Things Game Characters Would Never Say

Discussion in 'Humor' started by seph ir oth, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. MasterOfABCs

    MasterOfABCs Unacceptable!

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    Any DBZ character: I died, and no, I am not coming back to life next episode.
  2. Caelestis

    Caelestis Guest

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    HAHAA, last night, me and my friends were playing mario party 8. We got to a minigame where you had to win by scrubbing down on Chomps because they got dirty with paint. One of my friends joked that he was good at scrubbing big black balls. Then when he won with mario, mario said "I am the wiiiinnner"
  3. Miz

    Miz Administrator

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    Sasuke: I'm a Emo
    Naruto: I give it up
    Sakura: I'm a Dumb Blond!

    Mizuio-Ken: I am not werid...

    Mickey Mouse: I'm on drugs!
  4. ArmedCitizen

    ArmedCitizen Kisses Cats

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    Illdian: AH, OH MY GOD, MY EYE I poked myself in the freakin' eye with these freakin' blades AH, MY GOD, it hurts.

    Master Chief: I could really go for a drink.

    Spartan (Off Halo): Why do you call it a Warthog? It looks more like a Puma to me. (Off of Red vs. Blue)

    An Extra Person In Any Game With Extra People Walking Aimlessly Around: God I want to be the Hero just for once, or at least a minor villain.
  5. elmstfreddie

    elmstfreddie The Finglonger

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    Guy from GTA: "Considering the amount of people I have killed without remorse, you police should stop releasing me for a bribe in the amount of money I earn after killing the people!"
    Driver in NFS: "I really gotta get out of my car once in awhile..."
  6. Newbwc3

    Newbwc3 Sephiroth_VII

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    Arthas: "Hey Pandarian have you ever noticed how much you resemble a panda?"

    Pandarian: "I am NOT a panda, Do I look like a animal to you?...JESUS CHRIST."

    Illidan: *walks up with a gay like swing in his step* "Hey guys whats up?"

    Pandarian: *in a angry tone* "Well this bitch called me a panda!" *points to Arthas*

    Illidan: "Now guys.." *waves hand in a gay 90 degree motion* "..There's no need for fighting"

    *Custom modeled Sumo Wrestler made from someone one at comes falling out of the sky and lands right on top of Arthas*

    Pandarian: *Smiles happily* "Damn"

    ^^^Continue story if you like^^^
  7. Makaze

    Makaze Guest

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    Arthas: "Look alive zombies! Look alive!"

    The Lich King: "I'm cool with it."

    Ghoul: "Speak to the hand cause the head is missing."
  8. jonas

    jonas Well-Known Member

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    The main character in the Gothic series: "Hello everyone, my name is Jim, and I'm addicted to weed."
  9. Accname

    Accname 2D-Graphics enthusiast

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    The fuck is wrong with you? His name is never "Jim", it is a german game his name is probably Hans or Reinhardt or some such bullshit.
  10. jonas

    jonas Well-Known Member

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    For what it's worth, that only means that he really never would say that. Did any of the characters have a German name though? I think they all had crazy names like Xardas or something.
  11. Accname

    Accname 2D-Graphics enthusiast

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    I dont really know how german some of the names are. Is Lars a german name? I mean its not that different from Hans, but I wouldnt be surprised to see a non-german lars. Is there like a sliding scale of germanness for names?
  12. bocghegame

    bocghegame New Member

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    Cortez (Timesplitters): "Did you replace my Shampoo?"

    Harry Potter: "Burn the witch!"

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