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Good Job Nes :)
I actually love the API XD
After seeing how the FPS is dropping even after implementing SpellEffectEvent by Bribe, your Event library, UnitIndexer, etc..
I think I'm going to implement this :)


Super Moderator
Despite alleged improvements, the API is too awful to be approved.

There's no way to change the API. Actually, whenever I use this, I just cnp the demos, lol.

And you do know that this is way better than KT2 right? : P

KT2 is actually worse than using regular timers with a hashtable.
Magtheridon96 said:
I felt the need to make a double post because of some very mind-blowing results I got while benchmarking this against TimerUtils.

I used this spell:

During the tests, I removed the special effect to maximize FPS.

10 casts:
    TimerUtils: 2 FPS Drop
    TimerTools: 1 FPS Drop
20 casts:
    TimerUtils: 9-11 FPS Drop
    TimerTools: 2-4 FPS Drop
60 casts:
    TimerUtils: 24-28 FPS Drop
    TimerTools: 6-8 FPS Drop
150 casts:
    TimerUtils: 50-52 FPS Drop
    TimerTools: 12-15 FPS Drop

Ultimate stress test:

With 1000 casts and special effects enabled, TimerUtils died.
TimerTools on the other hand was able to run at 5 FPS.

Yes, with 2500 special effects per second, TimerTools was incredibly reliable.
Good day to you haters.
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