Technology This spray-on nanofiber ‘skin’ may revolutionize burn and wound care

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    Imagine if bandaging looked a little more like, well, a water gun?

    Israeli startup Nanomedic Technologies Ltd., a subsidiary of medical device company Nicast, has invented a new mechanical contraption to treat burns, wounds, and surgical injuries by mimicking human tissue. Shaped like a children’s toy, the lightweight SpinCare emits a proprietary nanofiber “second skin” that completely covers the area that needs to heal.

    All one needs to do is aim, squeeze the two triggers, and fire off an electrospun polymer material that attaches to the skin.

    The Nanomedic spray method avoids any need to come into direct contact with the wound. In that sense, it completely sidesteps painful routine bandage dressings. The transient skin then fully develops into a secure physical barrier with tough adherence. Once new skin is regenerated, usually between two to three weeks (depending on the individual’s heal time), the layer naturally peels off.

    “You don’t replace it,” explains Nanomedic CEO Dr. Chen Barak. “You put it only once—on the day of application—and it remains there until it feels the new layer of skin healed.”

    More importantly, by fully encasing the wound—and forgoing dressings—it drastically inhibits potential infections. Open injuries have a high risk of serious bacterial wound infections, which can lead to long-term disabilities, chronic wounds, and even death. This is especially relevant during disasters or public emergencies in which large populations overwhelm hospitals and trauma care capacity, according to the World Health Organization.

    Read more here. (Fast Company)

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