Total Annhilation (game remake)


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this game is based off an old school game from early-mid 21st century that has had sequels out (supreme comander etc) and i was going to remake it along with additional maps to play essentially the same game on, like a melee game.

Essentially this a melee game with different structures and production concepts.

Starting units​

Large tanky unit that deals good damage, explodes on death dealing double the nuclear impact strength and causing instant death to enemy units within a large range (30 rangeish) He is your first worker or builder and has an ability called D-Gun (destruction gun) for early game harassment defense (instantly destroys everything in a 10 range line with a wide area and explodes at the end for bonus 4 range aoe damage (hits allies too)

Resource Collection:

Solar Extractors: Solar energy, produces the energy resource, can be deactivated and hid (like bunkers) to increase defense but stop production

Metal Collectors: A metal extracting building that extracts the surrounding metals, speed of extraction is based on the metal content of ground, produces the metal resource

Resource Cap: max resource cap is the total ammount of resources you can have available for use at any time, this can be increased by creating storage units (metal or energy types) (begins at 400 and is increased by 400 per storage)

Resource Conversion: Metal and energy converters are capable of converting a resource into another at a lowered rate (IE: energy converters use metal to create energy at a 0.8 to 1 rate) These are not advised unless the map has very little metal or is on a dark planet (realeasing multiple maps with different terrain and weather systems, IE: Mecha is a metal planet (the entire ground is 100% metal) but it has frequent storms (temporary 50% energy decrease from solars)


Advancement begins by creating 1 of the 3 types of production centers, robotic (infantry/massive ground units that are engineered for the front lines), Aerial (air duhhh, transports and unique air ships), and Vehicular (units made for transportation, utility and long range destruction). Once created it is capable of creating a corresponding worker (robotic air or vehicle) that is capable of creating the basic structures and the following tier of production (ie: advanced robotic lab), this lasts until the 3rd advancement (maxxed tier workers can make nuclear power plants, missle silos, etc) to upgrade past the 2nd tier and make workers for the 3rd you must upgrade your research centers 1 rank for each (rank 3)


To begin construction of units/buildings, you must have the schematic (beginning to the construction already placed) then any construction units/workers can begin working on it, it has a cost but that is invested in the unit/building as it is constructed (ie: can start a building with 0, but costs resources to continue building up to a total sum), all production buildings create the unit in a bay in front of the building (unit under construction by a building is visible and can be worked on by external workers to improve production rate, does not affect cost) this does not apply to research and abilities (like a nuclear missle)

This creates more of a flow to the game, you are creating resources every second but using them at the same time rather than spending them on something (resource generation is every 1/20 of a second)

Unit Types​

Advantages: High health, average damage, tankiest units in game, has scouts/infantry/massives, great for destruction of bases once weakened
Disadvantages: Generally Cant target air, vulnerable to long range damage, must have some type of support to perform at maximum efficiency

Advantages: Most are faster (with the exception of a few), longest range in game other than nukes, capable of targeting air and ground, support, needs very little support
Disadvantages: Generally needs a scout or vision ahead of them, weak health and armor, not great for destruction of bases

Advantages: Strongest attacks in game, must have an aerial detector in sight range to be destroyed, can transport units, fastest units in game, has the only invis unit in game capable of attacking while moving or staying still at the same time
Disadvantages: easily countered with proper air defense, all but 1 type must continue moving to attack, if they stop moving they are immediately forced to land and become unable to move or attack until they take off again, slowest construction unit if using resources faster than you produce them (must land and take off every time they stop production)

Game idea and play styles​

Play styles include:
  • Defensive Researcher/Nuker: Creates mainly defensive structures and only creates the units required to advance and survive, if they survive until they have nukes it is a garunteed win. Time is this builds most important resource. Weaknesses are a slow beginning and a long game. Advantages are a huge return on experience with little macroing/microing.
  • Agressive player: rushes to create 1 of each type of production building with 1 additional one to create workers, then rushes extra resource production and spams workers onto each production building to create an extremely large force in little time. Resources and buildings are this build's most important resources. Disadvantages are a requirement to end fast, will be out-advanced if they do not. Advantages include a huge return on microing/macroing
  • Strong and Steady: This player begins playing defensively until he has obtained high tier production buildings and units and begins to create extremely advanced war machines. Hybrid of 1 and 2. Timing is this build's most important resource, to create a flow of use and production that is even and steady without forgeting to create a building or do research. Disadvantages include easy to destroy early game if not timed well when creating defenses. Advantages include a great return on memorization of your build fast mid game destruction of enemies and extreme harassment slowing their processes.

this should be easier to program, most of the triggers i think i will need are for construction and production rates, most of the work is terraining with balance and data editor use. I am open to help/suggestions, keep in mind though, i am working on both this and the billiard tourny game at the same time, may take a while.


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Sounds nice, I like Supreme Commander, it's a nice game to play at LANs and such.

In my opinion, don't reconstruct every little detail. This way, it'll be less complex and easier to play the first time for beginners. Supreme commander wasn't that easy to learn for beginners.


I didnt slap you, i high 5'd your face.
my memory evades me too much to reconstruct every detail, just using the basic gist


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I love supreme commander, one of my favourite games.

I bet this will be just like it.
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