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    I met t'kron on the Blizzard Help Forums in the Diablo 1 days. Wargasm, t'kron and I were tight. I met t'kron at one of the US Forces (Blizzard Open Tech Support Channel on Battle.net Clan) get togethers in Houston. This guy looked like my great uncle, big guy, older, bald and he was a programmer and he knew computers - he was also the nicest guy in the whole world. I was (am) a programmer so him and I instantly clicked. He also had a love for Blizzard Games and Helping! t'kron was awarded the Top Beta Tester of the Blizzard Starcraft Brood War Beta, was the 2nd ever MVP of the Blizzard Technical Support forums, and was just one helluva guy!!!

    t'kron got his MVP by answering every question in the Blizzard Tech Support forums. That was kind of the litmus test for an MVP, do you have what it takes to answer every question in the forum? You needed to break the 2 post limit and answer every question on the Support Forum for a whole page or more. You had to do this routinely, whenever you were monitoring the forums, you had to own the forums, take them over. The only time you did not post on something was if another Helper was on it and you did not have to worry about it. You had to read every post in the forum. When you saw more than 1 MVP posting on the Blizzard forums at a time you know all the questions were being answered.

    The Blizzard Official Chat, where all the Official Blizzard people were for real time chat assistance, we freed them up to do that and they gave us the Help Forums. Once you could help free the whole Blizzard tech support crew to other things besides the forum, you were MVP material. You had to be AS GOOD AS BLIZZARD OFFICIAL SUPPORT - and t'kron was. Then they gave you the little MVP icon and officially lifted the post limit from you.

    Little known fact. Back in the day, the best way to break the Blizzard posting limit was to come into your ISP on a dial up, and get a dynamic IP address. You could then use Netscape Browser and make your cookies file read only. So you would go into the forums, answer 2 questions on a break from your job, and the next time you logged back on (dialed up), on another break, you could post again. Breaking the famous 2 post limit. t'kron did not help on the job, he helped on his breaks so his break-time allowed him to help in the forums during the day, giving him a presence to the Blizzard Support people every day and that also contributed to the MVP award - they saw him doing his thing!

    t'kron died. It was totally unexpected and out of the blue. He was an old guy and I don't know the details behind it much, Wargy probably does but here is the post about it.

    I believe it was of natural causes. He was not really taking care of himself like he should have being on the computer all the time. Wargasm had much more Real Life connections with t'kron, visiting him from Holland numerous times (Wargy only came and stayed with me once)

    t'kron was a part of TheHelper.net from the start. He was a founding Admin, one of the most prolific and helpful posters EVA and a great friend. He is missed. RIP t'kron. You are definitely always remembered for your contributions to Helping, TheHelper.net and Blizzard's History!

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