Things Game Characters Would Never Say

Discussion in 'Humor' started by seph ir oth, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Siefer

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    Batman-Beating the bad guys in hand-to-hand combat is great, but sometimes I just want to shoot them in the face.

    Pacman-These are great and all, but I'm getting kind of full.

    Tidus (FFX)- Could you take any longer to complete your turn? I should've brought a book.

    Agent 47 (Hitman) - Oops, wrong person.

    (Any gnome from WoW) - well, at least I have my pride.
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  2. NiKaNoRoU_GR

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    that's hilarious :)
  3. NiKaNoRoU_GR

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    Captain America-(prawling his hand next to his head) a captain dies with his government...

    EDIT:Oops double...
  4. tom_mai78102

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    Daft Punk - We will give everyone our identity.

    Me - I am dead.

    To Ozzdog - I thought I never get any -reps, you're the first to give me a humor -rep for nothing.

    Forever Young - I'm not young!

    I have no more ideas.
  5. Newbwc3

    Newbwc3 Sephiroth_VII

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    illidan (WC3)- " I love bunnys"

    illidan (WC3)- "I'm deaf not blind"

    Arthas (WC3)- "I look like a girly mon!"

    "Mannaroth (WC3)- "Lets all go to heaven and visit God for awhile...maybe he'll make me a angel lord"
  6. Rabarber

    Rabarber You can change this now in User CP.

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    Old old old old old thread.
  7. Jindo

    Jindo Self

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    And its Things Game Characters Would Never Say :p.

    (Also you got Illidan's mixed (I'm blind not deaf))
  8. seph ir oth

    seph ir oth Mod'n Dat News Jon Staff Member

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    Exactly the joke Jindo, he would never say that :p wake up!

    EDIT: Better add one myself...
    Tifa (FF7): These are really implants!
    Ganon (The Legend of Zelda): I hate the world mom and dad made fun of me because I couldn't stop wetting the bed at night! *sob*
  9. elmstfreddie

    elmstfreddie The Finglonger

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    Luigi, "I'm not gay."
  10. Tom Jones

    Tom Jones N/A

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    Link (Zelda series): "Testing 1,2,3."
    A sim (The Sims series): "I live in a virtual doll house, weee!"
    SubZero (Mortal Combat series): "Get away from here!"
    A character from WoW: "I got something intelligent to say."
  11. elmstfreddie

    elmstfreddie The Finglonger

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    Mickey Mouse, "I rape children :D"
  12. U are a noob

    U are a noob Mega Super Ultra Cool Member

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    Uareanoob(TH): Your better than me.
    The Helper: Finally the server died now I don't have to listen to these noobies.
    elmstfreddie: Stop spamming.
    elmstfreddie: Why do you post so much?
  13. elmstfreddie

    elmstfreddie The Finglonger

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    Dr. Zoidberg, "I'm happy!"
    ... Aww.. Poor Zoidy.
  14. SerraAvenger

    SerraAvenger Cuz I can

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    SerraAvenger( life (hardest game ever, no loading, no saving, but very good graphics ) ): All things I post are lies (including this)

    Rahha super mega ultra paradoxon xD

    Master yoda (any SW game ): Hey I'm hungry, give me some cookies.
    Anakin( " ): You forgot to say please!
    Master Yoda: Know something? Shut up. You're in the wrong movie! And i've read the script, better I kill you now than you becoming Darth Vader!
    Luke: Hey what's with me? You're producing fuckin paradxon's! you screwed part 4, 5, and 6 up!
    Master Yoda: Oh.. didn't read that far... Sry...
    Luke: You forot another thing, Yoda! You have to speak in another manner!
    Master Yoda: Right you are, young boy! But not playin, we were! And only during play I have to speak in this manner. Fuck, screwed it up again, I did! Again play this scene, we can do?

    Lucas: idiot! You're fired! You killed one of our actors, this scene had to fit on the first time!

    Master Yoda, using the Force: Yoda did not kill him, it was the Dark side

    Lucas: Yoda, you did not kill him, it was the dark side!

    Master Yoda: Sorry for that mistake, I will double your salary!

    Lucas: Jedi mindtricks don't work on old Lucaaas! Idiot, I'll ban you!

    SD_Ryoko: THIS STILL IS MY WORK! I AM the banlord here (look at my description!!)

    SerraAvenger: Yes, he's right.

    Master Yoda: Are they taking anyone now? I remember the times when the title SerraAvenger still valued something... Urks, what ya doing, SerraAvenger?


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  15. Anachron

    Anachron New Member

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    Acolyte [ Wc3 - Tft ]:
    ,, I can see only light. Fuck, I am still standing in the sun'' xDDD

    uareanoob: I finish it in a few hours.
    TheHelper: Well we are gonna changing this community into a porn help centre.
  16. worldofDeath

    worldofDeath New Member

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    MGS Stuff::
    Liquid Snake: *singing* I'm... too sexy for my shirt... too sexy for my shirt...
    Snake: You sure are, handsome!
    Ninja: DANG, I hate these tight pants!
    Master Miller: Sorry, Snake, I don't have time to answer your question-- I'm about to get into my Hind-D and shoot you down.
    Snake: What?
    Master Miller: Um... I said, uh, I need to see my Boy Scout troop now... see ya...
    Ninja: Snake... I don't want to fight you...
    Snake: Why not?
    Ninja: I'm late for my tapdancing lesson. *leaves hurriedly*
    *The famous scene where "Master Miller" is revealed to be Liquid*

    Liquid: Snake! Did you like my sunglasses?
    Snake: Liquid! ...I hate your sunglasses! They don't suit your hairstyle, and the tinted lenses are just shocking! Where did you buy them?!
    Liquid: Um....... from K-mart...
    Snake: Bah! Leave the base for a while and come with me-- I know where you can get some really neat-looking threads.
    Liquid: Oh sure, that would be lovely, where are we going?
    *Boss battle against Metal Gear Rex*

    Liquid: Hahaha, Snake, now I'm going to crush-- *sees an unfamiliar figure on the ground* what on earth is THAT?
    Delivery Boy: Hi, did someone here order a ham and pineapple pizza with extra cheese?
    Liquid: Yes, I did... no, wait a minute, I need to kill my hated brother first! DIE, SNAKE! *fires at where he last saw Snake, but he's no longer there* Huh? Where...... NOOOOOOO!!!
    Snake: *gets pizza from delivery boy and pays for it* Thanks. See ya around. *leaves the room eating pizza*
    Liquid: Oh @#$%! If I fire at him with Rex, I'll blow the pizza to smithereens! *jumps out of Rex* You're going to DIE, SNAKE! First you stole my Bright Light, and now MY PIZZA!
    Snake: Uh, Liquid, that's a 50-foot drop to the...


    Snake: ... ground. *munches pizza casually*
    Liquid: ........I hate you, Snake............

    Sonic the Hedgehog: NEED MORE METH!

    Clark(to Lex): Do you think anyone notices that I wear the same outfit everyweek?

    Lex: I thought the same thing Clark when I started to wear my toupe but noone notices so you look great!
    Lana:"hey Clark.....wanna stay for a bite?...muwahahaha.....i have secrets too honey

    Lex: "Hey Clark i have great news, I sold my mansion, Lexcorp, all my Porshes, Ferraris, and all my other belongings."

    Clark:"Wow Lex, so what are you going to do now?"

    Lex:"Well thats the best part, I gave all my money to the little kids in Africa, now i live in a box outside the Talon and eat the leftover muffins that Lana gives me.............its a great life."

  17. seph ir oth

    seph ir oth Mod'n Dat News Jon Staff Member

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    Rofl, worldofDeath, now that's how you post in this thread!

    Barret (FF7): *takes gun off, reveals hand* TADA!
    Ramza (FFT): I never quite understood how I can jump 500 feet in the air, land on the enemy, then summon a giant dragon to finish them off...
  18. H34DhUnT3r

    H34DhUnT3r Ultra Cool Member

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    Jarmen Kell (C&C Generals): Dammit, where's my gun?

    Crypt Lord (War3 TFT): Bugger.. (Jack Sparrow:rolleyes: )
  19. Monsterous

    Monsterous In the Shadows, Lurking.

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    Footman: Grab your Head and fight Undead!
    Knight: My horse is twice as big as me...
    Peasant: REVOLUTION!!!
    Priest: Clear the Area! i have to do CPR!
    Sorceress: "Bahhhhhhhh" (sheep)
    Rifleman: Im a Non-Alcoholic.
    Mortar Team: We must defeat the Horde! (other) ughhh... we ARE the Horde!
    Gyrocopter: (singing) Im Flying in the Air...
    Gryphon Rider: This hammer now weighs Fifty Tons in We - *splats on ground*
    Spell Breaker: I dont Break. I £$%^&*£ Reflect spells.
    Dragonhawk Rider: I cant see through all this... cloud...

    Paladin: Holy £@$*!
    Archmage: Ho-Ho-Ho!!!
    Mountain King: Wheres meh friggin WATER!!!
    Blood Mage: I Thirst for Blood.

    Ill do the rest later...
  20. worldofDeath

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    Bump and more:
    Harry Potter:
    Dumbledore- Aagh! My eye, it won't stop twinkling!

    Voldemort- Harry, I am your father! (Harry- well, it figures.)

    Dumbledore- Voldemort, Voldemort, who the **** is Voldemort?

    Hagrid- Harry! for god's sake, use proper sentences!!

    Star Warzzzzzzzzzz's:

    Revan, to the council on dantooine : You manipulative b*******! I should just cut you all up into little pieces right here and now, then go find a battle cruiser, and bomb the **** out of this gay little farming planet! Well? What'd'ya think of that you *********? Huh?" *Silence as the council stand staring at revan in amazement* "Yeah, thought so."

    VEGETA: me..... no, that's not it....... Special Beam Canno.... no that's not it either........... Ghost Kamikaze Atta.... Shoot that's not right..... Solar Fla.....darn! That's not it either! Why the heck can't I remember my own signature move?

    I really ought to thank Kaka.. I mean, Goku, for always giving me a reason to get better. I never want to actually accomplish my goal of beating him, that'd be boring, plus I'd be the main target of every Villain, and die alot. Dying bites.

    Be careful kids this is what happens when you take pills that your not suppose to...

    KRILLIN:Hey Goku try out this hiar gel that i got. Its so good.
    GOKU:Where i dont see hiar...... is that it right there that little spot.
    KRILLIN:Hell ya isnt that amazing i bought about 1 thousand bottles of this.
    GOKU: How long have you been using this??
    KRILLIN: About a year.


    What is that sh*^ that is growing out of my dam head STOP IT...

    "May I please have a kitten? I just really want a kitten to play with! Anyone have a kitten?"

    Thats it for now!!!

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