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I've been having problems installing ANYTHING in the last several days. Including Messenger live, the update for world of warcraft, and more.

With the returned error codes, found many fixes on the net, involving renaming system files, or removing them. Unregistering services, rerunning them. Registry edits. Software uninstall. Driver updates.

Nothing worked.

Come to find out, by chance - the CLOCK on my computer was set to some 2220 year, and windows media player alerted me about it, saying it could not run.

I changed the date and EVERYTHING works now.

WHY? Why would that stop anything from running? Some built in MS safeguard?

Why was the date changed? WHAT changed it? Surely I didnt.



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There are various critical dates that tend to break some applications. You can take a glance here and blame your favorite one.

Now, why did the clock jump to that date? Could be:
  • bad luck (yes, the CMOS gets screwed up every now and then)
  • time synchronization gone horribly wrong (if you enabled it)
  • just some vein attempt from yourself to extend that 30-day shareware evaluation period a little longer :D


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As a rough guess I'd say it's a thing with how some programs "see" the current date, year to be specific.
Ever heard of Y2K? There's a similar deal with 2038 - some programs measure the date/time as amount of seconds which passed since 1st of January 1901. Somewhere at 2038 the number of seconds will simply overflow the 32-bit integer and...bad things will happen. The programs you tried were probably doing something with time and the fact it was past 2038 must've "confused" them. Of course this is just one possible scenario, I'm pretty sure there are other possible reasons.


So SFilip, in 2038 everyone will get a BSOD? (Assuming that everyone still used Windows XP 32bit :p)


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Well...some people thought Y2K would cause a civil war in US. :rolleyes:
Feel free to start your own conspiracy theory.


Originally posted by SD_Ryoko
Come to find out, by chance - the CLOCK on my computer was set to some 2220 year, and windows media player alerted me about it, saying it could not run.
this is wierd, because why does windows media player alerts the computer, or just bothered you?

this is odd though....

i think that the system is screwed up...
maybe some virus caused it...
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