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Hey, I just felt like I could share some tricks and tips in order to improve to the game. I'm not a pro player, just a regular player that love the game. I learn everyday about the game and I have no doubt that I get better and better everyday. I follow the competitive scene and the community around LoL and most people I meet are great and just want to have fun like you and me. They like to share and you should give it a try. (​
So here's a list of tips and tricks that I've built, I will add more for sure as I find out new things.​
  • Losing is a Vicious circle. When you lose, you tend to lose more and more. It was proven that when losing several games in a row, you tend to be more impulsive and therefore, take bad decision, not analyzing enough. When you lose too many games, take a break.
  • Day9 said that and it's very important. Get your Ego out of the game. It's a game! It's on Internet. No one knows your identity, no one's watching you.
  • Never argue. Arguing is just a waste of time and never brings good things. If you did wrong admit it or simply don't say anything.
  • Don't rage. Rage simply makes you impulsive which makes you take awful decisions
  • Don't let people hurt you (get you mad). Of course people will say you're bad, but you know what? They're wrong everyone has bad games, it doesn't make you bad. People are "shit talking", ignore them. Simple.
  • The way to win is by not dying. Want to win your lane? Do not die! When you die, your opponent gets incredibly ahead. You give him/her extra XP, and you lose XP by not farming creeps. The opponent comes one or two level ahead of you, it's terrible to handle in lane.
  • Warding. Vision is everything in this game. Wards are not that expensive and will pay off much more if you see the gank coming (and avoid it) than if you get ganked and lose creeps and XP. This is how you do not die, in response to the point above.
  • Watch competitive scene! I've learned so many things from watching pro players and pro teams fight. I still learn from every pro game I watch, and not only pro games. It's very interesting to watch a game without playing it and look for mistakes people did and learn how they could have been avoided.
  • Greed is not good! Never risk your advantage!
  • I do not recommend glass cannon item builds. If you ever get caught, you can throw a game so quickly... Always aim for a balanced build damage/tanking.
  • Group! Stay with your teammates and move together. If you meet the enemy you'll be able to deliver a decent fight rather than all dying because one was farming top (for instance) and giving away objectives (baron, dragon)
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