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Current version: v0.91

Having used the World Editor for more than 6 years, I finally decided to make something playable. After a failed attempt at an ORPG, I switched to the TD format, and here it is.

Download link:

- It's a TD with a small randomness factor attached.
- There is no end level, you have to survive for as long as you can. Usually ending up somewhere past level 120, or 1 hour in.
- There are 9 types of normal creeps and 6 types of support creeps.
- Waves emerge in a somewhat random pattern, but creep types tend to unlock at certain points in the game.
- There's a spellcaster you can use when you see fit. He's also upgradeable so you can use more advanced spells.
- Singleplay only, for now.

The triggers use standard GUI without any enhancements, except for some leak control scripts. I've left the map unlocked. You can use whatever you want from my map, but don't edit it.

The creeps get stronger and stronger over time, and although I don't believe you'll ever get past round 200, they keep getting stronger until round 250.

Any and all feedback is welcome.

Latest Highlights:
*Replaced Demi with Divine Gift, which upgrades Tier 3 Towers.
*Added a score system.
*Added difficulty levels.


*Added Blink to Builder.
*First wave starts when player is ready.
*Lumber/Magic Points now gained every 5 minutes.
*Added difficulty levels.
*Added a scoring system.
*Added achievments.

*Replaced Demi with Divine Gift which upgrades Tier 3 Towers.
*Added a late game spell called Manifest Will.
*Reworked Meteor Shower.
*Reduced mana cost of Magic Arrow.
*Increased mana cost of Acid.

*Added Piercing damage.
*Burst Towers and Flak Towers now deal Piercing damage.
*Nerfed Poison Tower, Lightning Tower and Frost Tower.
*Reworked Leak Tower mana burn.
*Reworked Impact Tower value.
*Increased Impact Tower range.

*Reworked all creep rates.
*Reworked all creep health.
*Some harder creeps now give more bounty.
*Added a small details page for each enocuntered enemy.
*Air rounds are more frequent.

*Added a small details page for each enocuntered enemy.
*Improved the Multiboard.
*Made some cosmetic changes.
*Changed Lumber to Magic Points.
*Food now shows how many Gifted Towers you have.
*Added a few notifications.
*Added a few commands.
*Added more information in the Info Console (F9).

*First release, the beta version for play-testing.


I have now changed this in the User CP
Most people don't like mediafire (like me). Upload to epicwar or hiveworkshop and Ill test it.


2D-Graphics enthusiast
I played your map and got to round 99 when i lost. at the beginning it was pretty hard to play and it took me some minutes till i got where the creeps are running around and which towers to build at start.
overall it is a nice tower defense but there are still many things which need improvement.
maybe at first try to make the beginning less confusing and give more time till the game starts.

  • Terrain is nice but confusing at the beginning (tunnels and arches where hiding the creeps)
  • A good mix of different tower types each with its own speciality
  • A good use of different creep / tower abilitys
  • Good difficulty balancing
  • Good tower balancing
  • Good tooltips and descriptions
  • Anti-Mana towers / Auras are useless for most rounds, maybe focus a bit more on that aspect
  • Damage / Speed Auras are useless for most towers because they use skills to damage the targets

Possible Improvements:
  • More time at the beginning to see where the creeps are coming and going to and what towers have which abilitys.
  • Limit the available towers at the beginning, some towers are quite useless at start like the aura, ranged and anti air tower. maybe disable them for the first 1 or 2 rounds. (to make it easier for beginners)
  • Maybe increase the duration of the ice slow effect a little
  • Increase the range of the ranged tower. it speciality should be to have high damage over a long range but its range is only 200 bigger then the other towers'
  • More variation of creeps, there are merely 4 different kinds, they get pretty boring after 100 rounds, maybe even different models are okay
  • More air rounds, i played 99 rounds and had only 3. made anti-air towers useless
  • improve the multiboard to show the current round
  • maybe add different difficulty levels
  • add a quest-log entry which shows the different support creep effects
  • Add some more late-game tower variations which are not that easy to build / upgrade (after some time you are just building the very same tower types ever and ever...)
  • Maybe nerf the movement speed of all creeps a little down and fasten the builder, if you leak its hard to build a new tower at the other side of the map in time.

i hope this little review could help you and you keep up the good work
i would be glad to test the next version too.


Be better than you were yesterday :D
Add blink at builder, and change it's model. And kinda getting boring when it you played it for so long. Spirits are so strong. The avatars are too weak. And you should add anti cheat system since this map is 1 player only. I noticed that the mana burning tower doesn't burn mana of enemy at all.


After posting the initial version I stopped developing the map for quite a while. About a month ago I was motivated to continue, so here's a late update.
Next I am going to work on multiplayer. I'll also try to work on the game flow since if you're good you can easily spend an hour and half on this map.
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