as Taiwan riot police clear protesters from cabinet offices

Baton-wielding riot police cleared Taiwan's cabinet offices of scores of angry protesters opposed to a trade pact with China, escalating tensions over the island's rapidly developing ties with the communist mainland.

Authorities said they arrested 58 protesters and that 137 were injured, including 24 hospitalised. The crackdown came five days after mainly student demonstrators occupied the nearby legislature to protest the ruling party's decision to renege on a promised line-by-line review of the trade agreement.

Political protests in Taiwan are common but violent confrontations relatively rare, reflecting the high level of civil discourse resulting from the transition from one-party dictatorship to robust democracy in the mid-1990s.

The protests have been mostly peaceful, attracting tens of thousands of supporters to the government centre.

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