ToB O BETA is out.


No Marlo no game.
Actually Battlerager is edited from Mountain King. But yea. Chriz ( Did I type his name correctly? ) made some great animations and erwt made shitloads of cool art. You just gotta love juju bees icon for example.

edit. Damn, yo. There aint even Leto yet, with his new Divide and Conquer, Aberate and other cool spells. There aint warden with new erwt skin and Blade Barrier effect, and See No Evil spell. You havent even seen a spell that incereases attack range temporarily yet. There aint Sashi with his awesome new One Against Many spell.

Theres cool stuff coming, and Im having hard time to wait for it.


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Is it suppose to lag until it's unplayable towards the end? At the end where my base was nearly destroyed, I was on about 0.70 FPS :D

.. so I had to task manager kill it :S


No Marlo no game.
It was some bug with upgrading units and projectile system. Its hopefully fixxed now, though. New version is out.
Autumn's Emissary is kinda overpowered. Map-wide "teleport", huge nuke that also gives life, basically endless supply of minions that have great HP and decent damage and AoE rooting ulti.

Ever tried using Blood Bath fully charged, then casting Kudzu on 4-5 waves of creeps and then push with ~30 treants with 2000+ HP?


No Marlo no game.
Ýep. Back in 1.08 where kudzu had no max range and did 500 total damage in all levels, I turned enemy creeps from all 4 lanes in our base to treants.

Kudzu is nerffed now, so it now requires level 3 kudzu to do this. However Reap and Sow no longer requires you to kill creeps, just damage them before they die, so you can build pretty sick treant army at level 1!

Malf is deffinelty awesome. I too believe that Gone with the Wind will end up being really imba, when people start to invent some nice trategies for it. Time will tell and bring new nerfs I guess.

edit. Its sometimes damn hard to get rid of those damn treants. Just played a game with DotM and had some real problems stopping a treant wave that was pusing one of our middle lanes.
Well, Gone with the Wind should have a higher CD but teleport Treants from a bit higher range than the current one. Treants should also have a shorter lifespan, and spawn only from last hits.


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this is what DotA actually needs to beat other copycat games.
"Yo let's steal something from ToB to beat the other copycat games!"


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Re: Interesting Menu For DotA
OMG, This is awesome. It will make DotA look more futuristic and it is just what it needs to beat the other games similar to DotA in hero selection too. (DotA owns in every other way ). This change will defenitely increase the reputation of the game by a lot. Best suggestion ever that could change the face of DotA itself.


No Marlo no game.
They are probably just focusing that new DotA that IceFrog is working for Valve. Making stuff like that is no problem when you are not limited by wc3 engine.


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Tirion and Fledermaus did some of the ability coding, and there are also some public libraries in there, like Table and SpellEvent, though these tend to get pretty heavily rewritten as we push the game further and need more functionality out of them.
Where can I find hosters to play this game? Do I need to scout BattleNet for ages? Or is hosting/matchmaking a little more... organised? I really like the map so far!
After playing 1v1 for a while with a friend, my performance started to drop really fast, from a stable 60 FPS to 0.2 FPS, when I quitted.
I'm sure you're already aware of this :D
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  • The Helper The Helper:
    check out this place apparently it is the best roommate site out there lol
  • Varine Varine:
    The homeless people reminded me of New York
  • Varine Varine:
    I'll check it out, my lease expires in like a few months so I need to figure something out.
  • Varine Varine:
    I tried to open a food truck in Sandpoint a few years ago but the city said no, then like two years later they passed new laws to encourage it and gave them all fucking tax breaks and shit. And at that point I didn't have enough money to go buy one so I was way too late to the game once other cities realized they could just bring their existing truck there, or sell their brick and mortar.
  • Varine Varine:
    I do like food trucks though, they're way more fun than restaurants and usually I also get some of that tip money there.
  • Varine Varine:
    Restaurants are really hard if you don't have a back up source of income to fund them sometimes, in my experience most owners either got really really lucky, had existing money that allowed them to buy an already successful one, or they have family money to fall back on for loans. It's few and far between to see very inspiring success stories where the person actually got it through hard work and perseverance. I thought about opening one lots and I always just end up not thinking it'll work. I would much rather just find someone that has that money and go work for them
  • The Helper The Helper:
    i am not talking about opening a brick and mortar I am talking about food trucks though I have seen some brick and mortar mexican places open up during covid that are doing good because there food is awesome!
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Food trucks are killing out here because Bars cannot open unless they sell food and the governor ok'd the use of a food truck in front as serving food
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Just not enough food trucks
  • The Helper The Helper:
    a buddy of mine just opened up a food truck and he is killing it but he is a great cook and has awesome food right in the middle of the pandemic too food trucks are immune to pandemic because they are take out in Texas you will always be able to get take out or delivery
  • The Helper The Helper:
    He is in the different food facebook groups in houston and posts videos of him making his food
  • The Helper The Helper:
    he is killing it
  • jonas jonas:
    @Varine with the restaurants, there surely is a lot of luck and hard work but most restaurants fail because they suck. Flair isn't right, economics not well thought through, food is mediocre or sucks, location is bad, etc. If you're thinking about opening one, make sure you're looking at the stories of those that would be playing at your level, don't let your hopes be dragged down by all the subpar restaurants out there.
  • jonas jonas:
    I'm a bit worried about the future of data science, there's an influx of incompetent people hired by incompetent managers, that can't last. But I'm sure smart data scientists will always be useful and hireable. Same as smart security people.
  • jonas jonas:
    My sister in law worked in a vegan food truck, the owners were also making a killing, added several trucks and opened two restaurants over 5 years
  • Ghan Ghan:
    The CompTIA stuff is pretty much crap unfortunately. The places that ask for those low-level certs aren't likely places you want to work. For IT you really want a degree, but in the meantime you need to figure out some way to learn the skills. Cybersecurity is really hot right now so competition is fierce.
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    I realized I don't have anything much to say, other than "Good luck!". Compared to other places, I'm just very lucky we didn't have a lot of surges of cases coming in.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    My daughter just got back from school at Georgetown TX, outside of Austin and said there were 100 cases in the last week but she also said nobody was wearing a mask anywhere so people mask up and stay safe!
  • thewrongvine thewrongvine:
    happy thanksgiving folks!
  • Ralle Ralle:
  • Varine Varine:
    @Gyah Yeah I figured they aren't particularly valuable, but they'll at the least act as a baseline for some entry level work somewhere.
  • Varine Varine:
    I now see how horribly I spelled @Ghan
  • Varine Varine:
    I had a rough morning
  • The Helper The Helper:
    that field is going to explode and though there is competition there is going to be room for all levels in the coming years imho.
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    Why are we competing for rough mornings? :(

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